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What exactly are RunBlox and Move to Earn?

RunBlox Lootboxes are here! But first, what is RunBlox? 

It is a Web3 application that was designed to bring people closer to the world around them. The environment in which we spend time with other people, the source of our emotional experiences, and the source of the vitality that sustains us.

The theme of this fitness app is similar to that of the famous game StepN. Players are required to purchase NFT sneakers and work toward upgrading them through various physical activities. You increase your chances of winning in-game crypto-tokens by participating in more time-consuming outdoor physical activities. 

You can monitor your progress toward a healthier lifestyle by tracking your participation in various forms of physical activity with RunBlox, including walking, jogging, and running.

Check out the RunBlox trailer for a quick overview of learning to run, burn, and earn! As Aimee at P2E Diary puts it, “If you can walk to earn money, why wouldn’t you?

Why was RunBlox created, and what does it hope to accomplish?


Even though humankind has made significant technological advancements that are intended to benefit us, there are times when this technology also begins to create gaps between us and the real world. 

A lot of people, as soon as they wake up in the morning, reach for their phones before they even think about checking in with themselves and seeing how they’re doing. It’s very simple to become emotionally detached from the actual world around you. Because of the metaverse, the scale of that problem could very well increase.

With the Web3 application RunBlox, the team at OpenBlox intends to fill this void in the market.

What exactly is a RunBlox Lootbox?

Lootbox-runbloxSource: OpenBlox Medium

The RunBlox app has recently received an update that adds a new feature called LootBox, which will make each and every activity even more exciting. After a user completes an activity, the LootBox, which is a randomized chest that may contain unique prizes, will appear in front of them.

In order for users to acquire a Lootbox:

  1. They will need to engage in a task that will require a minimum of two energies from them.
  2. Next, the user has the option to either obtain the LootBox that has appeared on the user interface for the currently running activity or to ignore it.
  3. Then, a checkmark will appear on the user interface (UI) when the user has obtained the LootBox. This will serve as an indication to the user that the LootBox has been obtained.

Obtaining Rewards from LootBoxes

rare, epic, legendary - runblox

Source: RunBlox Medium

When you crack open a LootBox, you will have the chance to win some very exciting prizes. The following is a list of some of the possible rewards that can be obtained from different rarities of LootBoxes:

  1. +? RUX
  2. +? OBX
  3. +? Energy
  4. +? RUX Earning Limit 
  5. +? AVAX

Users have the capacity to store up to four unopened LootBoxes; however, the next time they participate in an activity, they will not have the opportunity to obtain another LootBox.

It is very important that the LootBox be opened before its expiration time. In the event that the user does not open the LootBox before the allotted time has passed, the LootBox will be automatically discarded.

There is a fee associated with opening each and every loot box, and that fee increases in proportion to the rarity of the loot box being opened. The greater the LootBox rarity, the more significant the rewards that are obtained from opening one.

Examples of rewards are provided below for each of the three different LootBox rarities:


  • +187 OBX
  • +2 Energy
  • +5 RUX Earning Limit 
  • +0.09 AVAX


  • +30 RUX
  • +468 OBX
  • +3 Energy
  • +15 RUX Earning Limit 
  • +0.09 AVAX


  • +666 RUX
  • +12487 OBX
  • +10 Energy
  • +100 RUX Earning Limit
  • +3.9 AVAX

Shoe Rarities


There will be five distinct levels of rarity for the loot boxes, and users’ shoe levels will determine which type of loot box they receive. Your chances of opening a Lootbox of a particular rarity will be determined both by the level of your shoes and by random chance.

In addition to being determined by random chance, the likelihood of obtaining a LootBox is also dependent on the level of your shoes.

Remember, RunBlox has a dedicated marketplace where you can buy shoes and boxes using AVAX. The highest current price for a shoe is RunBlox #896, worth 500.0 AVAX. If you’re looking for something with a lower price point, you can start with the 6 AVAX RunBlox #4530.

How to Get Started With RunBlox?


Because it will facilitate communication between Web2 applications and blockchain technology, this app belongs to Web3.0. Not only can you use RunBlox to keep track of your activity, but doing so will also earn you in-app tokens as a reward. It is categorized with other move-to-earn apps, such as GYMmove.

The primary piece of in-game property, known as an “NFT shoe,” is all that’s required to get started on your RunBlox adventure. It’s possible to think of it as being analogous to wearing shoes in the real world, which makes it easier to move around – except now you’re able to move in the Metaverse.

To gain more crazy rewards with move-to-earn games, we’ve gathered the best for you to get started with.

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