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RunBlox Vs StepN. The apps are two of the biggest move to earn NFT games out there right now. Both games are designed to promote a healthy body and mind, but the incentives of crypto tokens make the games even more appealing. StepN is a life-fi Web3 app that will reward you simply for moving. Similarly, RunBlox is an NFT-based fitness app, where you are paid tokens for the amount of exercise you do. Although both games are quite similar, they have some incredible differences. So, which is the king? Let’s find out which game is actually worth downloading.

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What Is StepN? 

Introduced by Solana, StepN is a fitness app that tracks your activity to keep track of your movements. StepN is easily one of, if not the most popular move to earn app on the market. The app has over 3 million active users in the space of under two years. It is one of the most talked about apps in the metaverse, and it’s a truly unique interface. It has been compared as a mix between Strava and Pokemon Go.

StepN works by merging the move to earn concept with health benefits. The main idea of StepN is to improve players’ health and fitness levels with the reward of cryptocurrency tokens. It uses the move-to-earn concept, as well as NFTs. Let’s look at this in detail.

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Moving to Earn? 

Move to earn games allows users to earn tokens based on their physical activity levels. This concept has been widely appreciated. The distance that you walk, jog, or run is tracked using your tracking devices (Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc). Then, you are rewarded with valuable cryptocurrency.

In StepN, you can earn GST, GMT, or SOL. Sol is Solana’s token, whereas the GST is the Green Satoshi Token, to which there are unlimited supplies in solo more. There are also ways to increase your limit. GMT (Green Metaverse Tokens) can be used to level up your NFT sneakers, allowing you to earn more tokens.

NFT Sneakers

To play StepN, you need to purchase a pair of NFT sneakers. These sneakers have energy levels, health, and other attributes that will affect how many tokens you can earn on a run or walk. When it comes to sneakers, they will lose energy. There are ways to build up your StepN energy, and you can read about this in one of our previous guides. Additionally, some players have been disheartened by the recent HP update with StepN. The update means that the sneaker health was depleting quicker than usual, meaning users could not earn as many tokens. For this reason, StepN considered offering free health point restoration in order to combat this.

The NFT sneakers that you purchase will track your outdoor GPS movements, earning more tokens. The more sneakers you have, the higher your energy levels will be. The sneakers have attributes, including efficiency, luck, comfort, and resilience. There are also common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary types of sneakers. These quality attributes will also affect how much GST (StepN token) you will earn.

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What is RunBlox?

RunBlox is a similar concept, converting your steps into tokens. The more you move outdoors and burn energy, the more you can earn. With this Web3 app, you can earn a passive income by simply improving your health. RunBlox, which should not be confused with the Roblox game, is a move-to-earn game that tracks your movement. It works on a very similar basis to StepN, where you can purchase a pair of NFT sneakers to burn energy and earn some amazing rewards.


In RunBlox, there is a dual-token structure. The platform token is $0BX, and the in-game token is $RUX. $0BX tokens are used for voting rights and staking, and they are less used. $RUX tokens are used and gained for energy recharging, leveling up, MINTing, and NFT enhancing. To earn the main form of cryptocurrency ($RUX), you need to walk, run, or jog to earn enough to upgrade.

NFT Sneakers

In the same way as StepN, you should purchase a pair of NFT sneakers in order to be rewarded with tokens. The NFTs in RunBlox have different attributes, with different shoes pairing with different fitness levels. This is more tailored than the likes of StepN, with six races in the OpenBlox world.

These races include insect, hardshell, techno, dragon, shark, and flower. These races, along with the type of shoe you have, will change how much you can earn. Sneaker attributes in RunBlox include attack, HP, luck, and speed. There are also different kinds of rarities, similar to StepN. Every time you level up, you will receive extra attribute points that will increase your attribute levels, too.

RunBlox Vs StepN – Which Is The Best? 

When it comes to RunBlox Vs StepN, it’s a difficult decision. As you can see, the apps are similar, with StepN being the first. Both apps can earn you a nice amount of tokens, and they both incentivize people to get fit and healthy without the direct reward of cash. Earning cryptocurrency tokens can actually be more beneficial, especially when it comes to the exchange rates of each token.

At this moment, the price of an $RUX is at $0.4097, which is extremely low. In comparison to StepN, which is $0.9327, you can see which one may be worth your time. Although RunBlox succeeds in its mission, with such a value decrease, it is not the king of move-to-earn apps.

StepN takes the rank as the winner of most move-to-earn games, with its dynamic interface, excellent token value, and awesome features. Each app has its positives and negatives, but in this case, we cannot help but think that RunBlox is a slight replica of StepN, as Tracer is, too. StepN was the first social-fi and game–fi app to leap onto the move-to-earn scene, and it is only right that it remains at the top, regardless of any bad updates. With a 0.6 difference in token value, it is not hard to see why 3 million users play StepN. Additionally, with such a strong community feel, it is amazing to see StepN doing great things.

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Final Words

Well, there it is. RunBlox Vs StepN.

StepN has been ranked as the king when put up against RunBlox. RunBlox is equally good, but its token price is not enough to compete with StepN. Thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoyed our article.

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