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The Metaverse is back yet with another update. Popular P2E card-trading game, Splinterlands announced a new NFT. The newly announced NFT is available in the Opensea collection.

The announcement came via the platform’s Twitter handle with the headline, “Today, Runi is born!.” The further part of the announcement states that Runi will be available for minting. The allowlist minting will take place live on the Opensea.

The announcement also came with a trailer introducing the newly released NFT. The 34s video consists of compilations of different forms of Runi. While the announcement came on October 25, it received positive reactions from fans already. Hopefully, it will impress a lot more fans.

 The Runi NFT

With its launch on the Ethereum blockchain, acquiring digital assets in Splinterlands will be easier. However, this is with the exclusion of NFT rental. Players will be able to purchase and use these rare NFTs for the first time in Splinterlands with the Runi collection.

Users who have acquired an NFT can connect it to their Ethereum wallet through the Runi project to use it in games. Runi owners will be entitled to a special Splinterlands profile image and a promo card for their games. For added gaming possibilities, they should use this promo card during battles.

The Runi NFT project consists of 6 distinctive characteristics that will create each NFT’s appearance and properties. The CEO of Splinterlands has this to say regarding this fascinating project.

Runi NFT
The Runi NFT is now available on the Opensea.  Image Source: CoinMarketCap

 Runi NFT: A Breakdown

The Runi NFT is Splinterlands’ first generative NFT project. Projects like the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Crypto Punks are comparable to this. Players can create Runi NFTs using a generative NFT by randomly combining various aesthetic features.

The Runi cards will pick up the same skills, stats, and qualities within the game. However, there will be artwork particular to that NFT displayed whenever a Runi is displayed. This gives players a chance to have a truly user-focused, cutting-edge experience when original artwork is displayed.

PFPs, which stands for profile picture projects, are the general moniker for NFTs that function in this way. On numerous social media platforms, especially Twitter, many users utilize these distinctive NFTs as their profile images. We have no doubt that we’ll see these PFPs, which are unique to Splinterlands, all over Twitter.

Minting Runi NFTs

The Runi card is a legendary 6-mana neutral monster. A mouthful, yet a mainstay in many game-day squad lineups. These cards ought to generate significant mint and resale value for gamers on the NFT market. Players won’t be able to obtain a Runi NFT once they get minted. After minting, the only place to get a Runi NFT is the Opensea market.

Minting Runi NFT cards can take place via the Ethereum blockchain. The current USD to ETH market will determine the minting fee. However, gamers can check this out on the Coin Market Gap and NFT marketplaces. If you want to mint a Runi card, you must have the right quantity of ETH in your wallet. This is for the NFT purchase, transaction and gas fees.

The Gold Foil Runi NFTs are one of the other intriguing characteristics. A superior trait symbolizes these Gold Foil NFTs; players will learn more about their unique qualities and advantages in battle. There is a 2% chance of encountering one of these extremely uncommon NFTs.

Runi NFT can be minted through Ethereum blockchain
Minting Runi NFT cards can take place via the Ethereum blockchain.   Image Source: Play to Earn Diary

 The Splinterlands Game

Splinterlands is a thrilling card-based play-to-earn game. Thanks to its blockchain technology, there are numerous ways to earn while playing. Also, interested or first-time players can freely play the game without restrictions.

In Splinterlands, the initial cards players are handed are NFTs. This implies that rewards will increase as players level up according to the worth of the card in hand. The features, traits, and match-related abilities of cards vary in Splinterlands. To win competitions, contests and matches, players must possess a stronger NFT card.

Splinterlands, formerly known as Steem Monsters, is a blockchain game with a hive-based architecture that keeps growing. The blockchain game continues to curry everyone’s favour. It was able to keep 50,000 players entertained daily thanks to its engaging gameplay elements.

Splinterland game was previously known as Steem Monsters
Splinterlands was formerly known as Steem Monsters. Image Source: NFT Evening

Splinterlands & Play-To-Earn

Splinterlands’ earning potential is very intriguing, and as a result, the P2E game has managed to maintain a respectable level of popularity. As an auto-batter card game, there are frequent daily objectives, tournaments, and chances to win rewards.

Players will get Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) as payment every time they triumph in a battle. Also, this will have an impact on their rank. Therefore the higher a player’s level, the more tokens he can acquire.

Selling NFT cards, renting out cards, and holding DEC are additional methods to make money while playing. Players can earn by selling their NFT cards because their value has probably increased since they first purchased them. Also, renting out NFTs for DEC to other players is another great method to profit passively from the game. Additionally, you can receive daily SPS airdrops, the governance token, just for holding DEC.

Splinterlands earning system is unique
Splinterlands’ earning potential is very intriguing.  Image Source:

We look forward to the game’s continued growth in popularity. We can only hope that Splinterlands soars in popularity and prospers with a solid economy given the additional game packs that are planned for the future.

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