The sandbox LAND sale

The Sandbox announced just recently a major LAND sale for its growing metaverse. The platform also noted that it would be selling the land in three waves starting November 24th.

Also, to give every community member an equal chance to buy LAND, the meta decided to introduce a raffle system to randomize the land-buying process.

Well, one of the raffles for LAND purchases is now live, and interested LAND buyers are invited to apply.

The Sandbox LAND Raffle: What You Need to Know

Currently, the raffle is open for those who want to buy LAND in California Dreamin’. As noted above, the Sandbox is selling land in three phases. This includes California Dreamin’, The Galleria, and Voxel Madness.

The sandbox
The Sandbox is offering one of the biggest LAND sales in the meta. Image Source: The Sandbox on Medium.

California Dreamin’ is the first of these waves. The wave features a total of 237 regular LAND plots up for grabs. There are also up to 68 premium LANDs, 7 ESTATES, and ten 1×1 LAND auctions.

This is by far one of the biggest waves in this recent LAND sale. If you are interested in getting your hands on these digital properties, this is the time to register for the raffle.

How To Register for The Raffle

To register for the California Dreamin’ LAND raffle, head over to the Sandbox website. You can also click here right now. Once you are on the main LAND sale page, you will see a large blue button with the words “Enter Raffle.”

Sandbox raffle
The Sandbox Raffle gives each member of the community and equal chance to buy LAND in the Sandbox Meta. Image Source: Sandbox on Medium

Click it, and you will be redirected to a new page where you will key in your details. You simply need to connect your wallet and follow the prompts thereafter.

At the time of writing this post, there was still one day and 11 hours left before the raffle expires. Please note that you will not be able to participate in the California Dreamin’ Land sale if you are not in the raffle.

More About the Sandbox Raffle System

The Sandbox Raffle system is designed to enhance equality in the process of selling LAND. As you know, the Sandbox is one of the hottest metaverses right now, and everyone wants to own a piece of it.

For this reason, well-connected individuals are not uncommon to jam the system and buy all the LAND. The raffle system simply removes this possibility.

the metaverse
The raffle system also has several eligibility criteria that LAND buyers must fulfill. Image Source:

It allows folks to register for a possible Land purchase where they have an equal random chance of actually getting a piece of the Sandbox meta.

There are, however, some eligibility criteria to follow here. For starters, to enter any LAND sale raffle, a user must have a registered Sandbox account with a connected crypto wallet. Also, the Sandbox has introduced a series of KYC requirements for all LAND buyers.

You can only enter the LAND sale raffle if you meet these KYC requirements. LAND buyers will also need to have a minimum of 1011 SAND tokens in their wallet to enter raffles for regular land plots.

If you intend to buy premium LAND, the minimum requirement is 4683 SAND tokens. Finally, the Sandbox account must also be in good shape. This means that it must not have any policy violations under its name.

SANDBOX LAND: 3 Things to Know before Buying Sandbox Land

The Sandbox Major Land Sale

The three waves of LAND sales on the Sandbox are going to be huge. In total, the Sandbox team intends to sell nearly 2000 plots.

The plots will vary in terms of rarity. Nonetheless, it’s a great opportunity for any fan of the metaverse to earn a piece of digital real estate.

Besides, the Sandbox has partnered with several individuals and corporate brands for this sale. In fact, all LANDs will be themed around these brands. For example, Voxel Madness, the third wave of LAND sales, is expected to feature gaming-related ideas.

This is why the Sandbox is partnering with leaders of web3 gaming like Dogami and Voxies to create the ultimate web3 gaming theme.

Galleria LAND Sale and California Dreamin’

In the Galleria neighborhood its more about fashion, style, and hospitality. To this effect, the Sandbox will partner with Cipriani, Paris Hilton, and a few others as well.

On the other hand, California Dreamin’ is all about the sunny west coast golden state. Here, everything is themed around California, and don’t forget Snoop Dogg is part of it all. There is even a Playboy experience in California Dreamin’.

The timelines for this sale will vary depending on each wave. However, for those who want to buy LAND plots in California Dreamin’ and The Galleria, everything will be available by the end of 2022. As for the Voxel Madness, the goal is to have the LAND ready in the first half of 2023.

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