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The Sandbox‘s brand new collaboration with Ledger aims to teach players about Web3 security through the Ledgerverse experience.

The Ledgerverse is a free-to-play experience involving several educational quests teaching players how to stay safe in the metaverse. Players can earn EP and win rewards after completing the quests successfully.

And the new experience has already seen some success in the Sandbox! In under a week, more than 35,000 players attempted the new experience and 1,000,000 quests were completed during 140,000 visits.

That’s 35,000 people who are now better able to protect themselves in the wake of multiple Web3 attacks, most recently on the Sandbox itself.

How do I get involved with Ledgerverse?

The new experience is part of the Sandbox’s Alpha Season 3 event which is currently in full swing with multiple innovative experiences making a splash.

Ledger said in a Tweet: “We launched Ledgerverse in the Sandbox last week. It’s an interactive gaming experience where you can learn about crypto security, complete quests, and earn exclusive NFT rewards.”

Ledger also linked an AMA interview with Sebastien Borget, the co-founder and COO of The Sandbox.


Speaking about the new Sandbox Alpha Season 3 event, Sebastien said: “I would like to invite anyone listening today to go play The Alpha Season 3, create an avatar and see for themselves the kind of experience on offer.

“It’s very diverse with more than 98 experiences available. It’s a great mix of content made by individual community creators but also 22 major brands unveiling, for the first time, their experiences in the metaverse.”

People can access the Ledgerverse via the Sandbox Alpha Season 3 here.

What exactly is the Ledgerverse?

Sebastien shed some light on exactly what players can expect from the Ledgerverse during his recent interview. Asked what the Ledgerverse is all about, the co-founder said:

“The Ledgerverse is a place where you discover not only how to interact with your character, but how to protect yourself against different scams in Web3 through completing quests.

“There’s a lot of narration, puzzles, a little bit of treasure hunting, and it’s also skills-based. I’ve seen some fighting.

“It’s a diverse experience with great architecture. I love admiring the great monuments, landmarks, and buildings. That’s been very inspiring.

“It’s educational, it’s fun, it’s exploratory, it’s adventurous. It’s a new form of education. And it’s totally free to play.”

People who complete quests in the Ledgerverse accumulate EP and can earn rewards at the end of the Sandbox season.

More specifically, players will be able to collect five pieces of armor, as shown below, which will be dropped in their wallets at the end of Alpha Season 3.

The armor appears to include a funky helmet as well as body parts in black and orange.

Players get to play for free, learn about Web3 safety and are then rewarded for their engagement in the new learn-and-earn/play-and-earn model.

Web3 safety: The Ledgerverse update comes after the Sandbox was hacked earlier today

The Ledgerverse introduction is a timely reminder that Web3 is full of opportunities and danger too. We were reminded of this earlier today when Sandbox’s Instagram account was hacked despite having two-factor authentication enabled.

The company was able to regain access to its account within hours, but several users complained they’d lost NFTs to the scam which targeted BAYC NFT owners as well as Sandbox players.

This illustrated the importance of staying safe in the Sandbox and on Web3 in general. Make sure to check out our blog post on staying safe in Web3 if you’re concerned about your safety in the metaverse.


Ledger is paving the way for education in the metaverse

The new Sandbox and Ledger collaboration shows how the metaverse can be used to teach people important concepts. Could the metaverse replace mainstream education? Image source: The Sandbox

During the recent interview about Ledger and the Sandbox, the co-founder of the Sandbox was asked about the importance of teaching people about Web3 safety and the metaverse’s utility in achieving this goal.

He said: “I think education in the metaverse is a plus, and I’ll go even further in saying that I don’t think mainstream school prepares us for the kinds of skills we need in life or in the metaverse.

“Video games have proven that they provide a great set of skills around socializing, evolving in the space, recognizing and solving puzzles, and those skills can be valuable when creating a virtual world from the ground up, like the metaverse.

“But new spaces, like the metaverse, come with safety risks. It’s one of the challenges beyond creativity and methodology.

“It’s great Ledger is thinking about how to use the metaverse to teach people about staying safe in a gamified manner.

And while the metaverse is unlikely to replace mainstream education for the next decade, projects like Ledger’s Ledgerverse are showing the utility that the metaverse can offer in educating people about important concepts, such as safety in Web3.

And if you’re interested, you can watch the full video interview about Ledger and the Sandbox below.

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