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Sandbox Network and OnePlanet, an NFT Marketplace powered by Polygon, have partnered to aid in the global expansion of Meta Toy Dragonz (MTDZ), a P2E NFT game.

The South Korean YouTube Multi-Channel Network, Sandbox, is quite popular. This network has more than 3 billion views each month, all across entertainment, sports, and gaming. In order to provide the ecosystem and technical support required to expand MTDZ globally, the platform has partnered with OnePlanet.

Polygon MTDZ Expansion 

The Sandbox Network has already established Web3 visibility on the Klaytn blockchain thanks to its own NFT Meta Toy DragonZ. This is as mentioned in an official press release.

Thus, through Meta Toy World (MTW), the metaverse, and multi-chain games, the new partnership will assist MTDZ in developing and growing. From the Polygon network integration, the MTDZ ecosystem is also expected to grow.

According to OnePlanet CEO Pryce Cho, the company’s collaboration with Sandbox Network places MTDZ in the ideal ecosystem for any project seeking to expand internationally. He also said, “OnePlanet will continue to support projects on Polygon.”

A rebranded MTDZ 2.0 will launch early in the following year as part of the MTDZ expansion from Klaytn to Polygon.

In 2023, the venture will also formally launch Meta Toy City, a P2E title based on the intellectual property of MTDZ. MTC is currently participating in a Closed-Beta Test that began this month. OnePlanet will provide marketing assistance, including through marketplace services and minting.

What Exactly Is OnePlanet?

A marketplace for NFTs called OnePlanet allows holders to specify and increase the NFTs’ utilities. OnePlanet began as a marketplace for the trading of NFTs, and it now offers social features to allow for meaningful communication between technical infrastructure and holders to hasten the development of projects.

More on the Sandbox Network

With over 3 billion monthly views from its creator IP across a variety of industries, including sports, gaming, and entertainment, Sandbox Network is a popular South Korean YouTube Multi-Channel Network. The business also created its own NFT Meta Toy DragonZ on Klaytn.

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