The Securedverse initial sale is performing well, with 10% of the first-stage allocation already sold. This indicates that the audience has been impressed by the project’s secure, enjoyable, and rewarding gaming experience. How has Securedverse managed to attract a wider gaming community beyond the crypto market? Let’s explore this further.

Securedverse is Revolutionizing P2E

The play-to-earn market is currently limited to a small group of individuals. The high threshold for entry to crypto games is preventing widespread adoption, despite the enticing prospect of earning money while having fun. Another issue is the poor quality of gameplay. 

The truth is the majority of crypto games fail to engage even a seven-year-old. The storylines are uninteresting, and the gameplay is too basic, rendering the play-to-earn concept ineffective.


Many crypto games place too much emphasis on attracting investors and undervalue the importance of engaging gameplay and a strong gaming community. However, they fail to realize that the value of in-game tokens and NFTs cannot be sustained without a loyal player base. 

Furthermore, there are various issues, such as:

  • High commissions (up to 30%) on in-game purchases
  • Intrusive offers to buy game improvements
  • Battle passes
  • Lackluster rewards that lose value in the global crypto market.

All of these demotivate gamers and weaken the gaming community. Securedverse seeks to break this cycle by offering a thrilling and dynamic free-for-all shooter game. Players can earn cryptocurrency by participating in various in-game activities, including playing and staking. The project aims to move away from the trend of focusing solely on investors and prioritize engaging gameplay and building a strong community.

Securedverse Runs on SVC 

The economy within the Securedverse game is supported by SVC. This digital currency is utilized for multiple in-game transactions and pursuits. SVC is a type of cryptocurrency, and its value is linked to the growth of the game. The SVC coins you obtain as rewards from the platform can be converted into real-world money or other digital currencies via well-known exchange platforms.

At the Securedverse presale, you have the opportunity to purchase the token at a reduced price. The investment risks associated with the presale are minimized since there is no locking or vesting period. Coinsult has thoroughly reviewed the token’s smart contract, and the project and team have undergone KYC verification by Coinsult and Coinsniper, which enhances its credibility. 

Should One Consider Investing in SVC Coins?

Despite fierce competition in the gaming industry, Securedverse has the necessary components to provide an exciting gaming encounter. If the team continues to meet the milestones outlined in the roadmap, it could even challenge established games in the market. Nonetheless, Securedverse will need to maintain its efforts to distinguish itself and cultivate a dedicated gaming community.

The Securedverse roadmap comprises four distinct phases. As the ecosystem expands, new heroes, maps, and game modes will be introduced, alongside the launch of staking and special events for users. Additionally, there are plans for a virtual reality version of the game, which promises to elevate the gaming experience to new heights.

With its inventive gameplay, appealing rewards, and state-of-the-art technology, Securedverse has the potential to become one of the most sought-after blockchain games. Consequently, early investors in SVC could potentially reap substantial rewards this year.

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