Without question, the introduction of play-to-earn is a historic development for the video gaming industry and for society in general. This market has immense potential and has the possibility of changing not just how people engage online but also how they view gamers.

To build the most comprehensive gaming ecosystem conceivable, cryptocurrency initiatives are constantly experimenting with the different facets of decentralized systems and blockchain technology. This market segment is still in its infancy. Thus, there is a lot of unrealized potential. Securedverse, an FPS with many intriguing P2E aspects, is one intriguing up-and-coming game in this area.                 

The project, which is currently in presale, is positioned to enter the ranks of P2E games that are far more popular. We’ll go over the components and characteristics of Securedverse that make it so compelling.   

Introducing Securedverse

A low market capitalization altcoin project called Securedverse offers a thrilling First Person Shooter (FPS) game with intuitive controls. Portsea Games, a well-known studio that specializes in producing VR games with a variety of features, is currently working on the game.

Securedverse’s capacity to allow players to participate in combat with the chance to win Monetary benefits in line with their time investment and performance is one of its defining features. A leaderboard mechanism that monitors the players’ advancement is incorporated with the reward system. Players can choose from less competitive game types as well in order to earn SVC. Also, it is hoped that other game modes will be added in the future, giving players more opportunities to gain SVC in less difficult game settings.                   

The upcoming capability to stake the SVC token, which will be available upon the introduction of specific maps, heroes, and game types, is another outstanding feature of Securedverse. The development team wants to focus on building virtual reality (VR) functions as the game develops.

The Securedverse Presale

With the SVC token costing 0.0143 USDT, Securedverse is in the first phase of its presale. There are going to be additional phases, but the token price will rise to 0.0186 USDT as a result. As a result, if you’re enthusiastic about the opportunity, you should apply as soon as you can.

The SVC token’s price will increase to 0.023 USDT and 0.030 USDT, respectively, in the third and fourth rounds of the presale, which will consist of a total of four stages. Naturally, exchange listings are scheduled to occur after the presale. As the presale progresses, the team will divulge the particular trades.

The roadmap is the ideal source of information if you want to learn more about Securedverse and how the project intends to develop.

Securedverse Has Big Goals

Few games on the market now are as thrilling as Securedverse since they all concentrate on less daring game concepts. Securedverse successfully combines a full-featured FPS game with a variety of modes with engaging P2E elements. If all goes according to plan, it might change the P2E market and demonstrate to projects that it is actually feasible to integrate blockchain technology into bigger games.

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