Signifty to Use NFTs for Social Good and Charity through Missions

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are anything digital regarded as cryptographic assets hosted on blockchain networks, with separately unique properties and identities. As such, they are irreplicable and can represent whatever the creator(s) want them to be. Whether it’s an imaginative artwork, a real-life scenario, or an inscription, you can trade NFTs efficiently and with low risks of cyber fraud. However, most individuals trade NFTs for personal gain, and we can’t find many cases of community services or social services through NFT funding.

In this regard, the popular NFT platform, Signifty has decided to launch its society-oriented philanthropic acts through the use of NFTs. From humanitarian projects and environmental services to wildlife conservation, the platform is ready to trade NFTs, raise money, and go down the way of charity.

To achieve its plan, Signifty intends to collaborate with celebrities, famous people, and literally all men of timber and caliber. It believes that these categories of people can greatly influence the NFT space, propelling the positive impact it intends to cause. Through this collaboration, Signifty seeks to create a community of goal-oriented like-minded personalities who will contribute their best quotas to positive changes globally.

Signifty-Heroes: Doing Good with Celebrity-Created NFTs

Signifty aims to carry out its social impact mission by putting NFTs into action. These NFTs will be created by celebrities who will use their influence to attract massive sales. Image Source: Twitter

Being a functional NFT platform, Signifty never runs out of ideas – especially when it comes to offering good to the world. As a result of that, it has put out a well-designed plan to integrate celebrities’ influence on the NFT space into its positive social impact agenda. 

Celebrities – just like other humans – have several philanthropic causes, and most likely, they haven’t achieved all. Thus, Signifty seeks to tap into these celebrities – or Signifty-heroes’ – causes, get them approved by the Good Deeds Center, and use their fan power to actualize its dream. This way, celebs front their preferred social projects, stir the public to purchase the NFTs and achieve their goals – which are also Signifty’s Missions. Signifty fulfills its cause, Signify-heroes (celebs) fulfill their cause, and society enjoys it. It really is an all-round win.

The Process

The process will begin with reaching out to celebrities, including actors, singers, sports stars, etc., who believe in the project and are keen on positively impacting society. Afterward, they are allowed to choose their missions from a pool of Good Missions. 

When a mission has been picked, the concerned Signify-Hero will create customized content. This can be an audio, video, autograph, inscription, letter, personal item, or artwork. The content created for the Signifty platform will then be kept for a specific NFT collection that goes in line with its Missions.

Signifty-Heroes are celebrities like movies and sports stars as well as musicians who believe and join Signifty on its Mission to create positive social impact. Image Source: Twitter

Then, the customized content will be converted into a limited number of digital collectibles – NFTs – after which they are displayed as digital artworks for sale on the Signifty platform. You should note that these artworks will be sold at fixed prices and/or at auctions.

Earnings from these sales are channeled towards the achievement of the chosen Mission. Interestingly, the processes will be made open to the public. That is, anyone can check through the processes and outcomes. This ensures that the Missions are fulfilled effectively and transparently.

NFTs For Fundraising: A Welcome Idea

an nft coin changing hands
Due to the high values attached to NFTs, they are very useful in offering helping hands to people, families, communities, and businesses. Image Source: Protocol

While this article points to Signifty’s Mission and its intentions, it’s worth noting that Signifty is not the only platform to use NFTs for social improvement purposes. Several good-minded individuals have made similar moves to positively affect society.

Considering situations like the recent international clash between Russia and Ukraine, NFTs have been used to raise funds for several humanitarian causes. For example, in 2021, the United Nations Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF) launched 1,000 NFTs – the largest NFT collection launched by the United Nations – to celebrate its 75th anniversary. Through the event, UNICEF was able to reach over 700,000 children across 3,000 schools.

What is Signifty?


Signifty is a unique NFT platform that aims to bring NFTs and good deeds together with the snap of a finger. Image Source: Crunchbase

Signifty is a unique NFT platform where collectors or enthusiasts in the crypto-NFT space can acquire NFTs seamlessly. The platform also ensures that transactions are made securely and with authentic tokens. This way, every token sold on Signifty is unique, original, and only accessible by the collector.

Recently, the platform announced its plans to bring social impact closer to the public – non-human species inclusive. The plan is in line with its goal, which is: “to bring NFTs and good deeds together by the snap 0f a finger.” With the collaboration of celebrities, it is expected that Signifty extends its act of kindness to the needy, especially out-of-school children, women, people displaced by terrorism acts, as well as endangered wildlife species. 

Signifty promises to make sure that the missions go as planned, should it get the support of celebrities. And in its show of sincerity, anyone can run checks on the activities to ensure transparency

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