Undoubtedly, Sorare is a leading platform in the web3 world of fantasy sports. The platform provides players with the opportunity to manage teams and compete for greatness against other Managers. This way, healthy competition is developed among players, and sportsmanship is upheld.

Sorare is popular for its many fantasy sports endeavors, especially in the aspect of football. The fantasy card game allows players to use their favorite sports stars to gain points and hit top spots. Simply put, Sorare brings real-life player performances into the world of web3.

Today, the platform has launched a brand-new experience known as Sorare: Global Cup 2022. It is a global fantasy football competition featuring teams from all over the world, with Managers showcasing intelligence and skill. With the launch, Sorare is offering football fans an immersive experience during the FIFA World Cup period.

Introducing Sorare: Global Cup ’22

The 2022 edition of Sorare: Global Cup will be one to remember as it came with interesting perks. The global tournament will feature various players, all of who are competing for their countries at the 2022 FIFA World Cup. As such, all Sorare Managers are free to participate with 5 players per squad.

Basically, Sorare is a game of cards. In that regard, players are expected to use Common cards throughout the Sorare: Global Cup 2022. Not only are they the exclusive cards for the tournament, but they also cannot be traded or sold.

Exclusive Common Cards

To participate in the Sorare: Global Cup 2022, all Sorare Managers are expected to play with Common cards. Succinctly, Common cards are those virtual playing cards that Managers select for free when they sign up on Sorare. Furthermore, these cards can be used to play in the tournament’s events but are not for sale or trading.

Players representing their country
Players must be those representing their countries. Image Source: Medium

According to Sorare, players should expect 3 types of Common cards, which vary in design. The difference in design is due to the National team and club partnerships of the involved players. However, the utilities are the same, and all are accepted in the tournament.

Squad Selection

Notably, the biggest challenge of any Sorare manager is to select the best squad – one that will perform. As a result, the Global Cup tournament requires all Managers to first bring 8 players into their respective teams. Also, they are to select across all football positions, including Forward, Midfielder, Defender, and Goalkeeper. 

While Managers are to select across the 4 positions, they are to select a maximum of 2 players per national team. Not only that but the players must also be selected within a budget of 100 points. 

Per Matchday, a squad of 5 players must be selected from the original 8 players. And Managers are at liberty to adjust their Sorare: Global Cup lineups. After confirming their selected squads, they can still go back to make replacements.

Additionally, every player has a particular point value which depends on their performances for the club and country. Also, the points value is affected by how likely it is for a player’s country to qualify for the knockout stage.

Notably, a Global Cup lineup must have 5 players, including 1 Forward (FW), 1 Midfielder (MD), 1 Defender (DF), 1 Goalkeeper (GK), and 1 extra outfielder (FW, MD, or DF).

Adding More Player Cards

All Managers will be able to add 4 new player cards to their original 8-man squads before certain periods. First is the Round of 16, scheduled for November 29 – December 3, 2022. Players will be able to add 4 new players before the event begins.

source: Medium

Next is the Quarter Finals, slated for December 3 – December 9, 2022. Moving on, the third chance will be before the Semi-Finals, happening from December 9 – December 13, 2022. According to Sorare, Managers can “strengthen their squads by winning National Team Common cards in the Matchday competitions.”

Global Cup Matchday Calendar

Interestingly, Sorare has mapped out the whole tournament before the launch. In that regard, the platform has decided to follow the Matchday Schedule included in its Game Week updates. Below is the Matchday calendar for the Sorare: Global Cup 2022:

  •  Matchday 1November 20 to November 24, 2022
  •  Matchday 2November 25 to November 28, 2022
  •  Matchday 3November 29 to December 2, 2022
  •  Matchday 4December 3 to December 6, 2022
  •  Matchday 5December 9 to December 12, 2022
  •  Matchday 6December 13 to December 15, 2022
  •  Matchday 7December 17 to December 19, 2022
sorare match day calendar
Matchday Calendar. Image Source: Medium

Physical Controls Virtual

The Global Cup tournament will be based on a real-life performance technique. That is, players earn scores based on how they perform in the FIFA World Cup. Simply put, the physical controls the virtual.

player’s score is determined by different statistics and can be impacted. As expected, a player’s score can witness positive and negative impacts. Negative impacts are caused by Red cards, Own goals, Penalties conceded, errors, and goal concessions on the part of Goalkeepers. 

On the other hand, positive impacts are caused by Goals, Assists, Penalties won, and Successful tackles (especially last-man tackles). For Goalkeepers, Clean sheets and Penalty saves have positive impacts on their player scores.

Public Leaderboards

While Managers compete for glory in the Global Cup tournament, there are 2 public leaderboards. First is the Matchday Leaderboard where all scores are ranked for the Matchday in question. Conversely, the Overall Leaderboard is finalized at the end of the Global Cup events.

Additionally, both leaderboards hold amazing rewards for Managers. However, the higher a Manager ranks on the leaderboard, the better and bigger his prizes are.

Overall Leaderboard Perks

As mentioned earlier, both leaderboards hold amazing prizes. However, the Overall Leaderboard holds the biggest prizes as well as interesting benefits. Here are what Managers stand to gain for the Overall Leaderboard:

  •  The Zinedine Zidane Experience: This is a top-notch experience with the living football legend, Zinedine Zidane. At the end of the Global Cup tournament, the top 5 Managers will meet with Zidane at the Z5 facility. They will get an all-expenses paid trip to Marseille, where they will play a football match with him. Interestingly, the match will be five-a-side. This way, Sorare can reward them for their exceptional show of strategy and class.
Zinedine Zidane
The top 5 Managers on the Overall Leaderboard will play a friendly match with Zinedine Zidane. Image Source: Medium
  •  VIP Match Tickets: Sorare will reward Managers who fall between 6th – 10th place with VIP match tickets. Each Manager will be getting a 2x VIP ticket to a football match. The intriguing part is that the football match will fit into the winner’s schedule and location.
  •  Official Signed Football Jerseys: For Managers who are ranked 11th – 100th, Sorare will be giving out surprise jerseys. The team will be undisclosed, but it will be a unique experience. 
  •  Limited Card Rewards: Sorare stated that the top 40,000 Managers will be getting Limited cards. These cards are the platform’s 1/1000 scarcity. Consequently, they can be utilized throughout the season on Sorare to win more rewards.

  •  ETH Rewards: In the Matchday and Overall Leaderboards, Sorare will give ETH rewards to the top 3 and top 10 Managers, respectively. 

Special Edition National Series Cards

The National series cards are special edition cards that apply only to the Sorare: Global Cup tournament. As a result, the platform will not auction or reissue these cards after the competition. Currently, Managers can only collect them by winning them in the tournament or purchasing them on the Manager Sales Marketplace.

Also, these cards will be rewarded randomly. That is, “anyone who has won a National Series Collectible could win a number 1.” Notably, they are NFTs that can be listed, sold, and traded with other Sorare Managers.

Sorare: Global Cup 2022 rewards. Image Source: Medium

National Series Common Cards

Basically, these are Common cards that Managers can use to strengthen their squads during the tournament. As the team progresses, a new National Series Common card is guaranteed. These National Series Common cards cannot be won outside the Global Cup tournament.

Sorare Will Be Competing?

As part of the football celebrations, the Sorare team will also participate in the tournament. Although Sorare’s Global Cup squad has not been selected, the platform has challenged all Managers. In the announcement, all Managers whose lineups beat Sorare’s will qualify for a raffle.

In the raffle, the winning Managers will get 1 Sorare swag bag and 1 surprise official signed jersey. Per Matchday, 10 Managers will be selected. So, players are advised to be on the lookout.

sorare global cup funfair
The Sorare team will also be a part of the Global Cup funfair. Image Source: Medium

Post-Global Cup Events

When the Sorare: Global Cup tournament comes to an end, there will be a switch of cards. Notably, all Common cards earned from the tournament will be changed to club Common cards. This way, the equivalents can be used to play on the platform throughout the season.

Also, National Series Common cards will be converted to Common club cards if the player has a license. For instance, a Kylian Mbappe France Global Cup Common card will be replaced with a Kylian Mbappe Paris Saint-Germain Common card.

However, if a player does not have a club Common card, Managers will be given another club Common card. Interestingly, the replacement will hold a similar position and player score compared to the former player. This means that Managers are free to keep all Common club cards won during the Global Cup tournament.

Sorare: Global Cup Private Leagues

The Global Cup is not only to win prizes, but also an opportunity to compete against friends and show supremacy. How is that even possible? Well, Sorare says “it just is!”

By selecting the Private League tab in the Global Cup Lobby, players can either create or join a private league. Also, players can become eligible for the Sorare referral program when they invite friends via their Private League links.

Additionally, players who create or join Private Leagues with at least 6 members will qualify for a raffle. However, the hint is that the league must have at least 6 members by November 24, 2022. As announced, 100 winners will get officially signed jerseys from one of Sorare’s football partners.

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