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Sorare Data is the best place for people who to get information and improve their Sorare skills. You’re missing out on some game-changing features if you haven’t linked it to your Sorare account.

What does Sorare Data mean?

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The one-stop shop for Sorare info. Source: Sequence

Sorare Data is the best place for people who use Sorare and want to get more information. You’re missing out on some game-changing features if you haven’t linked it to your Sorare account either on the web, or via iOS or Android.

It records almost everything that occurs during play. There is a lot to do in the game, including player sales and auctions, SO5 competitions and offers, and much more.

The features of Sorare Data that aren’t used as frequently as they should be will be highlighted in this article so that you can maximise their potential. This will help you become a better manager, even if you’ve only just started playing Sorare.

SO5: Lineup Builder

lineup builder sorare data
Build your dream team and perfect lineup. Source: SorareScout

It can be hard to plan ahead. The NFT platform Sorare has a list of tournaments for the next month, but you can only set your lineups for the current and next gameweek. With Sorare Data’s Lineup Builder, you can plan further ahead and get excited about returning players and leagues.

The interface is comparable to Sorare’s, but it also includes filters for a player’s availability and status. By making your lineups on Sorare Data first, you can avoid picking your fiery midfielder who has one too many yellow cards or your striker who is always getting hurt.

When choosing, you can also see your players’ last 15 scores and their positional averages against the next team. These can be very helpful when picking players in a region you may not know very well.

This is helpful for people who don’t always have time to look at upcoming games and put out their best team before the earlier deadline of 1 pm CET. It is important to know ahead of time which cards you want to use in which regions. It’s important to know that Sorare Data lineups do not move to Sorare. They are just examples.

Your SO5 Results:

sorare team line up
Teamwork is vital! Source: FreeTipsPro

If you go back more than two gameweeks, it can be time-consuming and even painful to check your performance on the Sorare site. Gameweeks seem to happen more than once, and leagues have to be opened one at a time.

The dropdown on SoRare Data makes it easy to switch between gameweeks. Relive your best weeks or look at how you could have done better. On the SO5 Results page, you can see how close you were to get a reward that week and what you earned. It’s small, but it’s a useful tool.

Both novice and expert users will find Sorare Data to be a very helpful tool. However, the site has so much information that it can be difficult to know where to begin. You should now have a better understanding of some of the lesser-known tools that can advance your Sorare experience.

Cards: Getting Cards

Similar to the NFT Rarity Tools we spoke about on P2E Diary back in august, the Card Supply feature tells you how many cards have been made for each player. Find out which cards are the rarest and which have the fewest auctions left for this season.

This can help you figure out how much a player is worth and decide if you want to wait for an auction or buy something on the secondary market. To learn how to use Sorare, it’s important to understand how supply and demand work.


sorare data charts
Off-the-charts data. Source: TeamSorare

One great thing about Sorare is that they are honest and transparent (especially when it comes to their carbon footprint). This is made much better by the work of Sorare Data.

You can watch the growth of Sorare as a platform on the site. Check out how many cards have been posted, how many new people have joined, and how many people are adding to their galleries. This is a dream for people who love statistics.

Rankings: Team Rankings

This list shows the average positional scores of every team in the game and their opponents over the last 10 games. This is basically a form guide for the SO5 Lens, which will save you time from having to switch between tabs and check your stats.

sorare dream team build
Build your dream team on screen. Source: EU-Startups

In the example above, MLS teams are ranked by how many goals midfielders from other teams scored against them in the last 10 games of the season. By this measure, the worst team is Montreal, which is in the middle of the table. Other teams, like both LA teams and the Columbus Crew, who won the MLS Playoffs, are more interesting.

You can choose how to understand these facts. Was it just a bad streak, or is there something wrong with a certain position? To do well on Sorare, you need to do research from more than one place.

Even though Team Rankings can be a good place to start, especially when competing in new areas where not every club may be licensed. Even unlicensed clubs in leagues like the Turkish Superlig and CSL are tracked by Sorare Data.

Manager & SO5 Stats:

Image Credit: Frontier Protocols.

You can see your manager profile in the top right corner of the Sorare Data site. I’m sure a lot of you have missed this button because you thought it was just a quick way to get to your account settings. But what you’ll find gives you a lot more information about your gallery and saves you a lot of time.

Because prices change every day and there are no official transactions log on the Sorare site, it can be hard and take a long time to keep track of what you have spent and earned. The Ethereum blockchain is a general ledger that keeps track of every transaction. The Manager Stats and SO5 Stats sections have almost all of the information you could want.

You could spend hours going through your direct offers and trying to remember when you won which card. Sorare Data organizes all of this information into clear headings and even uses Roster Prices to tell you how much a gallery is worth.

The new section on every card page about SO5 rewards has to be the icing on the cake. Check the SO5 history of your cards to see who has given you the most points, and give them rewards based on how many points they gave you. This makes it clear how much money you could make by competing in SO5, and it also helps you get to know your cards better.

In just over a year, Hans Vanaken’s second card ever made has won him almost 1.5 ETH worth of prizes.

SO5: Gameweek Centre

Under the Impact Players tab of the Gameweek Centre, you can see how many times a player has been put into each league. Filter by position and region to see who you will be competing against this week.

On Saturday night, in a place on the podium? The “Impact Players” tab could save you hours of sleep because you won’t have to scroll through the “Matches” tab and compare it to the “Hot” entries. With one click, you can find out which games and players you need to keep an eye on to avoid being disappointed.

This can also help people who are looking into new leagues see how impact players and clubs are spread out and how different they are.

Will you choose one of the more popular choices or try to find some hidden gems?

Leagues and Cups

inside sorare data
There are lots of tinkering to do behind the scenes. Source: Sorare Guide

One thing that sets Sorare apart from many other esports and NFT projects is that these digital assets can be used. Even though buying cards and keeping them is a good strategy, the SO5 tournaments that happen every two weeks give users a reason to log in and show off their cards. Sorare Data’s Leagues and Cups feature, which just came out, gives your cards more value and adds to the fantasy football aspect.

You don’t think you can defeat the over 4,000 competitors in All-Star Division 4? You can play in a league with up to 125 managers of comparable skill over the course of six head-to-head matches with them or in one of their regional round-robin cups with Sorare Data. By allowing you to play with a team of 11 players with substitutes and awarding you points for how well you perform over time, the league game mode adds something extra.

Four weeks into the first season of tournaments, there are over 1000 users in the placement league with little or no score, and 25–40% of the users in the bottom two divisions don’t seem to be doing anything, showing that this is a feature of Sorare Data that isn’t well known. There are promotions and cards for the best players in each league that change with the seasons. All at no extra cost! What’s holding you back?

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