The first round of group-stage matches in the 2022 Qatar World Cup has just been concluded. It’s been a roller-coaster of a ride thus far, but it’s also an opportune time to assess Sorare’s Global Cup.

Well, the Sorare team has released an update on this world cup-themed fantasy sports event. From what we can see, it is clear that the Sorare Global cup is off to a great start. More on this below.

Sorare Global Cup: The Numbers So Far

According to the Sorare team, the global cup has managed to attract around half a million active managers. It’s unclear how many of these are new to Sorare and what percentage consists of existing managers.

But one thing is clear. A haul of 500,000 managers for a relatively limited event is a big feat for the fantasy sports platform. The sorare global cup has also seen a major drive in the number of private leagues.

As of now, 32,000 private leagues have been created around the planet. This is a clear indication of the growing popularity of Sorare and the need to offer a more intimate experience to fans worldwide.

Individual Player Statistics

We have also seen some very interesting individual player stats. Lionel Messi, for example, is the most picked player in the global cup. The Argentine superstar has been picked by 114,000 of the total 500,000 managers in Sorare.

Sorare global cup
The Sorare global cup is a world cup-themed event running on the Sorare ecosystem. Image Source: Sorare on Twitter

Interestingly enough, Cristiano Ronaldo does not even make it into the top 5. The Portuguese superstar has shared the stage with Messi for years.

He is also regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time. But it seems most Sorare global cup managers have other players in mind for this tournament.

Well, Mbappe comes in second on the list of the most picked players. The French and PSG star features in 84,000 teams in the global cup.

Kevin De Bruyne takes the third spot, featuring in around 78,000 teams. Brazilian star Neymar is fourth, while the German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer comes in fifth.

Why is Sorare Global Cup a Success?

The success of the Sorare Global cup is due to many reasons, some of which we may not even know until the event draws close. But there are also a few factors that may have contributed to this success.

For starters, Sorare Global Cup is actually free. Unlike other competitions where users have to buy cards to participate, all new managers get free cards for the global cup.

Sorare Global Cup 2022
The global cup has so far attracted 500,000 managers and over 32,000 private leagues. Image Source: Youtube

Without many startup costs, it’s much easier for the game to appeal to new users. In addition to this, Sorare Global Cup has also seen major celebrity endorsements, especially among athletes and sports personalities.

In fact, many soccer superstars have created their own private leagues and encouraged their fans to join. Key among these players include Gerard Pique, Rio Ferdinand, and others.

Great Prizes for The Winners

In addition to celeb coverage and free entry, Sorare Global Cup is also offering some incredible prizes for the winners. This is actually a very important incentive that seems to have played a role in bringing in as many managers as possible.

The top prize, of course, is a chance to meet Zinedine Zidane in Paris. The former French Footballer is considered one of the all-time greats. He has also had a very good managerial career winning the Champions League several times with Real Madrid.

But the goodies do not end there. There will also be weekly crypto rewards for the top managers. The Sorare team is offering ETH and BTC.

We are also learning that some lucky managers will win tickets to a football match of their choice. There are also signed jerseys and other goodies up for grabs for the winners.

Will The Global Cup Impact Sorare’s Growth?

Sorare has been in the world of web3 fantasy sports for four years. In this period, the platform has had its highs and lows. But even then, Sorare managed to reach over 185 countries, attracting over 2 million managers.

P2E games
Sorare is now available in 185 countries with over 2 million football managers. Image Source: Medium

The Sorare Global cup gives the web3 platform another chance to sell its model to sports fans around the world. Although it’s hard to say if this will have any impact on the user base, the fact that Sorare is using an important global sporting event to attract new users is a great strategy.

Besides, based on the success that we have seen so far in the global cup, it won’t be a surprise if the event leads to more new managers in the Sorare ecosystem.

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