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Sorare, one of the world’s leading web3-based fantasy sports platforms, has announced new gameweek changes to reflect the upcoming FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The platform is introducing a series of Sorare Global Cup tournaments, special rules, and more exciting gameweek structures.

This will ensure fans around the world get in on the World Cup action with a chance to win amazing rewards. Qatar is also the first FIFA World Cup for Sorare since it launched.

New Gameweek Changes: What You Need to Know

Sorare depends entirely on real gameweeks from some of the leading leagues in the world. In fact, without professional club football, the entire premise of the Sorare ecosystem won’t make any sense at all.

So, as the World Cup approaches, all major leagues around the world will take a pause. However, instead of just taking a pause with the rest of the soccer world, Sorare wants to keep the fantasy football magic going. After all, the FIFA World Cup is the most important soccer event in the world.

To this effect, the Ethereum-based web three fantasy sports platform is planning the Sorare Global Cup. Although so far, details about the cup are quite scanty, we already know that this will be a World Cup-themed fantasy soccer event bringing together all Sorare players globally.

Sorare Global Cup: International Special

We are learning that Sorare will be running what it calls an “International Special” tournament during the world cup. This will actually be the basis of the Core Global Cup event. According to an update released by the platform, International Special will feature four main divisions.

Each division will be based on card scarcity. So, in essence, this will include Unique, Limited, Rare, and Super Rare divisions under one tournament.

There are also some entry criteria to follow. For players to be eligible for any of the four divisions, they must be part of their senior national teams.

Sorare Global Cup
Sorare Global Cup will feature several tournaments that will all run during the FIFA 2022 World Cup. Image Source: Sorare on Medium.

Also, Legends will not be included.  Legend cards are special one-time cards representing a major historic season in a player’s career.

So far, Sorare has issued Legend cards for some of the best soccer stars of our time, including Johan Cruyff, Javier Zanetti, Ronaldo, Marco Van Basten, and so many others.

Please also note that details about gameweek rewards will be released as we get closer to the main showpiece. However, captains in all teams will get a 50% added bonus. XP bonuses will also apply during these tournaments.

Gameweek Schedule: Key Changes to Note

Sorare says that it will adjust its gameweek structure and schedule to reflect both the group and knockout stages of the World Cup. To this end, the platform will rename Gameweek to Matchday.

Sorare is making several adjustments to its gameweek structure to accommodate Sorare Global Cup. Image Source Voi.Id

For the entire duration of the World Cup, there will be a total of seven matchdays. The first one will begin November 20th till November 24th. Conversely, the final Matchday will run from December 17th to December 19th, just in time for the finals.

The number of days within a Matchday also varies. At the beginning of the tournament, where there will be lots of games, a single Matchday will feature five footballing days.

This number will, however, reduce as we get into the knockout stages since most teams will have been eliminated by then. The last Matchday, in fact, has two days. This will presumably cover the final and the third-place playoff.

Players who wish to participate must submit their Sorare teams at least one hour before the first game of the Matchday kicks off.

What Else is Coming in This New Schedule?

In addition to the International Special tournament, Sorare will also be offering the Global All-Star tournament as part of the Global cup.  This is basically a collection of classic Sorare games with an interesting Word Cup twist.

For example, there will be an Under 23 special tournament. This one will feature players eligible to participate in the usual Under 23 tournaments in normal gameweeks. There will also be a Second Division Europe tournament and an Underdog tournament.

Sorare Global Cup play to earn
Sorare is renaming gameweeks into matchdays to avoid confusion during the Sorare Global Cup.

More details on these tournaments and how they will work during the World Cup will be announced in the coming days.

Also, we have not seen any details about the prize pool or any indications of how different it will be from what we are used to in normal gameweeks.

The Sorare Global Cup 2022

When the Sorare Global Cup was announced on October 17th, there was very little information to follow it up. In fact, other than a video teaser on Twitter, we’ve been waiting for weeks to get a sneak peek of what the tournament would look like.

Well, this update today is a big step towards that. We now have details about the tournaments and gameweek structure. However, Sorare says there is much more in the works.

The web three fantasy game is expected to release a detailed blog post in the coming weeks with everything. At P2E Diary, we will be there to cover this for you.

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