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The popular sports fantasy game, Sorare, has announced that the basketball feature, Sorare: NBA, is now available for iOS devices. The virtual gaming platform disclosed the information via its official Twitter handle. In the same tweet, Sorare added that now, players will be able “compose their lineups and track their scores for both football and Sorare: NBA, all in one place.”

For curious readers, Sorare launched the Sorare App on both Android and iOS devices. However, the app – for now – only supports Sorare: NBA on iOS devices. This means that, at the moment, Android users cannot access the virtual basketball feature, but they should be expectant.

Sorare: NBA is a unique virtual experience where players collect cards, just like the Sorare Football technique. Also, they can assemble their dream NBA teams and challenge other players to match. This way, they can win amazing prizes and rewards while enjoying the web3 sport.

Sorare: NBA Live on iOS Devices

For iOS users who happen to be passionate basketball fans, this is great news. Now, they can gain access to a user-oriented fantasy basketball game by simply downloading the Sorare App. Notably, the Sorare application is available on the Apple App Store.

With iOS supporting the Sorare fantasy basketball, players will be able to organize their dream lineups and “track them as Game Weeks progress.” By doing so, they can enjoy fully personalized NBA experiences, similar to the lives of real-world basketball managers. For one, the Sorare: NBA is a unique basketball-themed fantasy sports game that players already love.

What Is Sorare?

Precisely, Sorare is a virtual fantasy football game, where players act like football managers and organize their teams. The gaming platform allows them to choose players or cards, assemble teams, and partake in various competitions. Interestingly, footballers cannot be chosen at random – to make up a winning team.

Instead, NFT techniques are introduced. Players are expected to collect cards before they can bring any footballer into their dream teams. Notably, Sorare is fully functional on the Ethereum blockchain network, which secures the cards’ ownership and authenticity. Additionally, Sorare has ventured into MLB.

Sorare is interested in players, as it helps to re-ignite their passion for football. By tracking footballers’ individual performances across 23 football leagues, Sorare creates earning opportunities for them. Also, players can buy, sell, and trade their game cards with other online players.

What Does Sorare: NBA Have for Players?

The NBA is a top-flight basketball league composed of 30 professional basketball teams. The league is popular today, having housed world-class players, including Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Steve Curry. As a result, Sorare saw it as the next big fantasy sport to offer its players.

Through the Sorare: NBA feature, players can:

  •  Collect officially licensed NFT game cards: Just like the football feature, there will be NFT game cards featuring basketball players. Across all NBA teams, players will be able to collect game cards featuring their favorite basketballers. And guess what? – these cards are officially licensed.
  •  Build game lineups: With licensed NFT game cards, players can build game lineups. Furthermore, these lineups can be entered into various tournaments or contests as desired.
  •  Earn points from the Real World: Another interesting part is the chance to earn points based on the real-life performances of basketball players. Should your players perform exceptionally during real-life matches, you can get rewarded for that. Also, players can earn these points every week from various fantasy competitions.
  •  Compete with other managers: After creating teams, players can also go head-to-head with other managers in the Sorare: NBA space. By doing so, they can showcase their skills and earn top spots on the global leaderboard. Also, they can earn rewards from these competitions.

Any Exciting Events?

Following the launch of Sorare: NBA in October 2022, quite some events took the stage. Also, the Sorare team promises to release more as the Game Weeks continue. However, the basketball-themed fantasy started with 2 competitions – the Common Contender and Common Champion competitions.

Basically, the Contender competitions allow players to win more cards. The cards can then be used to strengthen their teams. On the other hand, the Champion competitions allow players to win lesser cards that hold higher scarcity values.

The Scarcity Competitions

Apart from the Common Contender and Common Champion competitions, Sorare: NBA hosted 3 unique gaming experiences. Collectively, these were referred to as Scarcity CompetitionsSo, what are scarcity competitions?

As the name implies, scarcity competitions are those which are played using scarce, rare, and limited-edition cards. And for this category, Sorare offered players a whole new level of sports entertainment. The Scarcity Competitions are:

  •  Limited Contender Competition: Here, players are allowed to participate with only limited cards. However, they must have full lineups – which must comprise limited cards only.
  •  Rare Contender Competition: The eligibility requirements for the Rare Contender competition were not really strict. So, rather than using rare cards only, players can play with a lineup of 3 rare and 2 limited cards – for now. According to Sorare: NBA, the reason is that players are still fortifying their teams. But soon enough, players will need 5 rare cards for all competitions.
  •  Super Rare Champion Competition: Just like the Rare Contender competition, players will be able to play with 3 Super Rare cards and 2 Rare cards.
Sorare players NFT cards
Each Sorare: NBA competition comes with its eligibility requirements, usually 5 playing cards in each category. Image Source: CryptoSaurus

Are There Other Fantasy Sports Platforms in Web3?

Undoubtedly, Sorare is a leading platform focused on bringing fantasy sports into the world of web3. However, others are bridging the gap between fantasy sports and web3. There are quite some platforms that are also interested in the same area.

A notable example is the popular Web2 platform, DraftKings, which migrated into the world of web3. While its operational model is unlike Sorare’s, it equally combines the power of NFTs with fantasy sports. This way, DraftKings ensures true ownership of assets within its space.

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