Sorare NBA has announced that the Super Rare champion, a rare cards competition of its basketball-themed fantasy sports game is now open.

The competitions will go live for the first time in gameweek 3, marking an important step in expanding the gaming experience for fans worldwide. Sorare NBA will also roll out limited and rare card competitions in the second gameweek.

Super Rare Champion: What You Need to Know

Super Rare Champion is part of the scarcity competitions on Sorare NBA. It is designed for holders of super rare cards. The competition is the highest in terms of stakes and status.

According to Sorare’s long-term vision, the goal is to make Super Rare Champion an exclusive event. However, since Sorare NBA is relatively new and in its beta, a few exceptions will be made for those who wish to participate for now.

So, normally, a player would need to assemble a lineup of 5 super rare cards to get in. But for a limited time only, it will be possible to enter Super Rare Champion with at least 3 Super rare cards and two rare cards.

Sorare: NBA
Super Rare Champion is the most elite of all competitions in Sorare NBA. Image Source: Sorare

Eventually, the competition will transition to a Super rare-only event. However, the Sorare NBA team says that it wants to monitor the action and user participation over the coming weeks before making the final decision.

Other Scarcity Competitions

The Super Rare Champion is not the only scarcity competition in Sorare NBA. The game has two other options featuring both limited and rare cards.

The first one, which is dubbed the Limited Contender, is designed for holders of limited Sorare NBA cards. Users need to put together a team of 5 limited cards to get in.

The other option on offer is the Rare Contender. While eventually, users will need five rare cards to get in, over the coming few weeks, it will be possible to participate using three rare cards and two limited ones.

Both the Limited Contender and the Rare Contender competitions are live, and users should expect to participate in gameweek 2.

Sorare NBA: A Recap of Gameweek 1

It seems like a long time ago since Sorare NBA launched its beta. We did quite a detailed story on it last week. You can read it here.

However, it’s only been a week since, in fact, we just had the first gameweek. So far, it looks like the NBA fantasy sports game on Ethereum is about to go places.

We have not seen any data on the total number of teams submitted in the first gameweek and how users are settling in with the beta.

However, based on the reaction in the NBA community and players’ comments on Twitter, it is clear that the Sorare NBA team is on to something.

Nonetheless, it’s very hard to gauge the success of Sorare NBA based on just one gameweek. Besides, some features like Super Rare Champion are yet to fully roll out. As such, it would be best to wait until the third gameweek after Super rare events play out to see how things are.

However, based on the success record of Sorare soccer and Sorare MLB, there is no reason why the NBA aspect won’t hit the ground running.

How Sorare Is Revolutionizing Fantasy Sports

Sorare is a fantasy sports platform leveraging the power of web3 to bring true ownership into the game.

Think of it as your average fantasy football or sports game. But instead of just playing for fun, Sorare has introduced the ability to collect and trade digital player-based cards on a wide range of sports.

This means that players can earn monetary gains by playing their favorite fantasy sports. It also means that fans can build tangible teams with real-world value.

Sorare’s Journey So Far

Sorare started off with a soccer-themed fantasy game. The popularity of the platform soared. As of now, over 2 million people play Sorare football. Buoyed by the success of the soccer-themed fantasy sports platform, Sorare decided to venture into MLB.

Although we don’t have recent figures, an update released in March this year confirmed that the MLB portion of Sorare was bringing in over 350,000 active monthly users.

These are amazing numbers. Now that Sorare NBA has joined the fold, we will see a significant expansion of the active user base.

Sorare NBA beta
Sorare is revolutionizing fantasy sports by leveraging the power of web3 to deliver true fan ownership. Image Source: VentureBeat

Sorare is also one of the few crypto unicorns in the world. A unicorn is a company with over $1 billion in market value. According to this article by Tech Crunch, Sorare raised $680 million last year at a valuation of $4.3 billion.

The platform has also signed major partnerships with some of the leading sports brands in the world. From La Liga, Serie A, to the MLS, Sorare has managed to bring in so many teams on board. The foundation is now in place to finally push the game even further in the future.

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