What makes Sorare a unique gaming platform is its attractive yet engaging designs. Since its inception, the platform has not stopped offering better services to its user community. From bringing the Web3 experience to Android devices to partnering with big football clubs like Liverpool FC, Sorare is one platform you will always love.

In a bid to contribute to more valuable projects, Sorare has announced a partnership with Plan A – a business sustainability company. The partnership is aimed at building a net-zero gaming company – the first in the world. This is a huge chance for Sorare to reduce its carbon impact to the barest minimum.

Plan A is a top-class carbon accounting, decarbonization, and ESG reporting platform. The company ensures businesses’ sustainability through its SaaS operational technique. With Plan A, various businesses can track and monitor their carbon emissions. Climate change is one of the most important issues of the century. This way, they can apply measures to reduce them while keeping their ESG performance on the positive high side.

Sorare X Plan A

In a recent announcement, Sorare revealed that it is sharing a new partnership with Plan A as part of what it called “a long-term sustainability strategy”. Although this is geared towards mitigating its carbon impact to a negligible value, it is not the platform’s first. Dating back to July 2021, Sorare implemented measures to reduce its emissions. The mission was successful as its overall carbon impact went down by 99%.

With the new partnership with Plan A, it is believed that Sorare’s green mission will be fully achieved. The July 2021 carbon reduction took place after Sorare transferred the larger percentage of its platform transactions – located on the Ethereum network – to the Layer 2 network – which is more functional than the Ethereum network. Similarly, the partnership is aimed at achieving long-term sustainability through a combined net-zero effort.

Sorare's emissions category and per scope for the base year 2021.
Sorare’s emissions category and per scope for the base year 2021. source: Plan A

The Need for A Net-Zero Strategy

Sorare cards work with NFT technology which ensures their originality, uniqueness, and rarity. Although the tech improves gaming security and transparency in processes, it leaves footprints on the environment. An example is the huge electricity consumption by operations on the Ethereum blockchain.

Notably, the high-power consumption took place on the foundational blockchain structure, Ethereum, which is known as Layer 1. The Layer 1 structure offered exceptional services but with reasonably large environmental carbon impacts. In its move to ensure low power consumption, a greater portion of the platform’s transactions was transferred to an overlaying network known as Layer 2.

Layer 2 is a secondary set of solutions designed to amend the shortcomings of Layer 1. And for Sorare, Layer 2 proved to be more efficient, reducing the overall emission rate by 99%. With a structure like this, operations tend to consume less energy, making carbon footprints almost impossible to leave behind.

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The estimated annual energy consumption in TWh/yr for various industries (retrieved in June 2022). source: Ethereum

However, stopping at Layer 2 is not the future of decarbonization. As such, Sorare is focused on ways by which emissions can be taken down – if possible, completely. Should plans go well, Sorare will utilize Plan A’s functional infrastructure to accelerate its carbon-free projects. This way, Plan A will improve Sorare’s services as well as drastically mitigate its emission rate.

Sorare will leverage insights from Plan A’s AI through which it will analyze and pinpoint which part of its operations still affects the environment. To get answers, a scientific approach will be employed to get target points where decarbonization should be enforced. At the moment, the platform wants to switch to green mobility. This way, policies will be made, and transport-related emissions will be reduced.

What’s the Catch?

Sorare is a play-to-earn platform
Sorare is a play-to-earn platform where users get to earn while participating in the platform’s fantasy games. Image Source: WENDROP.IO

Sorare is a digital platform created to promote unity and inclusiveness among sports lovers, fans, officials, players, and teams. While it is still in line with its initial goal, the game’s steady development, as well as its user community can cause unwanted environmental effects. And this can affect the game’s sustainability.

Moving on with the agreement with Plan A, Sorare is expected to become a full-fledged net-zero platform – the first the world has ever seen. By so doing, the company will not only have a high sustainability level, but it also will serve as a leading example to other businesses.

Picture3 19
By creating a net-zero company, Plan A will ensure that the project lasts long. Image Source: THE SPORT ROOM

As a result, collaborating with Plan A will give rise to measures aimed at reducing the platform’s negative environmental impacts. While the net-zero strategy is expected to thrive for a long time, it will be based on scientific methods. There are 2 ways through which this can be achieved:

  •  Emissions in Sorare’s value chain will be reduced to a negligible minimum.
  •  Should there be emissions that are irreducible, the platform will invest in functional carbon offsets.

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