The “move-to-earn” model has gained popularity in the cryptocurrency world, allowing individuals to earn money through physical activity. This model, along with the “play-to-earn” model, has garnered a lot of support due to its ability to encourage people to be more active while also providing rewards.

Nonetheless, there is a significant area for improvement in these models. The rewards offered are based on an inflationary token whose value depreciates rapidly due to the high rewards. In order for these games and their tokens to be profitable, there needs to be a continuous influx of new players and investments to counterbalance the significant selling pressure.  

The SpaceCatch M2E Model

SpaceCatch has created an M2E concept that doesn’t rely on new players or their investments. Additionally, the team has made it a priority to ensure that new players don’t have to spend any money on the game, yet still have the opportunity to profit from the move-to-earn model.

Despite the challenge, SpaceCatch has managed to achieve this goal. Through the game, players can obtain different items by being physically active, and then use those items to create options and boosters, which can be sold to other players.

Players can earn various items by being physically active, which they can then use to create non-NFT potions and boosters that will have a significant impact on their game progression. At the highest crafting levels, the rarest potions will be created as NFTs, which can be bought and sold for real money by players.   

The aim of this concept is to encourage people to be more active and physically engaged. Skilled players will have the opportunity to create the rarest potions early on in the game, and then sell them on the market to other players.

Unlike traditional games where players can use real money to purchase health and energy or bonus items, SpaceCatch has eliminated this option. Instead, the play-to-earn concept allows players to distribute their earnings among themselves without the game profiting.


SpaceCatch Signals the Beginning of a New Era in Gaming  

SpaceCatch is a game that combines classic mobile gaming with modern technologies like augmented reality, blockchain, and NFTs. This unique blend offers players a brand new gaming experience and opens up the world of Web 3.0.

The game features an open gaming economy where players have complete ownership of their items, which they can monetize or use as they see fit. The game also incorporates the Play-to-Earn and Move-to-Earn concepts, allowing players to earn real money without any initial investment.

Stanislav Lepka, the CEO of SpaceCatch, believes that the game represents the dawn of a new era in gaming. The game will also have its own token, CATCH, which will serve as both a premium currency and a store of value. Careful attention has been given to the tokenomics of the game to make all of this possible.



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