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A new multiplayer game called Spider Tanks, which operates on Web3 technology has recently launched its Spider Friends Referral Program. This program aims to reward players who bring new enthusiasts to join the thrilling battlefield.

Spider Tanks players are known for their strong sense of camaraderie. While the battlefield is a place of fierce competition, it also fosters an environment for sharing game strategies and forming new friendships. Despite the game’s already growing popularity, the Spider Tanks team believes in the motto “the more, the merrier!” They are excited to welcome and challenge newcomers who are ready to prove their skills and climb the ranks in the game.

The Referral Program

In order to promote player expansion, Spider Tanks has implemented the Spider Friends Referral Program. This innovative initiative enables existing players to receive complimentary Tank Parts by inviting their friends to join the game. Each referred friend who achieves ten wins contributes to the player’s advancement in earning additional rewards.

Players who are interested can locate the referral link under ‘Refer A Friend’ in the top navigation bar on games.gala.com. This link directs new players to the game, and as soon as these new players achieve their first ten wins, the referring player makes progress toward the next bonus.

The rewards include:

  • A Common Captain’s Hat Prop for one referral
  • A Common Maul Body for five referrals
  • A Common Bouncer Weapon for ten referrals
  • A Common Tiger Hero Tank for successfully inviting 25 new players

The reward tiers will be reviewed on a monthly basis, and all eligible referrals will be rewarded accordingly.

Bonus Rewards

Although the enjoyment of playing with friends is already a gratifying experience, the additional Tank Parts bonus serves as an enticing motivation. The arena not only provides a platform for intense battles but also facilitates the formation of strong connections between players.

The introduction of Spider Friends further enhances the reasons for inviting friends into the Spider Tanks universe. As players accumulate more rewards, the game’s community expands, resulting in a more dynamic and captivating gaming environment.

Players are urged to spread the word about this exciting development. As more players enter the Spider Tanks universe, the competition gains greater energy and excitement. Who wouldn’t appreciate some extra goodness while delighting in their favorite game with friends? So, get ready, invite your friends, and let the arena resonate with excitement!

More on Spider Friends

Spider Tanks is an action-packed, free-to-play, play-to-earn multiplayer game centered around tanks and rapid-paced gameplay. With its stunning graphics and various opportunities to earn rewards, players can engage in skill-based battles on the Ethereum blockchain, making it a unique competitive NFT game.

As its name implies, centers on tank battles where players engage in intense combat with others online. The in-game assets are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which players can own and trade on secondary marketplaces. Additionally, the game offers a variety of intriguing tanks that players can access through their garage.

Each tank is composed of two crucial components: its body and its weapon. Furthermore, Spider Tanks boasts numerous captivating game arenas, each featuring distinct traps and a challenging environment to keep players engaged.

Developed by the acclaimed Dutch gaming studio Gamedia in collaboration with Gala Games, this brawler features esports competitions, distinctive maps, thrilling action, and an array of fantastic armory options.

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