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In a noteworthy advancement in the blockchain gaming industry, Spielworks, a blockchain startup, has partnered with Polygon, a prominent Ethereum layer-2 scaling platform, to integrate their game “Dungeon Master.” This collaboration enables players of “Dungeon Master” to securely stake their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through Spielworks’ Wombat wallet.

The Integration Welcomes the Inclusion of WEB3 Games and an NFT Marketplace

Users will have the opportunity to stake their NFTs from three prominent platforms, which include:

  • Blockchain Cuties, an extensive NFT collectible game in the Web3 gaming space
  • Planet IX, a GameFi-strategy platform powered by NFTs developed by Nibiru Software
  • NeftyBlocks, a top-notch NFT marketplace that provides advanced features for NFT creation, distribution, and gamification. NeftyBlocks also operates on the WAX network, and its generative avatar NFTs are interconnected through a Polygon bridge.

This progress comes at a time when Web3 gaming is gaining increasing recognition, bringing inventive ways for individuals to earn cryptocurrency. With the ability to generate real-world value through in-game NFTs, users are actively contributing to the industry’s rapid growth and widespread appeal.

The Date for the Spielworks and Polygon NFT Staking Collaboration

From June 8, Wombat wallet users will have the ability to stake NFTs from the three main platforms based on Polygon. Additionally, Spielworks’ own NFTs will be available for staking, offering users the chance to earn diverse rewards, including NFT packs, reward points, and other enticing prizes.

Adrian Krion, the CEO and Co-Founder of Spielworks, expressed the integration as a significant advancement that will elevate the community’s overall experience. He emphasized the importance of incorporating Polygon NFTs into the Wombat ecosystem and how it represents a major milestone.

NFT staking has become highly desirable within the Web3 gaming realm because it offers gamers a fresh and innovative approach to leverage their assets for additional rewards. As a layer-2 blockchain solution addressing Ethereum’s scalability, Polygon holds a crucial position within the Web3 gaming ecosystem. The integration partnerships further amplify the value contributed to the network by Polygon.

Spielworks has effectively created a rapidly advancing blockchain gaming ecosystem that stands out in the market. This ecosystem encompasses various components, including the versatile Wombat Wallet, a non-custodial wallet that supports multiple blockchain networks.

Additionally, there is Womplay, a crypto rewards platform that offers support for 40 AA and AAA titles. Another noteworthy aspect is the widely popular NFT staking game called Wombat Dungeon Master, which has garnered significant attention with over 1.5 million NFTs staked to date.

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Spielworks operates a blockchain-powered gaming platform designed to benefit gamers by adding value to virtual worlds. Their platform offers features such as authentic ownership of digital assets, secure management of tokens, and seamless engagement with exceptional blockchain games. By providing these services, Spielworks empowers the gaming community to earn rewards while enjoying their gaming experience.

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