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Today is October 8 and Splinterfest is live at HyperX Arena in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. In August, Splinterlands announced that it would be hosting a 2-day festival in October. Also, the platform released tickets to the event, scheduled to take place in Las Vegas. 

The popular blockchain trading card game released a presentation on Canva, giving out hints about the event. The presentation also contained a link through which members can access and purchase entry tickets. As included in the presentation, attendees will witness a new wave of gaming, fun, and entertainment.

As announced, the event is open to all adults with either General Admission or VIP tickets at $300 and $2,000 respectively. Similarly, minors aged 16 or younger can attend for free, but an adult ticket holder must accompany them. The event will be on from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM ec.

Splinterfest 2022: What You Need to Know

In collaboration with EMPNFTy Arcade, and HiveSplinterfest is an event organized by Splinterlands to celebrate and appreciate everyone that made up the Splinterlands community. The platform believes that its community is the main force behind the game’s sustainability. As such, everyone is invited without restrictions.

Splinterfest provides Splinterlands community members with the opportunity to experience the HyperX Arena and all other exciting experiences with fellow players. At the event, players will get to enjoy live tournaments, state-of-the-art gaming rigs, behind-the-scenes panel sessions, Splinterlands music performances, the first in-person town hall, and unrestricted networking with fellow players. 

Splinterlands hopes to uplift the spirit of its community by creating a platform where fans can be celebrated. With Splinterfest, the platform will provide fans with engaging content while rewarding them for their participation.

First Splinterlands In-Person Town Hall

Splinterfest 2022 promises to be an unforgettable experience for the entire Splinterlands community. P2E Players will get to meet the Splinterlands team, who will usher them through various experiences at HyperX Arena. 

The Splinterlands team will take participants through details about the play-to-earn game. Then, the team will hint to them about future game development in the Splinterlands ecosystem. Not only that, they will get to participate in an interactive session of questions and answers.

Exciting Live Tournaments

During the event, attendees will be chanced to participate in a live-streamed gaming tournament involving combat cards. Several players will be able to display amazing gaming skills and earn rewards along the line. The virtual event will take place in HyperX’s state-of-the-art gaming rigs, allowing players to enjoy the thrills and feelings of on-site gaming.

The long-awaited Splinterfest event is now live at HyperX Arena in the American city of Nevada. Image Source: Twitter


Today marks the kick-off of the long-awaited event, and everybody is welcome. To be a part of the experience, participants need to get their tickets. As mentioned earlier, these tickets are in two categories: General Admission and VIP. 

The General Admission ticket costs $300 and offers the following:

  •  Access to Splinterfest 2022
  •  $300 discount off regular promo card
  •  Access to virtual quest log
  •  Exclusive in-game title
  •  Swag bag
  •  Access to morning meet & greets

However, it will deprive them of the following:

  •  $2,000 discount off gold foil promo card
  •  Access to VIP lounge at HyperX Arena
  •  Access to VIP dinner

Similarly, VIP tickets cost $2,000 and provide holders with the following:

  •  $2,000 discount off gold foil promo card
  •  Access to virtual quest log
  •  Exclusive VIP in-game title
  •  Swag bag
  •  Access to morning meet & greets
  •  Access to the VIP lounge at HyperX Arena
  •  Access to VIP dinner

Unlike the former, a VIP ticket does not cover the discount on the regular promo card. Also, the General Admission ticket is purchasable using fiat currencies, but the VIP tickets can be bought only with SPS. Additionally, ticket holders need to be present to enjoy the discounts, but it is a one-ticket-per-person thing.

Live Reactions from Attendees

As today marks the start of the event, several fans from all over the world are in attendance to grace the occasion. This is evident, considering recent tweets with the hashtag #Splinterfest.

Interestingly, many attendees have met and identified themselves from the virtual world. For instance, singer and songwriter, @AfterSoundMusic tweeted:

 “Finally met the man who I’ve been listening weekly to in town halls for the past year. Thanks to @Aggroed001 and the @splinterlands team for bringing us an awesome game and even better community!”

Similarly, @thewaffleskitty tweeted: “I look unflattering and sweaty from prep in these pics but it has been so much fun seeing people I work with and in the community here!”

@Goldmatters_ also tweeted: 

“Splinterlands players are pouring into Vegas & beginning to document their #splinterfest experience… We are witnessing something truly special here… Getting gamers out of their living rooms isn’t easy & we now have another proof concept for @splinterlands.”

The Next Big Thing After Splinterfest 2022

Splinterlands play-to-earn game
Splinterlands is a blockchain-based gaming platform where players can earn rewards while using trading cards. Image Source: Business of Esports

After Splinterfest 2022, a limited-edition promo card – in form of a new character – will be available in the Splinterlands shop. By visiting the shop, players can purchase a promo card which can earn them extra benefits.

 The promo card will be a maximum-level legendary Summoner card, with a bulk release of 1,000 cards. Also, each card will go for $1,000, and every card purchased will have a 2% chance of being a gold foil version.

Notably, General Admission ticket holders at Splinterfest will get a promo code. With the code, they can get a $300 discount off the purchase price. Furthermore, VIP ticket holders will get promo codes, allowing them to enjoy a $2,000 discount off the Gold Foil version of the promo card.

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