The Splinterlands team has just announced that tickets are on sale for their very first in-person event,  Splinterfest.

Splinterfest will take place between October 8-9, 2022.  Fans will need to make their way to Las Vegas for the two-day in-person event.

Players can purchase their tickets online now. The general admission tickets retail at $300 per ticket. And the VIP Pass costs $2,000.

And tickets are expected to sell fast.

At the time of writing, there were 369 General Admission tickets left, and only 26 VIP tickets left.

So what exactly is Splinterfest all about? And which ticket should you buy?

Splinterfest: Which ticket is right for you

Now that tickets are on sale, avid fans can choose from two different ticket options depending on their budget.

If they opt for the General Admission tickets, they’ll need to pay $300. But buying the VIP pass costs a whopping $2,000.

So what exactly is the difference between the General Admission and VIP tickets? What do you get for your money?

General Admission Pass – Splinterfest

There are currently 369 General Admission tickets available for sale via the Splinterlands website. These tickets come with two-day access to the event, as well as:

  • A standard promo card discount
  • A standard promo card reservation
  • An exclusive in-game title
  • A swag bag

VIP Pass – Splinterfest

There are currently 26 VIP tickets available for sale via the Splinterlands website. These tickets come with two-day access to the event, as well as:

  • A Gold Foil Promo Card discount
  • A Gold Foil promo card reservation
  • Exclusive VIP-level in-game title
  • An invitation to the VIP dinner on Saturday
  • VIP lounge access at HyperX
  • A VIP swag bag

While the General Admission ticket can be purchased online in fiat currencies, the VIP pass can only be purchased with SPS.

It’s worth noting that ticket-holders must attend the event in order to receive the promo card discount. It’s also one ticket per attendee, so players can’t just purchase multiple tickets in order to receive more benefits.

cards in splinterlands
Players will be able to participate in a live-streamed Splinterlands tournament. Image Source: Splinterlands

What exactly is the promo card discount and reservation?

The promo card discount is one of the benefits of purchasing a Splinterfest ticket and attending the in-person event.

The promo card discount and reservation benefits guarantee the participants the opportunity to purchase a Limited Legendary Promo Card that will be released after the event.

The card will retail at $1,000, but General Admission participants will receive a $300 discount. There will only be 1,000 of these cards sold, but all General Admission participants will be able to purchase one if they wish. And, these cards come with a 2% chance of being Gold Foil cards.

VIP participants will receive a $2,000 discount off of the limited-edition Gold Foil cards. These Gold Foil cards will retail for $5,000.

Not much is known about the card or its utility in the game, but the team has announced that it will be “A card that is as unique as the experience itself”.

Splinterlands Twitter community: “This is the coolest thing ever”

The Splinterlands Twitter community has received news of the Splinterfest event enthusiastically. One Twitter user, Goldmatters, said:

This is the coolest thing ever. So I can purchase a ticket to a real-world event/celebration of video game

with assets I earned in the game. How’s that for token utility?” 

And Twitter user Raine said: “Las Vegas trip booked! I can’t wait to attend #Splinterfest in Oct!

Twitter user Desic added: “I just saw this and I got excited just seeing all this information, it makes me want to attend. I know that it’s going to be super awesome.”

Splinterfest: Everything we know about the event

Splinterfest promises to be an exciting event with plenty of opportunities to meet the Splinterlands team and participate in a legendary live-streamed tournament.

Meet the team

All participants will be able to attend the live Splinterlands Town Hall and hear from the team about the future of the game.

They’ll get a sneak peek behind-the-scenes look at future developments and help shape the future of the game. They’ll also be able to ask questions during a QnA session.

Live-streamed tournament

Participants will be able to show off their skills during a live-streamed Tournament and reap some incredible rewards in the process. This will be a chance to show off their combat cards during a virtual event.

Players will have access to on-site state-of-the-art gaming stations and the opportunity to make their mark during the ‘most ambitious tournament in the game’s history’.

Swag bags and merch

All participants will get a swag bag if they purchase a ticket and attend the event. The swag bags will contain exclusive Splinterfest merch to mark the first Splinterlands in-person event.

There’ll be lots more Splinterlands merch to purchase as well, and participating booths will be giving out other interesting merchandise as well.

What is Splinterlands?

splinterlands wallpaper
Splinterlands is the perfect game for fans of collectable card games. Image source: Splinterlands

Splinterlands is a blockchain game that purports to offer the next generation of collectable card games. The game operates on a play-to-earn (P2E) model where winning players earn rewards they can exchange for fiat currencies if they wish.

Splinterlands can be played for free too; but in order to make use of the P2E potential, players need to make a small, upfront investment by purchasing the Summoner’s Spellbook currently priced at $10.

The game is based on quick card battles that can be completed in minutes. There is also a strategic element to winning, so it’s not all based on luck.

Fans of Splinterlands are sure to find an incredible community experience at the upcoming Splinterfest in-person event in Las Vegas.

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