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Are you a beginner that wants to learn about the top summoner and monster cards needed to build a powerful deck on Splinterlands? Worry less, the game is just like any other game on the blockchain network, there is no universal card technique. However, with the right cards in your deck, you will surely have a good foundation in the game as a beginner.

Splinterland is a web-based gaming platform that provides you with various cards to form a gang with and compete with other players. It has been one of the top notable games in the metaverse which supports collectibles and peer-to-peer gaming. 

One of the¬†uniqueness of Splinterland¬†is the automated conduct of the game by an in-built Artificial Intelligence (AI). It uses the¬†principle of randomness to guide the game and measure the players’ performance. Above all, the blockchain allows players to use other non-fungible tokens aside from cards to build the squad.¬†This article entails an introduction to Splinterlands for beginners and the top summoner and monster cards to consider for a start.¬† ¬† ¬†

What is Splinterlands? 

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Splinterlands for beginners. source: Coinmarketcap

Like other¬†NFT-based Web 2.0 games, Splinterlands is a web-based game which provides gamers with card collections with which they can build a squad. The so-built squad is used in combating other players on the platform in the¬†peer-to-peer gaming¬†space. The most exciting part is that you don’t actually play the game since it’s automated.¬†

Splinterlands for beginners might seem challenging but not really. All you need to do is use your money to purchase cards and use your skills and experience to devise strategies with which you can counter the opponent. It is an AI-powered game¬†that uses your selection to decide the squad’s strength. As a¬†play-to-earn game, players fight against monsters to gain in-game rewards.¬†

Splinterlands is a unique game for card lovers who wish to trade and earn while doing what they love most. Currently, there are over 283 cards that players combine to increase the strength of their characters, thus, making the team stronger. There are seven significant stats on Splinterlands on which the performances of squads are based. They are speed, melee, magic, ranged, armor, mana cost, and different attack types. Each of the 283+ cards on Splinterlands belongs to different categories (known as Splinters). 

Categories of Splinterland(Splinters)

  • Fire.
  • Earth.
  • Dragon.
  • Death.
  • Life.
  • Water.
  • Neutral (mercenaries).¬†

With enough investment and a careful selection of cards, you will surely succeed on Splinterlands battlefield. As a player, you can participate at any level, be it earning card packs, magic potions, rarity, or dark energy. Dark Energy is a digital currency that can be used to make an in-game purchase on the platform store. 

Splinterlands in-game token. source: Hive


You can also combine your cards with renting cards to other players, upgrade to other levels, or convert them to other cryptocurrencies.              

Getting Started with Splinterlands and Playing Games

To start Splinterlands gameplay, there is a need to register on the platform with an upfront fee of $10. Although you can play freely you will have to pay this upfront fee in order to earn. This payment will get you on board with some starting set of cards with which you can build your first deck of cards. After building the decks, you go into battles, and should you win. You get rewarded with in-game DEC tokens.

To¬†register on Splinterlands, go to the main page of the project splinterlands.com and click on the “Pay Now” button. Click the “Create account” button, fill out a form on the page, and confirm your login details (email and password). At the end of this, you are through and ready to start gaming.

At first, you will be offered tutorial videos on how to go about the game, with an explanation of all the app’s primary features. You will also undergo a test battle, but you can skip all these processes if you’re not a newbie.¬† ¬†

Splinterlands and Hearthstone

Splinterlands might look more like¬†Hearthstone Battlegrounds for gamers conversing with the gaming technology. Similar to¬† Hearthstone, Splinterlands is a collection of cards divided into factions with unique individual characteristics. You don’t only buy or sell cards when need is, and you can also rent them out or in to or from other players.¬†

However, there are lots of differences between them. Of course, they are both Web 2.0 games on the blockchain, which use the principle of randomness. There is no marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for players to purchase and build squads. 

Heartstone | Heroes of WarCraft. Source: Wallpaper Abyss

Furthermore, another¬†difference between Splinterlands and Hearthstone¬†is the duration. Hearthstone is a turn-by-turn game that lasts 15 ‚Äď 30 minutes or 5 ‚Äď 45 minutes for some matching. Splinterlands, on the other hand, is a one-time-off upfront decision-making game that typically takes about 3 minutes to finish a round.¬†

Lastly, the major difference between them is the gameplay itself. On Hearthstone 6, you buy packs, assemble decks, and bring those decks into the arena to fight opponents. You take an active part in the gaming process by using some features like Mana on your heroes. 

While on Splinterlands, players only select cards for their decks and the Mana cap¬†for the match. After this, the gamer submits, and all they wait for is the game’s result. The monster’s speed mainly determines the result.¬†¬†

Summoner and Monster Cards

While the¬†Summoner cards¬†are those you select to go to the battlefield with, the¬†Monster cards¬†are the card produced by the system to counterattack. The quantity and the level of your summoner will determine the¬†level of the monster¬†that would appear. Monsters are any creature “summoned” by the summoner to fight.¬†

Apart from your summoner level, your league level also determines the level of your monster. However, you can combine two or more monsters to level them up. An icon color in the center of the card represents the rarity of the card and can be common, rare, epic, or legendary. 

The league you are fighting in dictates which level your summoner. Summoners have the potential to call forth neutral cards, except if the game rule restricts it. You can also level the summoners by adding two or more.      

Best Summoner and Monster card in Splinterlands

As a beginner in the Splinterlands game, you must stick to two splinters.¬† These two splinters are fire and water. They are highly recommended for beginners to keep as their summoners. Also, you can consider the neutral card¬†to join your deck too. We’d be looking at the top 15 Splinter cards for your next squad.

Neutral Cards

1. Sand Worm

A Neutral card is useful in almost every high mana battle at the novice league. As time goes on, the player moves to the silver, gold, and higher leagues, the sand worm is still a relevant card for players in all these leagues. Sand worm is a cheap card capable of attacking from every position and causing five damages as a melee monster. It costs $1.28.

Sand Worm. Source: Publish0x

2. Creeping Ooze

With a cost of $2.5, the creeping ooze is one mana card with a slow ability. The slow ability reduces the attack speed of all the enemies by one. In cases when you have one leftover mana, this is a much-recommended card as it helps you overcome the situation. It is commonly used in low to mid mana battles. 

Creeping ooze. Source: Publish0x

3. Goblin Mech

Goblin Mech is a pretty resilient card that fits virtually any situation. While it can withstand armor, it is weak against magic and helps a lot in high mana battles. Its unique features include the sneak ability, piercing ability, and the four times damage Mana. It can be at any position on the battlefield and not necessarily at the front. It costs $1.49.

Goblin mech. Source: Publish0x

4. Battering Ram

The Battering ram is good when combined with Tarsa. Combined with the summoner buff, it strengthens the squad and possesses two damage, two mana, and two health with the sneaking or opportunity ability. It is mostly used in low and mid-level Mana battles. It costs $1.06. 

Battering Ram. Source: Publish0x

5. Magi of Chaos

As cheap as it is, the card offers an all-around feature to the squad. It is tough on battlefields and you can place it in your lineup. It costs $2.0, and yes, it is worth beyond the price.

Magi of Chaos. Source: Publish0x

6. Furious Chicken

As a Neutral and expensive card, its main purpose is to absorb an attack. This might sound like it makes no difference, but some wars depend on the neutral card’s strength. With 0 mana and its absorbing power, I’d recommend you go for it if it’s something you need.

Furious Chicken. Source: Publish0x

Fire Cards

7. Scorch Fiend

This fire card is one of the most recommended cards for beginners. It costs $8.5 and has some tough features. Since it is not a neutral card, Scorch Fiend can be used widely with a fire summoner. Even though this has no special offer, the ability to use it more often makes it stand out. 

Scorch Fiend. Source: Publish0x

8. Tusk the wide

Looking for a card that repels magic? Now we got one. A really tough anti-magic tank which has 12 health available. It also has six mana which reduces magic damage. If your enemy uses or doesn’t use magic, it is a great card to keep on the frontline. It costs $2.38.¬†

Tusk the Wide.
Source: Publish0x

9. The Forgotten One

Available at $3.05, the forgotten one is an elementary card which can be used in notorious battles. For your success as a starter, you can include its strong base stats in your squad.

Forgotten One. Source: Publish0x

10. Molten Ogre

While it seems like a forgotten card because it is old, the molden ogre is tough and resilient as ever. 

Molten Ogre. Source: Publish0x

It can be used in special situations, but it can easily be added to the platform. It costs $2.56, which reduces the level of melee damage and has solid base starts.

Water Cards

11. Torren Fiend

Like the scorch fiend, this fire card is one of the most recommended cards for beginners. It costs $9 and has some tough features. Since it is not a neutral card, Torren Fiend can be used widely with a fire summoner. Even though it has no special offer, the ability to use it more often makes it stand out. 

Torrent Fiend. Source: Publish0x

12. Djinn Oshanus

It is a strong card and you can use it to participate in mid to high Mana lineups of games. With its ten health, five attack speed, and two magic damage ability. Djin Oshanus can handle any magic game. It cost 7.89, and it’s worth the price.¬†

Djinn Oshannus. Source: Publish0x

13. Sea Monster

When building your started decks, big gamers know better than to add the sea monster to their lineups. With its high damage output and healing ability, you are sure to experience a fierce battle. It should be used wisely as it only has the potential to heal a wounded fighter. 

Sea Monster. Source: Publish0x

14. Nerissa Tridawn

Nerissa Tridawn cost $1.69 and is another faction of chaos legion card which is mainly effective in high mana battles. It possesses three magic damage and nine health making the card a great one for beginners. Combining it with a summoner that gives a magic damage buff, you will get your Nerissa Tridawn must experience d a writer

Nerissa Tridawn. Source: Publish0x

15. Spineback turtle

The spineback turtle is one of the most crucial mana cards. It is highly recommended in low mana battles and little league games. 

Spineback Turtle. Source: Publish0x

It possesses two armor and six health for four mana at level one. As time passes in the game, the card develops strength, which is why it is expensive. It reaches the thorns ability and constitutes a great collection for your decks.              

Final Thoughts 

Axie Infinity, Alien Worlds, Gameta, Gods Unchained, and now Splinterlands are NFT-based games on blockchain technology. As stated at the beginning of the article, there are several classes of Splinterlands cards, with Dragon cards being the most flexible and strongest of all. As a Splinterlands beginner, you must build a mighty squad to engage on the battlefield. 

This article lists the top summoner and monster card for beginners in the Splinterlands game. However, you should note that the Dragon category needs a lot of money. It is well recommended that you invest with the amount you are cool with losing it. But why will you go into the battlefield to lose? 

Get your best cards together ‚ÄstBuild your undefeatable squad¬†‚Äď Let’s get into the battlefield!¬† ¬†

Any investment/financial opinions expressed by Play to Earn Diary are not recommendations. Our content is for educational purposes only. If you plan to invest in any game or cryptocurrency then please do your own research and only spend what you can afford to lose.

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