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Splinterlands has dropped its new Riftwatchers card set with the pre-sale due to start in just one week (September 15).  The new pack name is Rift Gems, and players will be able to access it via the “Gems” tab in the Splinterlands shop.

The new Riftwatchers pack is an expansion to the Chaos Legion set and this is evident in the lore published on the pre-sale page which reads as follows:

“Chaos has led to conquest, and conquest has led to an empire that rises in the shadow of a dark god. Yet all is not lost, for a new rift is opening. The Riftwatchers are coming.”

Every single Riftwatchers pack will require a voucher to purchase both during the pre-sale and afterwards. The sets will cost USD$5 worth of SPS plus the required voucher.

This was teased during several Town Hall meetings with Splinterlands, so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise to fans in the know.

The Riftwatchers card set will contain a total of 43 cards, including 13 commons, 12 rares, 6 epics (Summoners), and 12 legendaries.

There will be 3,000,000 total packs on sale so people who want to purchase multiple packs will be able to do so.

The set itself will be released on September 27, after the pre-sale launch.

Everything you need to know about the Splinterlands Riftwatchers pre-sale

The pre-sale starts on September 15 and will last until the first 500,000 Riftwachers packs are sold. But players must keep in mind that they will not be able to open their new packs until September 27 which is when the pack officially goes live.

Buyers who manage to snag pre-sale packs will get certain benefits that later buyers won’t have. So it’s worth dishing out for a few packs before you know exactly what’s in the new set.

The key benefit to keep in mind is that anyone buying a pre-sale pack will have the opportunity to grab a new, limited edition promo card that will be airdropped to a few lucky pack purchasers after the presale packs are sold out.

splinterlands card collection deck
Players participating in the pre-sale will get lots of benefits that won’t be available to buyers who opt to wait. Image source: Splinterlands

Your chances of winning a promo card are around 2% with every pre-sale pack sold. And, there is a 4% chance that your promo card will be a gold foil version.

Every player who purchases at least 1,000 packs will get a custom in-game title of the Watcher. This benefit applies to every 1,000 packs purchased.

Also, only those participating in the pre-sale will have the opportunity to snag the first legendary card. They’ll also be the only ones eligible to snag the elusive set of all five legendary cards due to be air-dropped at various points during the sale.

How do you increase your chances of getting a limited edition Riftwatchers promo card?

The chances of getting a limited edition promo card are pretty slim at only about 2%. But the good news is, you can pretty much guarantee you’ll get one if you purchase enough packs.

In fact, players who purchase at least 50 packs will be guaranteed a promo card for every 50 packs they purchase during the pre-sale.

If you have some serious dough to drop on this pre-sale, you can even guarantee yourself a gold foil promo card for every 1000 packs purchased.

That means, in theory, you can get hold of multiple gold foil promo cards. That is, if you have the money to drop on multiple 1000 packs.

But, please bear in mind, that the only way to get hold of this promo card is through the pre-sale. It will not be available after the pre-sale and it will not be found in any packs.

Want to make sure you bag one of those elusive promo cards? Don’t leave things to chance. Purchase at least 50 packs and you’re guaranteed one. Image source: Splinterlands

What exactly is in the new Splinterlands Riftwatchers card pack?

The new Splinterlands Riftwachers card pack comes with Monster cars which are mostly in the higher mana cost range. They’ll include abilities like Taunt and Reflection Shield.

A brand new ability has also been introduced. It’s called Fury. It will allow gamers to do double damage against their opponents with the Taunt ability.

Cards will be revealed ahead of the drop on the official Splinterlands channels, so it’s worth giving them a follow.

Legendary Airdrops

This brand new pack will contain 5 cards that will be added into the set every time 500,000 packs are sold. Each of these 5 cards will be of Legendary rarity and each will represent a different basic element within the game.

The card will be airdropped to players who have already purchased a Riftwatchers pack, and each purchased pack has a chance of receiving a legendary card.

The idea is to incentivize players to buy packs as early and often as possible because if you get one of the first 500,000 packs, you’re in for a chance to land all 5 legendary rarity cards!

splinterlands wallpaper
How fast will the pre-sale event sell out? There are only 500k packs up for grabs during the pre-sale. Image source: Splinterlands

Splinterlands Riftwatchers: Buy more packs for extra bonuses

Splinterlands is clearly encouraging its players to buy as many packs as possible with its bonus scheme. For every  100 packs that you purchase, you’ll get 10% bonus packs, for every 500 packs that you purchase, you’ll get 15% bonus packs, and for every 2000 packs that you purchase, you’ll land 20% bonus packs.

Buying in bulk definitely pays in the Splinterverse!

Overall the new pack comes with lots of excitement and anticipation. But how quickly will it sell out? We’ll find out next week.

One thing’s for sure though. This brand-new pack is sure to be mentioned during the upcoming Splinterfest event.

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