Collectible card game, Splinterlands has consistently been one of the most played blockchain games. The game revealed it clinched 2 Billion games played last month. Even based on NFT transactions, Splinterlands still champions as a top title.

Meanwhile, even as a successful franchise, the game still works tirelessly to bring new amazing development to its players. When you think they’ve done everything, they’ll still come out with more and more updates for their players.

In a new development, Splinterlands has announced a new roadmap of activities for coming quarters. The roadmap shows important upcoming updates and updates for the games.

The New Splinterlands Roadmaps (Q2 2022-Q1 2023)

New Splinterlands Roadmap

A key part of Splinterlands’s future development is the further development of its in-game economy and token. As a community-driven franchise, the game aims to further improve its token governance with some development. Before the end of 2022, we will see new validator nodes, voting, and proposal nodes as part of DAO development.

With this, we can see a further rise in the price of SPS tokens before the end of the year. The token is still trading at $0.1 with 52% of the total token locked staking pool. The new development translates that more tokens will be dedicated to staking since it is key to participating in voting and decision-making processes.

On top of that, the new development in in-game governance means more SPS locking, translating to a reduction in total supply. This will subsequently drive demand and price up.

More Attractive Design And Interface

Another highlight of the roadmap is the improvement of general game graphics, interface, and user experience. This will start with frontend and backend coding, UI/UX design improvement, and newer artworks in Q2 2022.

In Q3 2022, new in-game card design and art will be unveiled. New character art and a newer shop page for these new assets will follow. Further UI/UX improvement will proceed from Q3 2022 to Q1 2023.

More Updates On Splinterlands Lands

Lands are one of the most important assets in Splinterlands. Meanwhile, a good part of the roadmap also indicates the development of Lands before the end of the year till Q1 2023.

Land Phase 1 will come up in Q3 2022. However, these developments may not reflect till the first quarter of 2023, when there will be new monsters, Rebellion, and other major roles in the land phase.

Meanwhile, the presale for the Rebellion collection will require interested participants to have Lands. This will, in turn, boost land sales and, subsequently, its price. Also, guilds and players will be able to view land deeds on the map. They will be able to convert their land claims to deeds and also buy, sell or transfer their deeds to other players. However, the level of guild or players will determine the value of land resources players can access.

In the second phase of Land development, land topography will be introduced. Also, the rarity of land, resource building, and increase of land deeds.

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