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Splinterlands has just Tweeted that the much anticipated new Riftwatchers pack is going to be released soon. And, they’ve included some gorgeous artwork to whet our appetite too.

The tweet read: “Coming soon to a Splinterlands near you: RIFTWATCHERS!”

Splinterlands players welcomed the news, with 151 likes, 43 retweets and several comments supporting the Tweet.

Splinterlands is a free-to-play blockchain game involving trading and battling cards. Like many collectable card games, Splinterlands allows players to play, trade, and be rewarded for their efforts.

How is the community reacting to the news?

The new pack can only be bought with $SPS tokens, so users who wish to purchase packs will need to accumulate the in-game currency fast.

On publish0x, the blockchain platform that pays bloggers crypto to read and write stories, user Akosilestr shared his views around the news too:

“The release date of Riftwatchers Pre-Sale is fast approaching and the only way to buy this is using SPS and Vouchers. So I think, SPS and Voucher’s value will soar high a few days and several days after the release of Riftwatchers.”

And on LeoFinance, user @belemo is already making plans to buy as many packs as he can. He said:

“The way I see it, if you have any intention of being a part of any of the round of sales, then you have to start preparing early because time is of the essence.

“This limited series of monsters seems to come with a lot of promise of some rare badass monsters that could dramatically improve your battle proficiency.”


What exactly is Riftwatchers?

Players are gearing up to buy as many packs as possible in anticipation of the new Riftwatchers pre-sale. Image source: Splinterlands

Riftwatchers is a new mini-edition of Splinterlands cards which is expected to launch soon. It’s similar to the other mini-editions – Essence Orbs and AZMARE Dice and it is a pack of 43 cards; that is 43 new characters to discover!

However, while previous editions could only be purchased with DEC tokens, this new edition can only be purchased with SPS tokens instead.

All income from Riftwatchers sales will therefore go directly to the staked SPS token holders.

It is anticipated that 3 million Riftwatchers booster packs will be released for sale priced at around $5 per pack, with bonus packs included with larger purchases.

Players who are interested in winning bonus packs will need to purchase at least 100 packs in a single transaction to qualify. But they will be able to purchase up to 1,000 in a single transaction and potentially win larger rewards as a result.


Splinterlands Riftwatchers: The Lore

image splinterlands sps
This brand new mini-pack promises lots of excitement in the Splinterlands community, as players prepare to purchase cards. Image source: Splinterlands

Although the exact Riftwatchers cards that will be available to purchase remain a mystery, we do have some idea of the general concept that Splinterlands is going for with this brand-new pack.

Here is a little sneak peek at the lore around Riftwatchers straight from the Splinterlands QA  server:

“Chaos has led to conquest, and conquest has led to an empire that rises in the shadows of a dark god. Yet all is not lost, for a new rift is opening. The Riftwatchers are coming.”

The new ‘riftwatchers’ concept seems to suggest that riftwatchers will emerge from the rift to face off with the empire that rose from the shadows of a dark god.

The artwork that accompanied the recent announcement on Twitter also seemed to show characters inspired by merpeople.

What we do know from several Town Hall meetings hosted by Splinterlands over the last few months is that the new cards are likely to come with lots of special abilities, some brand new.

Anyone participating in the pre-sale is also in with a chance to win a mystery card that will be airdropped to participants.

Splinterlands Riftwatchers: What else do we know?

Gorgeous artwork, new abilities, promo cards, and lots of anticipation… that’s how we’d sum up the new Riftwatchers pack right now. Image source: Splinterlands

While some information has been released in dribs and drabs during various Splinterlands Town Hall meetings, there is still a lot we do not know about Riftwatchers. Here is some information we do have.

The make-up of the deck

As became apparent during a Splinterlands Town Hall meeting in July, there will be a total of 43 Riftwatchers cards released. Of those 43 Riftwatchers cards, 12 will be Common cards, 12 will be Rare, 12 will be Epic, and 6 will be Legendaries.

Of the Epic cards that are due to be released, 6 will be Summoners and 6 will be Monsters. It is also anticipated that some of these cards will be airdropped to players.

There will also be one promo card which is likely to be released to players who take part in the pre-sale.

The new abilities

The new Riftwatchers cards will also come with multiple new abilities that gamers will be able to explore during new battles. The team has kept mum about the exact nature of these new abilities, saying only that they will balance them against what is already available in the game.

Splinterlands Riftwatchers: Coming soon!

Overall, there’s lots to be excited about and the anticipated pre-sale is causing a lot of buzz in the Splinterlands community! If avid fans are right, these cards might be sold out in a matter of hours, so it’s certainly worth preparing for the sale if you wish to buy yourself some packs.


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