Splinterlands will begin rolling out validator node license rewards earlier than expected. The game is hoping the move will incentivize more people to get involved in the licenses and reduce the uncertainty around the development of the SPS Validator Node Software.

How Does The New Reward Scheme Work?

The pre-sale for SPS validator node licenses was a huge success for Splinterlands. In fact, the licenses sold out in minutes shortly after they went live. Initially, the plan was to roll out license rewards once the SPS validator node software went live. According to Splinterlands roadmap, the software is going to be ready in Q4 2022.

However, the game feels that keeping license owners waiting may limit incentive and interest toward SPS validator nodes. Splinterlands also adds that this premise is supported by the feedback it has collected from all stakeholders who participated in the pre-sale.

For this reason, the game is going to remedy this by rolling out promised rewards even before the SPS node validator goes live. So, in essence, validator node license holders will now get the chance to earn some returns even if they don’t get involved in the validation process .

Splinterlands Plan to Distribute Rewards

Splinterlands has decided to use its old voucher distribution system to disburse rewards to license holders. In the initial reward plan, 20,000 VOUCHER tokens a day were set aside for license holders. The game also notes that right now 2400 licenses are active.

This means therefore that each license holder is getting around 8.33 VOUCHER tokens a day. However, if and when the number of license holders increases, the average daily VOUCHER reward will adjust accordingly. VOUCHER token rewards will automatically reflect into in-game wallets each day.

When Will Splinterlands Roll Out SPS Rewards?

Validator node license holders are also looking forward to SPS rewards. SPS is the native governance token for the Splinterlands gaming ecosystem. Well, SPS rewards for license holders will start rolling no later than the end of August.

This schedule will be active even if the SPS validator software isn’t live yet. Ultimately, Splinterlands is hopeful that this new scheme will help inspire more confidence in the project. However, questions on when the software will launch still remain. There is actually some good news on this end.

Splinterlands is already conducting testing for the software. There is a small list of issues still outstanding but the team will sort it out. For this reason, the game is still on course to release the validator software in Q4 2022.

There is even hope that if all goes well, the software could in fact go live earlier. Nonetheless, the P2E game has already set the groundwork for full community participation.

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