KleeRun Game

KleeRun is a clever adaptation of the famous Temple Run game. Launched by Kleekai developers, KleeRun is a play to earn blockchain-based Endless Running video game. It features a unique athletic running game, where an Alaskan Klee Kai dog runs after a token while dodging and sliding past obstacles and traps. 

KleeRun is built on the Ethereum network to enable its multifunctional support for tokenization and NFT collectibles for PTE games. It also features simple gameplay and a fair graphics design compared to Temple Run. 

How to Play KleeRun?

KleeRun Gameplay

To start playing KleeRun, players must purchase the game’s utility and native token, $KLEE on DeX like Uniswap or CeX like Hotbit or CoinTiger.

Minimum purchase is valued at $18 for up to 100 Billion $KLEE token. After purchasing the token in your Metamask, visit www.kleerun.game on your PC device and connect your Metamask wallet. Confirm connection and start playing the game.

For android users, download the app on Google Playstore to start earning. Connect your Metamask waller and start playing. Although the iOS app is not available yet, plans are to upload it in Q1 2022.

Once you’ve connected your wallet, you have three playing chances during the game after falling into traps. Once your chances are over, you automatically lose the game, and the earned token will be added to your account.

Also, speed increases as in-game earning and distance covered increases. Like Temple Run, Klee Run features in-game perks like token magnets, shields, and boosters.

How to Earn with KleeRun Tokens?

Get those $klee!

Players can earn with Klee Run by basically running. Each coin recovered while running is worth 10 Kleekai tokens. However, magnets and multipliers can increase earned tokens at the end of the race.

Earning in Klee Run generally depends on wallet balance. As mentioned earlier, a player needs at least 100 Billion Kleekai tokens to start the game. This $17 investment can yield a maximum of $0.4 in a day.

However, holding as much as 1 Trillion, about $170, will yield up to $4 daily, about 2.4% return daily. In a month, that is up to 70% return. Additionally, players can earn 10% of daily earnings as a bonus.

Also, players can earn by just holding earned tokens in their wallets. This automatically gives a 2% reflection reward.

Klee Run In-game Economy: Token and NFT

Kleekai ($KLEE) token is a meme coin and the native token of the Klee Run game. Also, its utility token, $KLEE, is a fully decentralized community-driven token. It was launched in Q1 2021 in a fair launch and continues to grow in yield for its vibrant communities. 

$KLEE has a total supply of 100 Quadrillion units with its liquidity burnt to a dead address to prevent rug. The token rewards both gamers and investors with a 2% token reflection. This feature enables the holders to earn passively while transaction charges are being distributed among token holders.

The token also features a fair transaction system with no dev wallet. Therefore, developers bought the token in the open market like everyone else. The token can be used to play the Klee Run game and also for upgrades and packs.

Named after the Alaskan Klee Kai dog breed, the Kleekai token and its gaming ecosystem is an incredible achievement, a huge milestone in enabling an excellent Play-to-earn environment for players globally. It features a simple yet entertaining way of earning from the game and its reflection yield. This means investors and gamers will earn from the game and also earn as the total market cap continues to grow.

The game does not have an NFT store yet, although there are plans to unveil it in its Phase 4 utility development.

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