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Star Atlas have announced the launch of their Flight of the Titans phase of their Star Atlas Golden Era game.

As reported by BSC News, this is a section of the recently released roadmap for Star Atlas Golden Era (SAGE) by ATMTA Inc, the company that created Star Atlas. Notably, it is a brand-new browser game with expanded gameplay and a player-driven economy that will debut in Q1 2023.

Many projects are cutting back or delaying their timelines at the moment, but Star Atlas defied the trend by announcing four separate NFT sales that will all take place within the next two months. Regrettably, the FTX debacle’s funding crisis is a contributing factor in these sales.

What is Star Atlas?

Atlas community
The COP seeks to unite the whole Star Atlas community.   Image Source: YouTube

The convergence of cutting-edge blockchain, real-time graphics, multiplayer video games, storytelling, episodic graphics, and decentralised financial technologies has given rise to Star Atlas, a next-generation gaming metaverse.

Real-time graphics technology, such as Nanite from Unreal Engine 5, enables the creation of video game visuals of a cinematic calibre. Additionally, a mostly serverless and secure gaming experience is established using blockchain technology and the Solana protocol.

An economy that mimics ownership of and access to tangible assets in the real world is created by non-fungible tokens acquired and traded within Star Atlas. 

Sound good? Visit for more information, or if you’re ready to conquer the universe, sign up for a faction at, and join a Faction Fleet to send your spacecraft on a mission into deep space. 

What is the Historic Sale of Titans?

Star Atlas
Star Atlas is going to be huge. Source: Medium

The sale begins on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, at 12 p.m. (EST).

The starting price for three Titan class ships is $1,000,000 each, which is 80% off the list price. However, the price increases 10% every seven days! The sales are all ongoing at the same time.

Three ships total, one Titan for each of the factions, are up for sale.


  • The Pearce T1, 
  • Busan — The Last Stand mk. VIII, 
  • in addition to the Fimbul ECOS Superphoenix 


There will eventually be three members of each Titan class as well as three other Titan classes that are not affiliated with any particular faction, making a total of 18 Titans available to the galaxy.

Remember: For this sale, discounts on Titan ships begin at 80% off and then the discounts get smaller week by week over the course of four weeks, so act fast if you’ve got $1,000,000 to spare!

To be more precise, a Titan costs $5 million to start. Titans will thus only cost $1 million during the first week of the sale (and only during the first week!). This is because of the 80% discount. From there, the cost just keeps rising.

One million dollars is a sizable sum to put into this game. In particular given the state of the markets. Star Atlas seems to be attempting a lot with this.

Furthermore, you would anticipate a large number of bonuses for spending $1 million, right? 

However, it appears that aside from owning a very rare ship NFT, the only extras you receive are a special skin and the chance to increase your ATLAS token holdings by using their staking system.

What spaceships are eventually available?

star atlas concept art nft game
In-game ships are as beautiful as the concept art. Image Source: Star Atlas

Six more pre-existing spaceships are made 80% cheaper and made available to buy at the same time as other sale events start up. The price remains the same but rises by 10% every seven days.  


  • Pearce R6, 
  • Pearce D9, 
  • Fimbul Mamba, 
  • Ogrika Sunpaa, 
  • Busan Maiden Heart, 
  • and Fimbul BYOS Tankship. 


From Wednesday, November 23, through the final day of Titan sales, all SFT marketplace ATLAS pairs will be changed to USDC pairs. This includes the six ships mentioned above and any other SFTs or NFTs sold directly by Star Atlas, but excludes sales of R4.

In the future, all of the ATLAS pairs will reappear. At that time, the repricing will be decided, and a portion of the inventory will go to each ATLAS pair.

Existing users who bought one of the discounted six ships will have an additional ship airdropped onto their account based on a snapshot taken on November 18, 2022.


What is the Golden Era and the SAGE Economy?

Star Atlas Showroom
Star Atlas Showroom. Image Source: Medium

The in-game economy of SAGE, according to the development team, is closely related to player actions and game preferences. That represents the biggest departure from its current economic model, SCORE. 

By deploying their ships in the Faction-Fleet mini-game in SCORE, players can acquire ATLAS. Players must supply their fleets with four different types of resources (R4): food, fuel, ammo, and toolkits in order to receive these benefits. 

At this time, SCORE’s ATLAS emissions and R4 burns are both completely static. However, in SAGE, resources will be earned by players through gameplay, and rewards emissions and R4 burns will be dynamic. 

Players can anticipate participating in mining, crafting, combats, free flights, and interactions with ships and starbases in Golden Era, according to the game manual. In an open market at launch, players can also exchange the materials they collected or the things they made.


What is the Golden Era Start Sequence in Star Atlas?

star atlas creature
Humans are not the only creatures on Star Atlas. The platform houses androids and aliens, creating the chance for space exploration. Image Source:

In the coming weeks, there will never-before-seen opportunities for players to actively participate in the creation of Star Atlas and even influence the course of the galaxy.

The team behind Star Atlas has unveiled a brand-new strategy for their audience called Our Path Towards Tomorrow. This important project advances strategy, gives fans secure footing in a rapidly evolving field of play, and provides a way for them to support the very core of the Star Atlas universe. 

At the moment, this is the main goal of all Star Atlas projects.

The Star Atlas team is also inviting the community to an upcoming DAO Community Consultation and updating everyone on the status of external funding initiatives in addition to this plan.

For the upcoming in-browser game module Star Atlas Golden Era, they are also making available the first section of the Game Manual, which is devoted to the game’s economic elements.

What is the Order of the Golden Era Start Sequence?

Star Atlas is a next-gen gaming metaverse built on the Solana network. The game offers exceptional gameplay as well as cinematic quality graphics. Image Source: Epic Games

Titan Ship Sales

The Pearce T1, Busan — The Last Stand mk. VIII, and the Fimbul ECOS Superphoenix are three titan ships that are being minted as part of a limited-time decreasing discount programme that will also give buyers special commemorative skins.


Special Ship Sales

A special collection of ships will be offered for sale through a time-limited discount programme; purchasers will also receive special commemorative skins. A new ship will be airdropped to the people who are currently in possession of those assets.


Claim Stake Sales

All the resources required for SAGE’s mining operations after the main net launch, including claim stakes, mining drills, power plants, and other equipment, become available.


Central Space Station Land and Habitations Sale

Involves selling rights to some of the residential plots inside the Central Space Stations. A number of advantages are made available for players who purchase these lands.


Was Star Atlas Hit by the FTX Collapse?

FTX collapse
From the moon, back down to Earth. Source: New York Post

The FTX bankruptcy had a significant negative impact on Star Atlas. They actually appeared to be using FTX as their main exchange. Their CEO recently made a statement in which he claimed that about half of their working capital was currently invested in FTX, reducing their development runway to between nine and twelve months. But he affirms their commitment to the Solana blockchain and guarantees that development will go on.

Therefore, Star Atlas has developed a series of sales while they potentially wait to get their locked funds back and find new investors. There will be a total of four sales, all of which are expected to start in the upcoming few months. 

They’ve also been collaborating with The Sandbox with their new game, Game Jam.

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