Star Atlas releases Core

Next-gen metaverse game Star Atlas releases long-awaited epic graphic novel. The novel titled CORE is a series based on the lore of Star Atlas. The story’s setting takes place a hundred years prior to the Convergence War. This is ATMTA Inc’s first contribution to the Star Atlas Expanded Universe.

The novel is the work of Tim Mcburnie and Matthew Medney, two award-winning creatives. The story is one of bravery, heartbreak, and adventure. It builds upon what makes the Metaverse game successful. It crosses the rubicon of immersive storytelling to tell the tale of a rich, complex world deeply entwined with technology.

Moreover, it is the first opportunity Star Atlas possesses to delve beyond the lore of their original rebirth posters. The narrative focuses on a MUD character traversing the galaxy after losing his crew while visiting a high-risk planet.

CORE is set in the far future when three factions have emerged. The factions include The MUD Territory, The ONI Region and The Ustur Sector, controlled by different governments. The governments in place are humans, aliens and sentient androids, respectively.

CORE Rewards: Star Atlas and its Community

Readers will receive exclusive cover art for the CORE graphic novel series. Collectors of these covers will enjoy early access to the monthly series and expanded content. They will also be able to partake in the Key of Iris hunt.

Most importantly, readers should note that writers have hidden secret messages across the Core Series. Through the novel, readers will journey like Gyun through the Star Atlas Universe and discover the hidden messages. However, it will be available only to those who collect the exclusive covers.

To discover the hidden messages, readers must collect all 18 exclusive issues. It will be to generate the cypher key and enter the code in the vault page. Notably, readers can redeem their consecutive exclusive covers of episodes 1-18 of either Star Atlas or Magic Eden editions. The exchange will be for a Physical Hardcover Edition of the completed graphic novel.

Star Atlas
Readers must collect all 18 exclusive issues to discover the hidden messages.   Image Source: Aephia Industries

Readers who decipher the code will obtain a complete digital edition of CORE and an e-meeting with the writing team. Furthermore, they stand a chance to win a ship skin based on the graphic novel and extra exclusive content.

CORE: No.1 on Apple Books

On November 8, 2022, Star Atlas announced that Episode 1 of Star Atlas CORE is now available for free. The chapter debuted in more than 50 nations on Apple Books. It ranked number one on Apple Books the following day.

The Star Atlas: CORE is the top-ranked book on Apple Books as of November 9. The episode introduces three space explorers to readers as they explore a distant planet searching for valuable minerals. The book is 17 pages long and 29.7 MB in size.

The graphic novel team will release brand-new episodes on the first Wednesday of each month. However, the dates may change to provide the best possible narrative and reading experience. This will be dependent on how each chapter is progressing.

IRIS: The Voice & The Lore

The mythical planet Iris is the centre of the lore. Iris is a planet that lives far inside the High-Risk Zone in Star Atlas. Iris’ collision with seven other worlds triggers the Cataclysm. This sparks a race for Iris’ lucrative resources and a galactic arms race between the three Star Atlas factions.

Is Iris merely a planet? Well, Medney and Mcburnie connected the lore to authentic mythology, just like other authors. Iris is a goddess associated with words, signs, the rainbow, and fresh stars. She is shown wearing a rainbow- or multicoloured coat in various sources.

As a messenger for the Titans, the adversaries of the gods, her sister Arke tricked the Olympians and the Olympians. Iris is revered as a goddess of the sky and the sea who unites the gods with people. She is portrayed as either a rainbow or a pretty young lady with wings perched on her shoulders.

Iris, the centre of the core.
Iris is the centre of the lore.    Image Source: Crypto Valley Journal

Some explorers say they have experienced a “whisper” unnoticed by those around them. The whisper directs them away from danger or towards the hidden treasure at crucial times. Members of the Star Atlas community may have rumoured a delicate matter among themselves.

There is no concrete evidence backing these claims, and it is known as the “Voice of Iris“. However, there are no connections between these claims and the mythical planet.

 Star Atlas: Readers & Authors

A new part of the Star Atlas homepage with an integrated reader will allow readers to access CORE. The reader and the improved reading experience will be accessible only to customers who have purchased the CORE Chapter 1 SFT. The first episode debuted on November 7 and is available on the Star Atlas website.

Magic Eden and the recently revised Star Atlas Galactic Marketplace will sell every issue of CORE for $20 each. Each retailer will provide a unique collectible cover for each chapter of CORE. This will include special bonus lore in the last few pages of each issue. For just two weeks, each chapter will be accessible.

The industry’s top authors, world-builders, and illustrators make up the award-winning creative team. Tim McBurnie is the project’s principal illustrator and author. He has written and illustrated works for Blizzard, Wizards of the Coast, and Blur Studios. Matt Medney is the CEO of the venerable, recently resurrected comic/media powerhouse Heavy Metal and the head writer at Star Atlas.

Core, the epic graphic
CORE debuted on November 7.    Image Source: Behance

 Star Atlas & Play-To-Earn

Star Atlas operates on the Solana blockchain. It includes conquering new territories by alien races, political dominance, and space cities. Unlike the majority of P2E games, Star Atlas seeks to mainstream P2E games by combining decentralized GameFi and traditional gaming.

Star Atlas produces cutting-edge real-time graphics using Unreal Engine 5. Players can enjoy an immersive experience by playing virtual reality. Also, players can manually operate their advanced spaceships as they explore the macrocosm and look for resources to mine and trade.

Additionally, players can engage in combat in the role-playing game Star Atlas to gain cryptocurrency. Lastly, Players can also take part in entertaining mini-games like racing spaceships to earn more rewards.


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