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As each day passes, the metaverse gets more entwined with more industries; this time, it’s sports. Step App announces its collaboration with the sporting platform The announcement came via their Twitter page.

The collaboration will help Step App benefit immensely as it will bring about support from the billion-dollar Global Titans venture. Moreover, its recent partnership with Usain Bolt will open the gates to more ambassadors with this move. Lastly, the $KCAL token will receive several new utilities.

Players stand to gain significantly from this partnership as well. They will experience a limitless world where they can virtually attend numerous sporting events and eSports tournaments. They will see their favourite sportsmen and sportswomen right before their eyes.

The Metaverse x Sporting Industry: A Potential Boom

Step App leverages FitFi to integrate finance and fitness to capitalize on the $100 billion global fitness market. Fitness stars and athletes will act as brand ambassadors and spokespersons for Step App to dominate the FitFi app industry. This is quite exciting because it appears that more athletes are joining the move-to-earn fad!

Step App has achieved an admirable reputation throughout web3 and the move-to-earn space. The platform wants to revolutionize the market, and they have the unwavering backing of the best athletes in the world. Most importantly, PRIMAL is one of the major technologies that Step App is integrating into its Step chain.

The first token initiative of its kind, PRIMAL, combines the power of ardent sports dedication and M2E strategies. By doing this, users can collect fan tokens for more than 250 well-known athletes. The fact that athletes are prominent in all major sports, such as football, cricket, and mixed martial arts, is significant.

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Step App seeks to inculcate itself into the sports industry.  Image Source: Pinterest

Step App has recently made news, particularly in light of its upcoming debut on December 1, 2022. At the event, the platform will also launch its official Step APP. Usain Bolt, an 8-time world-class Olympian, will be present to lend glitz to the event.

Of course, Usain Bolt also fervently supports the goals of Step App, and several athletes are using move-to-earn apps. Olympic athletes like Tatsiana Mikhailava routinely participate in Stepn, the popular move-to-earn app.

Step App’s Growth: A Glance Back

In October, Step App announced that it reached a 12.7 million mark for referrals by the Step Community. This was in addition to the 566 million FAT points earned by the Step Community.

Players can join the Step App referral program once they have finished this. During the referral time, Steppers were encouraged to click a link to urge anyone and everyone to download the app. Players who complete all the requirements will receive rewards in the form of lootboxes after the claiming period.

The Step App team launched the Step App Beta in October. The intention was to provide the community with an insight into what the move-to-earn platform will be like when launched. The beta also assists the development team in finding flaws and optimizing the system to fulfil the long-term goal. The beta is performing fairly nicely so far.

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Step App launched the Step App Beta in October.    Image Source: Au Coin du Bloc

The aggressive and effective marketing approach used by Step App will probably lead to the app’s extraordinary success. Millions of people had already downloaded it before the app even went live.

What the Future Holds

While users await its launch, Step App is still in its growth phase. The M2E fitness project embarked upon a 60-day growth campaign in October. After bagging several major milestones, the move-to-earn platform still has the potential to achieve a lot more.

The campaign¬†seeks “constant and clear communication and good product delivery throughout” until the launch date. However, the campaign doesn’t hinder anything, as Step App has released information about its launch date and venue.

The launch scheduled to take place in Tokyo on December 1 will hold at the Raise Ginza Tokyo. The event promises to be memorable and jolly for those who will attend. Also, the programme for the event has been released by Step App.

Stepp App launch
Step App launches officially on December 1 in Tokyo.    Image Source: YouTube

The Step App team has also been establishing the groundwork before the launch. The team has already moved important app features, like staking for the native FITFI coin, to the Step Network. This is also in addition to the live beta. The Step Network is an Avalanche-based subnet created to support the ecosystem of Step Apps.

This will soon be another achievement for Step App. The Web3 fitness project hopes to cap it off with the launch after completing several missions in the previous months. Users will be informed at all times until the launch as the next Step App’s promotion is ready.

Step App: What you need to Know

The move-to-earn market is booming. STEPN, which has garnered media attention this year, is currently in the lead. But there are many more excellent apps with enormous potential on the way. Among them is the Step App.

The goal of Step App is to stay and keep fit. The fast-increasing move-to-earn platform aims to pay gamers for engaging in motion-based physical health activities. The Step App monitors your activity in certain circumstances and rewards you.

Step App pays you with $FITFI tokens for exercising your body. To measure your progress using augmented reality and rewards, the Step App encourages earning tokens while wearing an NFT sneaker.

According to the company’s CEO, Kirill Volgin, Step App’s purpose is to urge people to exercise regularly. Doing so, they feel better physically & mentally. To achieve this, they get paid in cryptocurrency as a source of encouragement.

The Step App’s token economy¬†includes staking, liquidity rewards, and staking tokens, among other things. The Step App allows users to earn the cryptocurrencies KCAL and $FITFI. KCAL tokens, acquired by staking a SNEAK, can be used as in-game money for buying SNEAKs. The sign for the governance token, which benefits from ecosystem fees, is $FITFI.

Stepp app goals
Step App’s goal is for everyone to stay and keep fit.    Image Source: YouTube.

Regarding sports, fans would rather bond with their favourite athlete instead of deepening bonds with brands. Step App is aware of this fact and seeks to take advantage of it. It aims to give fans a chance to interact with their favourite athletes on a deeper level.

The Step Network still has a lot of development ahead of it. Therefore, users should continue using it and provide the Step Team with helpful input on the app’s performance. The team will be able to create an even better experience¬†for all Step App users as a result.


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