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Step App, a new M2E app currently in its beta stage, has announced that it will increase the number of activation codes available starting next week. The web3 M2E app says that its beta has attracted many users.

To cater to this sudden demand, it makes sense to provide more activation codes to help more people enjoy the Step App experience. Step App activation codes are needed to join the M2E ecosystem. Off late, they have been quite scarce.

The Step App Beta: A Success So Far

The Step App team announced the launch of its beta on October 14th. The goal was to allow the community to explore and experience what the move-to-earn platform will look like once it officially launches.

The beta also helps the developer team to identify any bugs and finetune the system to meet the long-term vision. So far, it seems the beta has done quite well.

According to the latest update from Step App, tens of thousands of people have already downloaded the iOS and Android app. This comes only four days after the test was announced. More and more folks will likely join in in the near term.

More Step App Activation Codes and Downloads

It is emerging that the Step App team did not expect the beta to gain so much traction. In fact, the team had limited the amount of Step App activation codes available. The team also limited downloads as well so as not to overload the testing phase.

But because of this substantial increase in interest, it makes sense that some of these limitations will be lifted.

We do not know how many Step App activation codes will be released next week and how markedly different they will be from what has been released so far. But Step App developers obviously want to bring in as many folks as possible in the live beta phase.

Step App Official Launch

The live beta launch is the clearest sign that the Step App team is ramping up efforts toward the ultimate app launch. About two weeks ago, the team, in fact, confirmed that the app would officially launch on December 1st, as long as everything goes according to plan.

Also, the move to earn app revealed that it would host its first-ever conference in Tokyo, where the official launch will be announced. Details about the conference are still not clear. However, the M2E platform says that this will be an exclusive app launch event that will take place at an exclusive venue in the Japanese capital.

In preparation for the launch, the Step App team has also been laying down the foundation. In addition to the live beta, the team has already migrated key app functions to the Step Network, including staking for the native FITFI token. The Step Network is an Avalanche-based subnet designed to power the Step App ecosystem.

Step App: Massive Community Build Up

As we build up to the Step App launch in 6 weeks or so, it is worth highlighting that the project continues to generate a lot of interest from the community in several ways.

While the increase in activation codes suggests more is yet to come, we have seen other indicators that Step App is headed for a big launch.

For starters, the web3 fitness app has been running a referral program that allows community members to earn referral FAT points by bringing in new users. At the time of writing, over 10 million referrals had been made.

Pre-registration Shoots Up

Additionally, the move-to-earn platform has seen a major spike in pre-registrations. Before the beta went live, there were about 42 million pre-registered users. At the time of writing this post, that number was closer to 50 million.

The Step App combines Move-to-earn, Augmented Reality, and DeFi into its ecosystem. Image Source: Medium

Of course, not all 50 million pre-registered users will get to join the app. Just like STEPN, users need activation codes to use the Step App.

Since this is a new app, it is likely the team will take it slow after launch to ensure that the in-game mechanics and overall balance are sustainable.

What Makes Step App Different?

The move-to-earn segment has taken off. STEPN, which has made headlines this year, is currently the leader in this sector. But it is clear that many more great apps with so much potential are coming through.

Step App M2E
Step App could challenge STEPN and SWEAT once it launches. Image Source: Step App on Twitter

Step App is one of these apps. So, what makes it unique? Well, to be honest, not a lot. The model is quite similar to the one STEPN uses. But one key difference is that the Step App is trying to integrate augmented reality into its movement tracking.

The app is also trying to add more utility to the app, including the StepEX, a decentralized in-game exchange that will give users some DeFi utility. The Sweat Economy app is also doing a similar thing.

It seems like most of these M2E apps want to be more than just movement. There is even talk of adding play-to-earn and NFT trading into the ecosystems.

Nonetheless, the Step App has a massive pre-registration user base. It could easily challenge STEPN and Sweat Economy once it goes live.

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