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Popular web3 fitness platform, Step App has announced that users can start claiming their FAT points. The announcement came through on November 18, 2022, via the platform’s Twitter handle. With this, users can enjoy the amazing rewards that can be unlocked with their FAT points.

The popular M2E web3 platform is focused on giving members of its user community the opportunity to earn more rewards. Resultingly, the platform launched the FAT earning scheme via a referral points program. This way, users – referred to as Steppers – can earn referral benefits and lootboxes.

In the same vein, the FAT referral points program capped off on October 31, 2022. As promised, Step App has updated its community members that they can now claim their FAT tokens. Indeed, this is a welcome idea from the fast-rising M2E fitness platform.

What Are FAT Points?

FAT points can be described as “receipt” points that make users qualified for KCAL redemption. It is noteworthy that KCAL will be Step App’s native cryptocurrency after the official launch. As a result, users will be able to convert their FAT tokens to KCAL in due time.

Step App introduced the idea of FAT points to create more awareness about the platform and allow users to earn more. That is why the FAT points scheme was launched together with a referral program. With the FAT points, Steppers can unlock amazing rewards when the app goes live officially.

How to Claim FAT Tokens

In the recent announcement, Step App stated the ways by which users can claim their FAT points. Prior to this time, the platform launched a referral program in which users were required to invite new members. The hint was: The higher the number of members invited, the bigger and better the rewards

Fat point in Step App
FAT points can be used to earn KCAL from lootboxes. Image Source: Twitter

“To the 12.7 million Steppers who referred people, THANK YOU! Now it’s time to start claiming your FAT so you can access your lootbox rewards – $KCAL, energy, gems, or even SNEAKs! What are you waiting for?” – Step App

Here are the steps involved in claiming FAT points:

  •  STEP 1 (Connecting Digital Wallets): All users are expected to visit the FAT points page on Step App’s website. There, they will be able to claim their FAT points on-chain. After that, they are expected to connect their digital wallets, such as Metamask and click the “Claim FAT” button. Now, the FAT will be available in the digital wallet. However, if this process is not followed, users will not be able to get their lootboxes.
  •  STEP 2: Users will be able to see their FAT points in their Step web wallet on the Step App site. Also, they can transfer these points to their respective spending wallets. However, these wallets must be the ones that hold their $FITFI and $KCAL tokens. According to Step App, “more details on timing for this step to be announced soon.”

Important Reminders

While following the steps listed above will help users to successfully claim their FAT points, there are more reminders. First is the issue of burning FITFI tokens. Before they can claim their FAT points, users are required to burn 50 FITFI tokens.

When trying to do that, they are to use the FAT token address – 0x9c9e77BCb667D41ae1e63677f70Efd4681faC9d4. Most importantly, the FAT points claiming period ends on December 31, 2022. So, all users are advised to claim their FAT points before the end of the claiming period.

FAT Point Referral: The Plan

According to Step App, the FAT points referral program was launched to onboard more users into its ecosystem. This way, they can all come together and build a healthy, abundant future. Also, they will earn several benefits during the process.

By earning FAT points, users are sure to get lootboxes. As the name implies, lootboxes are boxes that literally can be looted. But in this case, users can find items including gems, energy, and $KCAL – which will soon be Step App’s native currency.


At the end of the FAT points referral program on October 31, 2022, a cooldown period began. Basically, a cooldown period is one during which all platform activities are paused. During this time, platforms reorganize their systems and get ready for the next phase of activities.

Step App’s cooldown period lasted 10 days from November 1 to November 10, 2022. During that time, the platform implemented every necessary plan to strike a balance between its activities and its ecosystem. Well, almost every platform needs a cooldown period, especially after a long run of intense activities.


After claiming FAT points, users can use them to unlock their lootboxes. However, this feature will not be available until the official launch of the Step App on December 1, 2022. From that day, lootboxes will be present in the app and users can access them based on their FAT point balance.

The Lootbox contains energy, gems, and $KCAL. Image Source: Medium

In the lootboxes, users can find valuable assets including energy, $KCAL, and gems. Once claimed, the lootboxes will remain in the claimer’s account even after the FAT points referral program has ended. 

Is Claiming FAT the Same as Claiming Lootboxes?

Via the same announcement, Step App explained that claiming FAT tokens does not automatically mean that lootboxes have been claimed. In that regard, users should not be confused or mistake the process of claiming FAT tokens for lootboxes. Also, lootboxes will be available for claiming in the Step App, which will be officially launched in December.

“Claiming your FAT is not the same as claiming your lootboxes. You can claim your lootboxes in our app next month. Look out for our upcoming announcement where we will share more information on lootboxes and the in-app process with you! Time to claim your rewards Steppers!” – Step App

Furthermore, users are urged to be on the lookout for upcoming announcements from the Step App. The platform will disclose more details on lootboxes and how to claim them in the anticipated official app.

What’s Next?

Step App is a fast-growing M2E platform that offers rewards to users while they engage in fitness activities. It brings together the operational techniques of blockchain tech, decentralized finance (DeFi), cryptocurrency, and physical movement. 

Interestingly, Step App works in a Fitness Finance (FITFI) ecosystem, allowing users to immerse themselves in fitness activities. To do this, the platform employs augmented reality (AR) and connects the gamified metaverse with the real world. Consequently, users interact with their avatars and complete fitness missions.

The platform has announced that the FAT referral program will officially end on December 31, 2022. Before the day, users will be able to claim their FAT tokens as well as their lootboxes. While they can still access unopened lootboxes, unclaimed FAT points will be lost after December 31.

Additionally, Step App will be launching another referral program on January 1, 2023. Meanwhile, users are expected to burn 50 FITFI before they can claim their FAT points.


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