In the open letter, STEPN announced plans for exciting changes that are sure to create utility for the Web3 move-to-earn app’s community, as well as the wider Web3 space.

The team expressed their excitement for the upcoming work that will further expand and strengthen the #STEPN community.

The news comes after a successful STEPNEMBER event that showed off the growing STEPN community’s commitment to the project.

Yawn Rong, Chief Cat Officer at STEPN, said: “On the heels of a phenomenal #STEPNEMBER, we want to address the community with an update on some coming changes.

“The changes are happening so that we can continue to add value to GMT and the Find Satoshi Lab ecosystem.” 

Overall, these adjustments are geared towards making STEPN a stronger player in the digital asset sphere, both for current members and new potential players. Fans of STEPN can expect an even more successful future for the project.

STEPN changes: What are the main updates players can expect?

In the recent open letter to the STEPN community, the team behind the STEPN ecosystem outlined their three main goals for the future.

One key aspect is finding NFT utility, and particularly in regard to Web3 identity and social components. Another focus is removing barriers to entry for new users by providing education on Web3 principles and technology.

These ambitious objectives demonstrate STEPN’s commitment to creating a user-friendly and thriving decentralized ecosystem. As they continue to make progress towards these goals, STEPN looks poised to become a major player in the Web3 space.

Yawn Rong added:

“Our team of developers, creatives, and leaders at FSL have been working around the clock to build something new for our community, and further our dream for a healthier, greener, blockchain-based ecosystem.”

What are the immediate changes taking place this month?

STEPN will be starting work on these changes this month. The letter states that the team will be dedicating all of their resources to “progressing to the next stage” of FSL.

As a result, October’s Town Hall meeting has been canceled in order to focus on ongoing projects. While specific details about future plans were not revealed, STEPN expressed excitement for sharing updates with the community in the near future.

The only hint we have at this minute is that the team is planning on concentrating on ‘the road ahead’ this month.

Overall, it appears that STEPN is moving forward with determination to improve and expand their project.

STEPN’s appeal to the community: “Bear with us”

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STEPN is asking its community for patience as it cancels the October meeting to focus on drawing up the roadmap for upcoming changes. Image source: STEPN

As STEPN, the popular Web3 move-to-earn lifestyle app stated, the slow pace of the cryptocurrency market has allowed room for innovation and creativity. This sentiment is echoed by the team behind STEPN, Find Satoshi Lab, who have been using this time to work on their latest projects for the international Web3 community.

Despite suffering along with much of the rest of the market, STEPN and Find Satoshi Lab are proud of their resilience and continue to be motivated by their community’s determination to push forward during this period of low prices.

Building something great takes time and focus, and STEPN is using the current market conditions to do just that. The exact details of their projects remain undisclosed for now, but it is clear that developments in the Web3 space will continue despite a bear market.

STEPN Changes: More news to come in November, until then “It’s a marathon”

Find Satoshi Lab have announced their plans to expand their project family. STEPN and DOOAR were their first projects, and now they’re focusing on building new ventures within the ecosystem.

During this transitioning period, the team will continue to keep the community informed and updated through notifications and their Town Hall series, set to return in November with exciting news.

This expansion marks an exciting time for the Find Satoshi Lab and the larger cryptocurrency community. Stay tuned for updates on their progress and upcoming announcements.

What exactly is Find Satoshi Lab all about?

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Find Satoshi Lab’s very first project, STEPN, has proven to be a massive success for the company. Image source: STEPN

The gaming and development studio Find Satoshi Lab, in partnership with STEPN, has a mission to inspire millions of people to lead a healthier lifestyle while also promoting Web3 adoption and combatting climate change.

Their popular STEPN app, launched in 2020, recently introduced the leading decentralized exchange on Solana, DOOAR. All their projects aim to benefit STEPNers and the larger STEPN ecosystem.

The team behind Find Satoshi Lab is acutely aware of the urgent need for change in both technology and public health, and their unique combination of gamification and incentive-based initiatives helps address these pressing issues.

As they continue to release new projects and partnerships, it will be exciting to see how Find Satoshi Lab and STEPN continue to make a positive impact on the world.

If you’re looking to get started with STEPN for the very first time, make sure to check out our comprehensive guide here. Or, if you’re more of a visual learner, check out this YouTuber’s handy tutorial on picking out the right shoe for beginners.

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