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STEPN is bringing a sneaker enhancement special to coincide with this year’s World Cup. The in-app STEPN event will celebrate all users worldwide, and celebrate this year’s international football competition. So, let’s find out more about STEPN Around The World: Sneaker Enhancement, and how it all works. 

Find Satoshi Lab Ecosystem

With the launch of new products and events, players and users of STEPN have had concerns that STEPN may need to be included. However, in a series of tweets regarding the new football-themed event, STEPN reassured us that the game remains a top priority. 

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They state that the app remains a top priority, as demonstrated by their commitment to a cadence of in-app events on the roadmap. This sounds promising, and there may be exciting things for STEPN. This especially stands due to the new-on-the-scene competitor game, Step App. 

Find Satoshi Lab is a pretty quiet development company with little on its social media. However, the company is actively pursuing new ways to excite cryptocurrency fans and users. This includes the creation of an NFT marketplace, MOOAR. 

MOOAR | Season #1 on Twitter: "Launch Day! Get #MOOAR! 🧡 Find Satoshi Lab (@FSLWeb3), the company behind STEPN, is thrilled to announce the launch of MOOAR NFT marketplace & launchpad. This
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STEPN Enhancement System

For those unfamiliar with enhancements, let’s find out how they work.  By burning GST, GMT, and 5 low-quality sneakers, players can either produce a high-quality enhanced sneaker or a rainbow series sneaker. An enhanced sneaker is defined as a snake with 20% higher minimum/maximum attribute parameters. 

STEPN Around The World: Sneaker Enhancement Event

So, let’s find out how to play this exciting special event. Around the World – Sneaker Enhancement Special commences November 18th, 2022, at 00:00 UTC. The event ends one month later, on December 18th, 2022, at 23:59 UTC. This is a long time for the event, so we think this is super exciting. 

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To participate in Around the World, perform sneaker enhancements in the move-to-earn game. If active STEPN users perform sneaker enhancements, they will get a chance to receive a unique Around the World limited edition country sneaker skin. In addition, there will be a total prize pool of 100,000 $GMT available for lucky players. 

If you held a sneaker with the English flag, and England eventually won the event, you and every other user holding an English sneaker skin would receive a share of the $GMT from the prize pool. 

STEPN Around The World: Sneaker Enhancement Special | by STEPN Official | Nov, 2022 | Medium
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Motivation Behind the Event

Our global in-app event is timed to coincide with the global football championship, one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year.

Over 200 countries have joined the STEPN community since its launch. There has also been huge attendance at community meetups all over the world, including recent events in New Delhi and Japan.

There is no better way to celebrate diversity than to create a competition in which people from around the world compete against each other. This is a moment for football fans and STEPN fans to truly enjoy, and compete to earn a prize! 


So, a portion of this 100,000 GMT prize pool will be distributed to all Sneaker Skin holders of countries ranking in the top 8 based on the final 2022 football tournament rankings:

Qatar 2022: Groups, fixtures, stadiums, squads, tickets and more
Source: FIFA

Winner: 50%

2nd Place: 25%

3rd Place: 10%

4th Place: 5%

5th to 8th Place: 2.5% each

Event Rules

  • There will be 32 participating countries in the tournament, so the Country Sneaker Skins will be selected at random
  • On the marketplace, you will be able to trade Country Sneaker Skins
  • The same Sneaker Skin can be collected multiple times by the same account. Regardless of whether the sneaker was purchased from the marketplace or personally enhanced, if that country places in the top 8, it will win a proportional amount of GMT.
  • In the course of the event, there will be a limit as to how many country sneakers can be created.
  • Solana, BNB Chain, and Ethereum are all supported by the event.

Future STEPN Events and Community

At the end of a lengthy post about the event, STEPN developers wrote a thank you to the STEPN community, assuring them that new things are coming. 

GST slips as STEPN's update tripped by DDOS attacks
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“Over the past months, the call for in-app events has been resounding. With macro-environmental shifts, as much as we would have loved to roll them out sooner, it was imperative to put them on hold.

However, we have definitely been listening carefully and are delighted to kick-start the first of a long line of events we have planned. We would like to thank you for constantly supporting us, as well as pushing our creativity, and keeping us on our toes.

We look forward to your feedback to aid us in organizing better events for you in the future!”

Personally, we think this event brings some classic competitive fun into STEPN, getting users prepared for what’s to come! 

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