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STEPN’s brand new Burger Burn challenge has launched and fans are excited to burn as many burgers as they can over the next few days.

Did you know that you burn, on average, 19 calories for every minute you spend running up the stairs? In order to burn off an average burger, you’d need to spend 13 minutes running up the stairs.

And that’s where STEPN’s new challenge comes in.

The Web3 move-to-earn (M2E) lifestyle app is running four challenges this month as part of its STEPNEMBER event.

STEPN announced the details of the challenge yesterday (September 16) in a tweet that said: “This week’s focus will be different from your usual routine.

“Using stairs, show us how many burgers you can burn a day in our #STEPNEMBER stairs challenge. You may take it indoors or outdoors. Get creative!” 

The challenge started yesterday (September 16) and players have until September 22 to complete the new challenge.

How can you get involved in the new STEPN Burger Burn challenge?

Anyone can get involved in the brand new STEPN Burger Burn challenge. Creativity is encouraged, and a level of fitness is required to complete the challenge too.

But, it’s worth remembering that STEPN won’t be judging you on your athletic prowess. So you have a chance of winning even if you don’t spend hours running up the stairs.

So how do you get involved? As with the previous STEPNEMBER challenges, the focus here is on creating a video showing your interpretation of the challenge.

You need to:

  • Post a video on Twitter or Instagram showing your interpretation of the STEPN Burger Burn challenge
  • Follow STEPN on Twitter and Instagram
  • Include the hashtags #STEPN #STEPNEMBER and #STEPNBurgerBurn
  • And then tag STEPN in your post
STEPN is the lifestyle app that pays you to move more, and its newest challenges come with some great prizes too. Image source: STEPN


How will entries be judged?

STEPN Ambassadors will be judging the results of the challenge on the basis of the following criteria:

  • How high the quality of your video is, in terms of how well-lit, well-taken, and clear it is
  • What the content is like, meaning is it fun, engaging, and relevant to the theme
  • What the engagement rate is like, as in how many people are retweeting, sharing, and liking it

So less athletic STEPN-ers, take heart! You don’t need to spend hours running up the stairs to burn as many burgers as possible to win. All you need to do is get creative with your video skills and post something engaging related to the theme.

What rewards are available for participants?

Participants who win the challenges in STEPNEMBER can win some enticing rewards. STEPNEMBER consists of four challenges. The top 20 entries from each challenge will win 1,000 GMT each. And, whoever wins all 4 challenges will share a grand prize of 20,000 GMT.

This accounts for a total prize pool of 100,0000 GMT.

STEPN UP challenge
STEPN’s previous challenge involved a 12,000-step walk in nature. Image source: STEPN


How are people reacting to the challenge?

This challenge requires a significantly higher fitness level than previous challenges that involved walking or running.

Still, many STEPN fans are planning on participating. And some are already posting the results of their attempts.

One Twitter user said: “Been doing stepn stairs for a while now” and posted a photo of outdoor steps as well as a screenshot of the app to show that he spent 15 minutes running up the steps and climbed 1676 steps in the process. Good effort!

Other users are posting more humorous takes on the challenge. For instance, one Twitter user showed the community how his toddler is interpreting the Burger Burn challenge. He said: “I told my son about STEPN’s new challenge, and this was his reaction.”

This was followed by a video of a toddler crawling up carpeted stairs.

And another user got even more creative with his Burger Burn challenge, climbing masts and exploring abandoned buildings in the process. The STEPNer said he burned 2 burgers, at least one bottle of coke, and about four slices of pizza too!

The STEPN Burger Burn challenge is part of the wider STEPNEMBER event. But what’s STEPNEMBER all about?

STEPNEMBER: A challenge for STEPN’s most athletic fans

STEPNEMBER is an event that consists of four challenges involving various athletic elements. Fans can complete the challenges and post creative videos to win rewards.

The previous two challenges were called STEPN Before/After and 12,000 Steps. After this challenge ends, STEPN’s last STEPNEMBER  challenge will begin. This will be the Best Running Friend Forever challenge.

It’s likely details for this last challenge will drop after this challenge ends.

If you have been keeping up with the challenges so far and raking in the top 20, make sure to complete this one as well! If you do, you’re in for a chance to win a portion of the grand prize.

And if you haven’t tried out STEPN just yet, now’s a great time to get involved. Check out YouTuber Brie Kirbyson’s STEPN guide to help you get started today.

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