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Among the world’s most popular digital projects, the name STEPN always comes up, especially in the move-to-earn space. And since its establishment, the platform has dedicated itself to aligning its features, upgrades, and updates with its users’ interests. This is evident in the recent user-oriented projects launched by STEPN.

With many more projects to expect, the popular move-to-earn platform has announced that a new feature, $GMT earning, will be deployed to the STEPN app in 24 hours’ time. While this is one of the ways by which users can earn on the STEPN platform, it is for users with Level 30 Sneakers. That is, interested users need to upgrade their Sneakers to Level 30.

Undoubtedly, STEPN is one of the greatest move-to-earn projects that you will ever find. This is because of its amazing launches, including the Burger Burn ChallengeBest Running Friends Forever challenge, It’s A Movement campaign and lots more. Also, the platform has contributed to spaces like NFTs and climate change. And that makes it a great project to join.

STEPN $GMT Earning

The new feature is aimed at giving back to the STEPN user community on a larger note. This way, they will be better connected to the platform while enjoying different types of gameplay.

Not only will this keep them engaged, but it also will keep them rewarded for being loyal to STEPN. GMT earnings will commence on September 27, 2022.

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STEPN is a popular move-to-earn platform that rewards users for keeping fit. Image Source: STEPN Official – Medium

To participate, users – who wish to participate – are required to either upgrade their Sneakers to Level 30 or purchase new Level 30 Sneakers. Obviously, Level 30 Sneakers attract more rewards than the lower-level Sneakers. After that, you should switch from the GST earning mode to GMT. The switch is available on any realm in the game.

By toggling to the GMT earning mode, STEPN rewards its user community on a better scale. Also, there will be a well-designed balance between the two modes (GST and GMT) so each mode can support the other. This way, any side with impressive performance can benefit the other.

Furthermore, the GMT earning is geared toward reflecting the possibilities that lie in STEPN, portraying the platform as a Super app. It will also create a standardized flow of utilities throughout the platform. Across all realms, the feature is a fair one as no realm has advantages over others, allowing GMT earnings to be calculated cumulatively.

How to start earning. Source: Twitter

GMT Earning Pools

With the introduction of the GMT earning mode, 4 pools will be available. These pools are well-designed to suit all levels of Sneakers. The four pools are Classic Pool, Rainbow Pool, Rainbow Plus Pool, and Schadenfreude Pool. 

The Classic Pool is open for all Sneakers regardless of their levels. On the other hand, the Schadenfreude Pool is designed for the upcoming series of Rainbow Sneakers.

In detail, the Classic Pool is designed for Classic Sneakers. These are eligible to earn 20% GMT per day. The Rainbow Pool is for Rainbow Sneakers, eligible for 30% GMT earning per day.

Similarly, the Rainbow Plus Sneakers belong to the Rainbow Plus Pool. Here, users can earn 50% GMT per day. The Schadenfreude Pool is meant for Rainbow Infinite Sneakers. Its details will be released in the future.

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STEPN has announced that its GMT Earning will kick off in 24 hours’ time. Image Source: Medium

GMT Earning Sneakers

In addition to the 4 pools created, there are 4 generations under which Sneakers are categorized. They are Generation 0, Generation 1, Generation 2, and Generation 3. Generation 0 and 1 house Classic and Rainbow Sneakers respectively.

Also, Rainbow Plus Sneakers belong to Generation 2, while Rainbow Infinite Sneakers are categorized under Generation 3. The upcoming series of Rainbow Sneakers will be available in the future.

According to STEPN M2E, all Sneakers under the Rainbow Series are Trainers, moving at speeds of 1 – 20km/hr. The energy consumption rate is equal for all Rainbow Series Sneakers.

The GMT Earning Pools will be launched one after the other.
The GMT Earning Pools will be launched one after the other, with the Classic Pool coming first. Image Source: Play to Earn Diary

This way, no Luck, Resilience, Comfort, or Efficiency will be available in the Sneakers. But they will come with 100% HP and, when used up, will render the Sneakers useless. Also, the HP reduction rate is equal in all Rainbow Series Sneakers.

Additionally, the Rainbow Sneakers do not come with Minting, Level Up, or Repair Functions. This is aimed at simplifying the game because too many features may result in complexifying it. Furthermore, every Rainbow Series Sneaker will come with 4 Rainbow Gem slots. If users want to take the Gems off, they can burn them.

How to Get Rainbow Series Sneakers

Currently, Common and Uncommon Sneakers are the only assets that can help users get Rainbow Sneakers. Basically, doing a 5-in-1 Sneaker upgrade will create chances of getting any Sneaker under the Rainbow Series. 

move to earn
STEPN is a leading M2E app. Image Source: Medium

To get a Rainbow Sneaker, users can upgrade 5 Common Sneakers into 1. This will produce a double upgrade to a Rare Sneaker, after which the chance to get a Rainbow sneaker is created. Similarly, upgrading 5 Uncommon Sneakers into 1 will result in a double upgrade to an Epic Sneaker. Here, there is a chance to get a Rainbow Plus Sneaker.

However, a Rainbow Infinite Sneaker is currently unavailable. And how to get it will be announced at a later date. Unlike the Common and Uncommon Sneakers, all Rainbow Series Sneakers cannot work with the 5-in-1 Sneaker upgrade function. Furthermore, the cap for Mint>=2 has been removed.

The Rainbow Gems

The Rainbow Gems are unique assets that can be added to slots on the Rainbow Sneakers. The main idea behind the gems is to boost a Sneaker’s GMT earning capacity. As a result, they cannot work for upgrading Sneakers, nor are they meant for marketplace transactions.

The new feature comes with Rainbow Sneaker upgrades. However, no Sneaker upgrades can lead to minting a Rainbow Series Sneaker until further notice.
The new feature comes with Rainbow Sneaker upgrades. However, no Sneaker upgrades can lead to minting a Rainbow Series Sneaker until further notice. Image Source: PlayToEarn

To mint a Rainbow Gem of a particular level, users need to upgrade 3 same-category Gems. However, the minted Gem will be of the same level as the Sneaker in question. The Rainbow Gems will be released in the future with details to be expected.

Currently, users are free to upgrade their Gems, but with the caveat that those upgrades will not mint Rainbow Gems until the announcement has been made.

A Quick Rundown

Succinctly, the pools will be launched systematically, with the Classic Pool leading the others. During the launch of the Classic Pool, users can earn 20% GMT daily.

Likewise, in the Rainbow and Rainbow Plus Pools, they can earn 30% and 50% respectively. 5-in-1 Common Sneaker upgrade to Rainbow and the Rainbow Pool will be launched simultaneously. Similarly, the 5-in-1 Uncommon Rainbow upgrade plus the Rainbow Plus Pool will be launched together.

Additionally, information about the Rainbow Infinite Sneakers plus the Schadenfreude Pool will be announced at a later date. Finally, upgrading Gems or 5-in-1 Sneakers now will not result in a Rainbow Gem or Rainbow Series Sneaker upgrade respectively.

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