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STEPN is the revolutionary Solana-powered M2E game that pays you to walk. That is if you can get one of the elusive activation codes that allow you to register for the game. 

STEPN activation codes are released sparingly and gone within seconds. Even the quickest aspiring gamers struggle to get in. 

And even if you manage to land a code, grabbing the right starter sneaker to allow you to earn can be an ordeal. Especially if you don’t know what to look for. 

So how do you go about it? 

How does STEPN work? 

STEPN is a Web 3 NFT-based M2E game that allows you to walk, jog, or run to earn Green Satoshi Tokens (GST)

As per LeoFinance… “There is the basic “game”, where your phone will start tracking your movement and giving you tokens as rewards for your exercise. It is like Pokemon Go… without the fun game part!”

You need to buy at least one NFT shoe to start earning. Once you have an NFT shoe, you can use the GPS-based STEPN app to track your session. 

It’s important to note you will only earn as long as you have available ‘Energy’ in the game. Each 1 Energy equals 5 minutes of ‘move and earn’. You can increase your ‘Energy’ by buying more sneakers or buying rarer shoes. 

Energy restores at a rate of 25% every 6 hours as per the STEPN whitepaper

The NFT shoe you purchase will also have certain attributes. Choosing the right attributes is essential to ensure you’re not spending lots on repair costs that can eat into your profits. 

Illustration of a multi-colored NFT shoe captioned ‘Move 2 Earn’
This is the type of NFT shoe you can expect to buy before you start playing. Image source: STEPN

How do you get a STEPN activation code? 

You can get a STEPN activation code through the official STEPN Discord or Telegram channels. If you have a friend on STEPN, they could give you a code too. The official Discord is here, and the official Telegram is here

User-generated activation codes

Some users choose to post their hard-earned activation codes in the Discord or Telegram threads. Aspiring players then copy-paste these codes into their apps and get in.

But that’s easier said than done. Many hopeful players lament just how quickly these one-time activation codes are used up.

STEPN activation code releases 

STEPN release 10 codes every 15 minutes through their Discord and Telegram channels. These are usually gone within a couple of minutes, but it’s worth trying them out anyway, particularly if you catch a drop. 

A screenshot of the STEPN discord showing activation codes.
STEPN releases 10 activation codes every 15 minutes. Don’t even bother trying the ones in this photo, they’ll have been used up within a couple of minutes of being released! Image source:

Top tips for snapping up a STEPN activation code on Discord quickly 

After weeks of trying to grab a STEPN activation code, the below method helped me snap one up on my very first try: 

  • Log-in to the app before you check the Discord for available activation codes. 
  • Open up the Discord on your computer so you don’t have to switch between apps to copy and paste the code. 
  • Keep your phone on and near you! Make sure the app doesn’t log you out. 
  • Go to the -activation-code-sharing thread and wait for a code to drop. 
  • Ideally, wait for someone to post multiple codes and try the last one, or second-last one. People usually go for the first one they see. 
  • Key it in immediately and press enter. 

A dose of luck certainly played a part as well, but I can vouch for the above method.

Ask a friend 

You don’t necessarily need to stalk the Discord channels to land one of the elusive STEPN activation codes on offer. 

If you have a friend or colleague who is on STEPN, they may be able to give you a code. But STEPN users aren’t given unlimited codes. They need to spend ‘10 Energy’ to generate a code, and can only have one activation code at a time

This means your friend might not be able to provide you with a code immediately. 

How do you get started once you have an activation code? 

The good news is, you don’t have to buy an expensive NFT shoe to get started. You can explore the game’s features for free and get used to its functionality before you decide to invest. 

However, if you want to earn from the game, you will have to purchase a basic sneaker. 

To do that, you will need to create a wallet in-app

Once you’re set up to buy a sneaker, you’ll need to select the best starter shoe to get you earning quick. 

The anatomy of a STEPN sneaker

There are four types of STEPN NFT sneakers available for sale. You can either purchase a walker, jogger, runner, or trainer.

Each sneaker type allows you to move at different speeds. The walker allows you to walk at a speed of 1 to 6 kilometres per hour, while the runner expects you to move at a speed of 8 to 20 kilometres per hour. You can only earn from that particular sneaker if you’re walking at the speed required. 

The trainer allows you to walk, jog, or run, but naturally costs a lot more than the other three types. 

Diagram showing the four different types of STEPN NFT sneakers.
The right type of NFT sneaker depends on how you plan to use the game. Image source: STEPN

The NFT shoes also come with four attributes

  • Efficiency results in higher GST per Energy spent 
  • Luck determines the likelihood of Mystery Box drops 
  • Comfort affects the decay rate 
  • Resilience affects durability decay, a higher resilience attribute means spending less on repairs 

The best STEPN sneakers for beginners 

YouTuber Brie Kirbyson has a great guide on exactly what shoe you should look for as a beginner. 

She suggests that newbies should focus on ‘common’ sneakers, and look at the efficiency and resilience attributes above anything else. 

The efficiency and resilience attributes should be at 5+ to give you the best start. You do not need to concern yourself with the other stats to begin with. 

While minting new shoes is possible, shoes with fewer mints cost more. Beginners are advised not to focus on minting potential to start with. 

How much does a STEPN sneaker cost? 

The good news is that STEPN NFT sneakers are basically on sale right now. 

Sneakers that used to cost $1200 just a few months ago can now be bought for $100. The average price for a sneaker in June was 3.72SOL

A decent shoe to get you started doesn’t have to set you back thousands and you can start your collection fairly quickly. 

How much can you make with each STEPN sneaker? 

You can work out how much each STEPN sneaker will make you per day before you buy it. STEPN Guide allows you to input your desired sneaker’s particulars and then generates the expected GST per day, repair costs, and profit for you. 

For example, this starter sneaker costs 0.84SOL. It is one of the cheapest shoes available on the platform. Its efficiency is 1.1 and its resilience is 4.3. 

A listing of a multi-colored NFT walking shoe on the STEPN marketplace
This is one of the cheaper NFT shoes on offer. Image source:

At today’s prices, that’s an initial cost of around $40 for your NFT sneaker. 

The STEPN guide calculator suggests you could earn around 1.86GST from your shoe per day. Given that 1 GST is currently worth around $0.06, that isn’t exactly the return on investment you might have been hoping for. 

But, keep in mind, there are better shoes to be had at similar price ranges. And, part of the fun is strategically levelling up your own shoe to earn you more. 

A screenshot of the GST guide showing how much a particular NFT shoe could earn.
The STEPN Guide suggests this shoe could earn you 1.86GST per day. Image source:

STEPN: Get an activation code and start earning 

If you want to get started with STEPN, the main hurdle you’ll have to overcome is getting that activation code. If you haven’t got any generous friends willing to help you out, you’ll need to stalk the STEPN Discord and strategize. 

Once you get the right shoe, you’ll be on track to start earning GST; and living a healthier, more active life in the process! 

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