STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle software featuring aspects of Social-Fi and Game-Fi. Users wearing NFT Sneakers can walk, jog, or run outside to collect GST, which levels up and purchases new Sneakers.

The in-app Marketplace allows players to lease or sell their NFT Sneakers; The game stores users’ GST revenues in the in-app Wallet, including a Swap option.

You can earn more money in the STEPN app by increasing your game level. GST will get burnt every time you level up. Overall, the game app allows you to buy virtual running shoes, and then the app tracks your running/jogging/walking sessions, and accordingly, you earn tokens.

Note: STEPN is currently under Public Beta Phase.

This article will discuss STEPN GST and how to increase the GST limit. 

STEPN Eaning Cap

Solo Mode has a Daily Energy Cap and a Daily Token Cap. These restrictions limit the quantity of Energy and tokens that users can possess per day.

Daily Energy Cap

Players begin the game with 2/2 Energy. Max Energy Caps are 20/20. Users can boost their Energy by purchasing more or better Sneakers (Refer to Energy System above)

Daily Token Cap How to Increase GST Limit On STEPN

Users start the game with a 5/5 Daily GST Cap. The Daily Token Cap maxes out at 300 GST. Users can increase their Daily Token Cap by leveling up their Sneakers. Users can further permanently increase the GST cap beyond 300/300 by burning some GMT. This option will only become visible when you reach 90% of your current Daily Cap.


GST has an infinite supply; you earn more by moving in Solo or Background Mode.

60,000,000 GST produced to provide liquidity;

  • 20,000,000 GST (SPL) and 20,000,000 GST (BEP20) were minted and added to the liquidity pools of Orca, Raydium, and Pancakeswap.
  • To serve as a cross-chain bridge between Solana and BNBChain, 10,000,000 GST (SPL) and 10,000,000 GST (BEP20) were produced and locked in Binance.

The factors which affect GST Earnings are:

  • Total Energy
  • Movement Speed
  • Sneaker (Type, Attributes, Quality & Level)
  • Gem (Type, Level & inserted Socket Quality)
  • NFT Badges

STEPN GST Tokenomics


Game Token: GST (Green Satoshi Token)

Governance Token: GMT (Green Metaverse Token)


Supply and Earning

GST has an unlimited supply and is earned when a user moves in Solo or Background Mode.

Following are the contract and bridge address:

GST (SPL) Contract address: AFbX8oGjGpmVFywbVouvhQSRmiW2aR1mohfahi4Y2AdB

GST (BEP20) Contract address: 0x4a2c860cEC6471b9F5F5a336eB4F38bb21683c98

Binance Bridge: 

BNB Chain:0xb310f03758f5222b5b1bb59b7d997f0e77327d04

Solana Chain:B1YT25taioVePS81piB5fnJ8inkGfYsQhHsPP1CMCnRS

GST Burning Mechanics (Destroying)

The GST is burned by:



Leveling up Sneakers

Gems upgrade

Unlocking Socket

Finally, there is no shortage of eager gamers, metaverse fans, entrepreneurs, businesses, investors, and venture capitalists lining up to participate in STEPN game. Read more articles on STEPN here.

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