STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle app that pays to move. This app has social-fi and game-fi elements, similar to many other move to earn games such as RunBlox or Calo. Move to earn games rewards players with cryptocurrency tokens in exchange for moving their bodies.

STEPN is one of the most popular move to earn games ever, with lots of fans and ambassadors. The number of tokens you can earn will largely depend on your sneakers and your upgrades. STEPN has recently updated its HP system, and it was controversial.

Let’s find out why. 

STEPN HP – What Is It? 

HP was introduced earlier in the summer as part of their sneaker mechanics update. They are intended to gauge the decay of an NFT sneaker. 

STEPN Health Points update

In STEPN, there are health points. This is what HP represents, and a freshly minted sneaker will have 100% HP. However, the more energy you spend running with your sneakers, the more the HP will deplete.

The sneaker HP will not deplete if runners only use the sneaker to provide energy. But, what happens when the sneaker decays in HP, and what is it affected by? 

The HP decay rate is affected by a few things. This includes: 

  1. The value of comfort of the sneakers. If the sneakers have a higher comfort value, the HP will not decay as much as a low comfort sneaker. 
  2. The decay rate is also affected by how much energy is being used. This is determined by weighing up if it is proportional to the HP depletion. 
  3. The quality of the sneaker. A higher quality sneaker will lose HP slower than a lower quality sneaker. 

How Does HP Work? 

Every single pair of sneakers in the STEPN system have a health score of 100 because they are new and in their prime condition. You cannot exceed 100 when it comes to sneakers. However, when you use your sneakers by moving to earn, your health points will slowly drop. 

stepn sneaker details page

As we said, this is affected by the value of comfort, the decay rate, and the sneaker quality. The amount of energy that you may have used on a walk or run is also relevant because this can cause the sneaker to deplete quicker.

However, there are also ways to increase your STEPN energy. 

Why is HP Important? 

HP was brought in to bring relevance to the comfort attribute prior to GMT earning. STEPN released a dual-decay system that consists of resilience and comfort. With resilience, you may lose durability after each run, meaning you would have to repair your sneakers. With comfort, your HP decay will decrease at a slower rate. This may mean that you can restore once a month. 

The issue is, that if HP points drop to less than 20 HP, the sneaker will no longer provide energy, meaning you will not receive points. To restore a sneaker’s health points, you used to use GST, GMT, and comfort gems. This is a lot of gems, so STEPN is now looking at alternative methods. One of these methods is to restore sneakers for free once a player has reached a certain upgrade level. 

So, the better your sneakers, the less you will have to spend to restore them. Comfort gems are more expensive than resilience gems. Naturally, STEPN users have found issues within this due to resilience gems being more accessible and cheaper. There are speculations that this may have been done in order to decrease the comfort gem supply in the marketplace, making GMT tokens difficult to find. 

Stepn hp restoration

Is STEPN’s HP System Broken? 

According to Bitcoin Daily, previously, it was costing users more per run, in comparison to what they were using. The team eliminated the cost of GMT in order to restore, lowering the comfort gem requirement for restoration. Some of STEPN’s claims about things that affect HP do not have enough data. Instead, it depends more so on the comfort statistic. In that way, those with common sneakers should be able to get to the same level as the uncommon by adding to your attribute points. At this moment in time, there are no consistent results to confirm that the quality of the sneakers affects the HP decay.

The HP system is not an optimal GST burning machine.

Instead, some Twitter users are branding it a ‘mechanism that promotes the trade of GST to Solana to buy the gems.’

This is not ideal for STEPN players. This is because players are expected to spend more gems, and ultimately more money, to restore their sneakers. Sneakers can actually be restored and synthesized to reach higher quality.

Players are perplexed about the introduction of HP in the first place. It is argued that HP is not realistic to everything and that things should have lifespans – even sneakers. The HP system serves to control the lifespan of NFT sneakers. 

This is in order to get players to either: 

  1. Stop using the sneakers – leading to a huge decrease in the supply of NFT sneakers. 
  2. Restore them – this will contribute to the GST ecosystem. 

Players are also concerned about the cost of sneaker restorations. Restoring sneakers so often will surely make a dent in your token earning, similar to the previous increase in the cost of mint. 

Are There Benefits to HP? 

If you look at most NFT move to earn games, health points are not as common. However, with play-to-earn games such as Axie Infinity, the NFT creatures are equipped with a health bar that will deplete in battle. However, you can also breed Axies to have better attributes. Move to earn games may be slowly integrating HP in order to increase their profits, and keep the NFT market afloat. But, are there benefits for the players? 

Comfort gems are now seen as more valuable due to the change in the HP system, as players can now sell that at a higher price. Additionally, there will be a better supply of GST, something that is burnt quite easily. Finally, the introduction of HP could prevent excess buying and trading of sneakers. 

How To Restore 80% STEPN HP 

Omar Chavez (@OmarChavezVal on Twitter), came up with a chart to use in order to restore 80% HP for your sneakers. 

restore 80% hp on stepn
Source: Omar Chavez,

All in all, it is more beneficial to restore health points with level two gems. Otherwise, higher-level gems will mean that you have to use more GST, making it an expensive transaction. Regardless of the type of sneaker you have, it is better to use level two gems. As per the chart, it works out better for your STEPN wallet, and it does not take such a toll on your tokens. 

All in all, it is more beneficial to restore health points with level two gems. Otherwise, higher-level gems will mean that you have to use more GST, making it an expensive transaction. Regardless of the type of sneaker you have, it is better to use level two gems. As per the chart, it works out better for your STEPN wallet, and it does not take such a toll on your tokens. 

Final Words

Due to this decision, a lot of players think the HP system is broken. However, the STEPN community has come up with solutions to dampen the effect of this change. If you are looking to restore to 80% HP, we recommend checking out Omar’s chart, along with the Twitter thread

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