STEPN could begin offering its users full Health Points (HP) restoration free of charge. However, there is a small caveat. Sneakers must be upgraded to a certain level to qualify. This upgraded level is, however, yet to be decided.

The leading M2E platform is currently running a Twitter poll that will allow its community to make the final decision. As of now, STEPN users have to choose between 4 levels. They include levels 10, 15, 20, and 25. The level which gets the most votes will be officially adopted.

At the time of writing, Level 25 had a slight edge with 34% of the vote. If things stay as they are, it would mean that all sneakers upgraded to level 25 will qualify for free HP restoration moving forward.

What Are Health Points Anyway?

Health Points (HP) were introduced earlier in June as part of an update on STEPN’s sneaker mechanics. HPs are simply designed to measure the level of decay in an NFT sneaker.

Move to Earn in STEPN. Source: Medium.

However, to ensure the system remains sustainable, STEPN has introduced the ability to restore Health Points to full capacity. The move-to-earn app also adds that HPs work almost the same way as the durability score.

How do Health Points work?

All sneakers in the STEPN ecosystem will start with a Health Points score of 100. This is the highest amount of points a sneaker gets. As you move to earn, HP points will start to decrease. The rate at which the points decay is determined by three main factors.

This includes the total amount of energy expended during the walk or run, the overall quality of the sneaker, and the Comfort Stat. Expending more energy leads to higher rates of HP decay. On the other hand, a higher Comfort Stat will significantly boost health points.

Also, drops in sneaker health points lead to a drop in efficiency. Once HPs drop below 20, the sneaker will no longer be able to provide energy in that realm. If HP hits 0, then the shoe is rendered useless.

Restoring Health Points

Initially, to restore Health points on a sneaker, a user needed to burn a combination of GST, GMT, and Comfort gems. This is still true. However, as noted above, STEPN is looking to add an exception where users can restore sneakers for free if they upgrade them to a certain level.

Web3 lifestyle app
Stepn Run to earn. Source: Medium.

But health points are supposed to be long-term. If you have a high-quality sneaker, it will probably take you years before restoration is needed. There is a flipside though.

Higher-quality sneakers will cost much more to restore unless they qualify for free restoration. Please also note that you will not be able to list sneakers for sale unless the HP score is 100.

STEPN’s Sneaker Dynamics

Sneakers are NFT-backed items that everyone needs to earn money from STEPN. Understanding their dynamics is very important for folks who want to maximize their earning potential. Here is a breakdown for you.

Sneaker Types

STEPN offers four types of sneakers. The most basic of them all is the ‘Walker’. It will cost you less to purchase but it also has less energy and a limited speed range of between 1-6 Km/h.  On the other hand, the most advanced sneaker type is the Trainer.

The sneaker allows you to run or walk at a speed range of between 1 and 20 Km/h. It is far more flexible and ideal for anyone who wishes to earn more from STEPN. However, you could still choose two of the other intermediate sneaker types. They include the Jogger and the Runner.

Sneaker Attributes

Although Health Points are the newest in the line of sneaker attributes, they are not the only ones. STEPN in fact offers four additional attributes. The first one is efficiency. Sneakers with higher efficiency scores earn more GST rewards from less energy.

There is also a Luck score for each sneaker. As you know, STEPN drops mystery boxes with exciting NFTs regularly. A sneaker with a higher Luck score increases your chances of landing better mystery boxes.

The third attribute is Resilience which actually works in tandem with health points. It measures the rate of sneaker decay. A sneaker with a better resilience score will decay slower than the one with a lower score.

STEPN fitness Web3
Running in The Metaverse. Source: Medium.

This will not only help you maximize earnings but also reduces shoe repair costs. Finally, each sneaker will have a Comfort rating. Higher ratings suggest the sneaker can run or walk further and earn more GST in lesser time.

Sneaker Quality and Levels

The Sneaker quality score measures the rarity of the NFT. Five rarity levels exist right now. The most basic is the ‘Common’ sneaker. You can also choose Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary sneakers in that literal order. Nonetheless, rare sneakers will often fetch better returns if they are effectively combined with better attributes and types.

Sneakers NFT
Stepn Sneakers. Source: Medium

Finally, sneakers also come in six different levels. The hierarchy starts from Level 5 and goes all the way to Level 30. Each level offers its own set of benefits but the higher you go the better. For example, you can only lease out a sneaker if it’s a 10 or above.

The Move-to-Earn Craze

Move-to-earn has seen some steady growth in recent months. Data on overall performance in the industry remains scant. But a check at STEPN, one of the biggest M2E platform, shows that things are looking up.

According to data from DappRadar, STEPN has already amassed over half a million-lifetime users. Also, 420,000 NFT sneakers have already been minted. However, there are still question marks over the sustainability of M2E.

After all, most of the money used to pay users comes from original NFT sneaker purchases. If the sneaker market becomes saturated and prices collapse, it will be very hard for these move-to-earn platforms to sustain themselves.

STEPN in particular is exploring more ways to unlock additional utility features on its platform. This will help diversify revenue streams in the coming years. Also, new users need to read guides like this before signing up.

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