STEPN has announced a new ecosystem update that will let users increase the daily GST limit. The move-to-earn and lifestyle blockchain is hoping the new update will help optimize user earnings and incentivize more people to join its platform. The update, which is dubbed Version 0.6.6, is expected to start rolling out immediately.

Why The STEPN GST Limit Upgrade Matters

STEPN was primarily created to encourage outdoor activity. Users earn GST tokens by walking, jogging, or running outdoors. However, the total GST tokens that users can earn in a day are capped. Daily GST limits depend on the STEPN sneaker or shoe levels that users have. Nonetheless, the maximum daily cap is around 300 GST.

The new Version 0.6.6 is however changing this. Users will now have the chance to remove the cap and increase daily earnings as much as they can. Also, once the GST limit is removed, the change cannot be reversed.

Additional Features to Note

The new update will also offer additional goodies for STEPN fans. For instance, users will now get more details in their transaction history, including a full list of the pending transactions. STEPN is also allowing users to optimize their profile settings as part of this new update.

However, the update will not make any changes to the daily energy caps. While users can enhance earnings by increasing the daily GST limit, they will need to upgrade their sneakers to improve the daily energy allocation.

How To Improve The STEPN GST Limit

The daily GST limit will be improved using GMT tokens. Now, STEPN offers a dual token economy. The Green Satoshi Token or GST is the main utility token for the platform. All in-game transactions, including user earnings, are done in GST.

Green Metaverse Token or GMT is the governance token. Holders of GMT basically use their tokens to vote on key aspects of the STEPN platform. However, the new version 0.6.6 update will now allow users to pay GMT tokens to get their GST daily cap improved.

But there is one small caveat. The option to improve the GST cap will only be available once users hit 90% of their allotted daily earnings. For example, if your daily cap is 300 GST, you can only improve the limit once your daily earnings hit 270 GST.

Why Is STEPN Doing This?

The primary goal of this update is to give STEPN users the power to optimize their earnings. Also, the platform is hoping that the move will stimulate demand for the Green Metaverse Token (GMT), STEPN’s governance token. Either way, it’s a win-win situation for both the platform and its community. After all, increased GST daily limits will likely incentivize users to step out more.

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