STEPN, the popular move-to-earn app, has announced an exciting new opportunity for its players. STEPN is inviting users who have burnt more than 500 energy (= 41.7 hours of exercise) to redeem a one-month free membership on the MOOAR NFT platform. Let’s find out more about how to get involved! 

MOOAR NFT Marketplace

MOOAR is part of the Find Satoshi Lab ecosystem. The app is a primary and secondary marketplace for NFT transactions without third-party fees. The platform is a creator-centric NFT marketplace with a royalty policy of 0.5-10% for creators. When a collection is minted, there is a default royalty of 2%. 

The platform aims to deliver a new and fresh NFT marketplace as a member’s space that supports Solana and Ethereum NFTs. For this reason, there is currently a monthly subscription fee of almost $30 for members to expect a premium service from the platform. 

Find Satoshi Lab, creators of STEPN, launch NFT marketplace, MOOAR
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With such a premium platform, creators can expect more control over the funds they receive in exchange for their NFTs, and MOOAR does not take any profit from creators’ sales. Aside from 0% service fees, NFT buyers can access exclusive unique projects and participate in a leveling-up process that will enhance the marketplace experience.


DOOAR is the multi-chain decentralized exchange that is part of the Find Satoshi Lab ecosystem. This was launched after STEPN, and is a built-in exchange specifically designed for the app. 

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A decentralized exchange may also be known as a DEX. They are peer-to-peer marketplaces where traders can make transactions directly without managing funds. Each game or app you use for trading will exist alongside a decentralized exchange. 

DEXs were created to remove the requirement for any authority to oversee and authorize trades performed within a specific exchange. This keeps things safer and more reliable for people and their money. They are generally non-custodial, meaning users can control their wallet’s private keys, and they are the only ones to access their cryptocurrency. 

STEPN Offers Free One-Month Membership to MOOAR for Active Steppers

It’s pretty easy to redeem your MOOAR free one-month membership through STEPN. Of course, you have to be a user of STEPN, and use the app enough to burn a certain amount of energy. 

This free one-month membership comes as a reward for users who are actively engaging in STEPN. MOOAR, alongside DOOAR and STEPN, is part of the Find Satoshi Lab ecosystem. 

To redeem your free one-month membership, check the email address linked to your STEPN login and account. Once you have done this, you will receive an email from [email protected] if you are eligible. Follow the necessary steps, and you’ll be able to receive your free membership. 

Just a note, be careful of scammers. The email address above is the only email address where you will receive your code. Anything other than this email address could be fraudulent. If you have any concerns, contact STEPN. 

MOOAR - NFT Marketplace from the creators of STEPN
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Burning Energy in STEPN 

You can get a free one-month MOOAR membership if you have burnt 500 energy or more in STEPN.

25% of the energy is replenished every six hours until the Energy Cap is reached. In the beginning, users receive one Sneaker and two Energy Caps. Users can increase the maximum by holding more Sneakers. Here’s how it works:

Source: Stepn Whitepaper

For higher quality sneakers, users receive additional energy (cumulative):

Uncommon Sneaker: +1 Energy

Rare Sneaker: +2 Energy

Epic Sneaker: +3 Energy

Legendary Sneaker: +4 Energy


1 Uncommon Sneaker + 1 Common Sneaker = 3 Total Energy (2 Base Energy + 1 Bonus)


2 Rare Sneaker + 1 Common Sneaker = 8 Total Energy (4 Base Energy + 4 Bonus)

Energy and Energy Cap losses will result from listing Sneakers on the Marketplace. Changing Sneakers from one account to another will result in the Sneaker entering a Cooldown period, during which the Sneaker cannot be used.

Closer Look At StepN Sneaker Dynamic - CoinCu News
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Energy Bridge

Energy will be earned and burned by each realm independently of other Realms, regardless of whether it is old or new. Those who hold at least one Sneaker in an OLD realm can get extra energy in the NEW realm. In this case, we are talking about the Energy Bridge.

You also get energy from the Energy Bridge and Sneakers in that NEW Realm. You must hold a sneaker from the NEW realm to activate the extra energy.

Whenever a NEW Realm opens, you receive +1 extra energy for every OLD realm with at least one Sneaker. The maximum extra energy you can get depends on how many older Realms there are. As a result of this ENERGY CAP, even if there were seven older Realms, you would only get an extra +3 Energy, not +7.

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Final Words

The free membership news is super exciting. For players to benefit from this, you need to be a pretty active STEPN user, doing at least 41.7 hours of exercise. Check out MOOAR and all the STEPN-orientated NFTs on the platform! 

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