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In line with its efforts to give back to the community, STEPN has announced a new partnership with The Giving Block – a cryptocurrency fundraising platform. This is the platform’s way of contributing to a tax-efficient system of philanthropy. It is believed that now, users will be able to donate to charity organizations by using cryptocurrencies. However, in this case, users can donate by using STEPN’s GMT tokens

The announcement – which came in through the platform’s Twitter handle – featured quite some information regarding the partnership. Also, the collaboration is in line with The Giving Block’s goals, among which is to fund charity organizations using digital assets. Following The Giving Block’s involvement in the deal, donors will be able to reach out to various non-profit organizations (NPOs) and society by extension.

On top of that, donations will be channeled towards an initiative created by The Giving Care. The initiative, Impact Index Funds, will match all donations and double every $1 donated. Additionally, it will run until the fundraising hits a $10 million landmark on December 31, 2022.

What Should You Expect From This Partnership?

STEPN’s partnership with The Giving Block will pave the way for change in community support and philanthropy in general. Several causes are available to donate to, and donors are at liberty to choose which cause they support. This way, NPOs can be funded to carry out several global charitable projects. As mentioned earlier, STEPN’s users will be able to donate GMT tokens.

Image Source: The Life You Can Save
Image Source: The Life You Can Save

From education and insurgency to poverty alleviation, women and child health donated GMT tokens will be used to fund numerous projects. Also, tools like the Impact Index Funds – created by The Giving Block – will be employed to make plans successful.

For instance, through the Impact Index Funds initiative, donors can reach out to many charities with just one click donation. It can only get better.

“Over the last year, STEPN has changed the way that people think about active living,” said Alex Wilson, co-founder of The Giving Block, adding that “We’re excited to five people the opportunity to take the tokens they have earned and donate them to the causes they care about.”

Also, STEPN will leverage insights from The Giving Block’s infrastructure to improve its GMT token quality. The Giving Block will connect donors to NPOs and, by extension, to society. Next, details of how GMT token donations impact the NPOs’ activities will be revealed.

The Giving Block believes that donating cryptocurrency is tax-efficient and awareness-oriented. This means that, by donating GMT tokens, cryptocurrency can gain more popularity as a reliable source of funding for charities.

The partnership is part of The Giving Block's program called “Caring with Crypto”.
The partnership is part of The Giving Block’s program called “Caring with Crypto”. Image Source: Business Wire

 What Does STEPN Feel About This Collaboration?

According to Yawn Rong, STEPN’s CEO and co-founder, the platform is excited to give a helping hand to people in need. As a platform that is keen on its users’ healthy lifestyles, partnering with The Giving Block will create an avenue to reach a larger audience.

With the incorporation of GMT tokens into the deal, showing the needy that they are loved, as well as taking care of projects like education, arts & culture, and environmental protection, is a great feat to accomplish.

“At STEPN, we emphasize bettering the global community, and acted on this by gamifying a healthy lifestyle through STEPN’s move and earn model. We are dedicated to supporting and fostering growth within our community and partnering with The Giving Block allows our users to impact a larger group of people, expanding our scope beyond the digital asset ecosystem,” said STEPN’s CEO, Yawn Rong, who added that “STEPN is excited to partner with The Giving Block and we look forward to leveraging crypto to support those in need through this philanthropic collaboration.”

Furthermore, working closely with The Giving Block will expose STEPN to ways by which they can make cryptocurrency a catalyst for positive change. Notably, the GMT token is available on the STEPN app, and users can earn them as long as they engage in physical activities.

What Is The Giving Block?

The Giving Block is a crypto fundraising platform where digital assets like STEPN’s GMT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies are utilized. The platform accepts these digital assets on behalf of non-profit organizations (NPOs) to fund their numerous projects. Basically, the idea is to introduce crypto technology as a vital tool to achieve charitable missions.

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The Giving Block is a platform established to fund non-profits, schools, clubs, and all other types of organizations as they move to impact the world. Image Source: thegivingblock.com

Since its establishment in 2018, the platform has strived hard to create a bridge between crypto donors and non-profit organizations. While bringing the two forces together,

The Giving Block also ensures that it successfully pairs donors with “crypto-ready charities.” This way, crypto donors can reach out to charities who, in turn, create positive changes in the world.

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