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StepN has introduced Realms to the platform, a fork game that will exist across different chains. Each Realm will have its ecosystem, and users will have the option to start or continue their journey in whichever Realm they prefer. StepN is a move-to-earn blockchain game where players walk and run to earn tokens.

A fork means it’s the same game but with a different visual or “skin”, which has advanced StepN from a game to a technology developer.

The Rules Of Realms

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StepN has also added a Realm section to its whitepaper that outlines what players can expect from the development. There are three common laws and three Realms outlined in the whitepaper.

Users will find different realms that share a set of common laws:

  1. Specific conditions allow energy sharing across realms
  2. GMT can bridge across the Realm
  3. The in-game utility token cannot bridge across Realms

StepN’s Realms

  1. Solana Realm (Solana)
  2. BNB Realm (BNBChain)
  3. APE Realm (Ethereum)

How Do Realms Work For Players?

The in-game currency is Green Metaverse Token ($GMT) and can bridge across all Realms. By bridging, the currency value will remain similar across all the Realms. The utility token is the Green Satoshi Token (GST) of the StepN ecosystem and is used as an in-game currency and alternative to experience points. GST does not bridge across Realms so that each Realm will have its version of GST. Each ecosystem will set the price.

“Each “realm” will have a large degree of liberty to define its brand and community culture. You can define your color theme, utility tokens, visuals of the NFTs (maybe you don’t want them to be sneakers? ), and the realm narrative.” – StepN Twitter

StepN has also emphasized the benefits of value-adding through Realms. Each player’s fitness gains previously held an intangible value; however, this value has strong potential to be leveraged by StepN’s partners for their branding and community growth.

“With Realms, we translate this intangible value for our partners into tangible value for our players. The brand, on the other hand, is able to position itself as a tech-savvy, progressive company with a strong focus on healthy living.

“In return, StepN is able to onboard new users onto our app, with an easy onboarding mechanism thus feeding into the growth flywheel.” – StepN

StepN Sneakers
Image Credit: StepN


The realms aren’t self-contained but have the potential to be connected to existing brands in the game. NFTs can emerge from these Realms through collaborations with big brands, such as Nike and Adidas. Brands can also encourage organic growth of their core values, building a loyal community of fitness lovers and aligning themselves with StepN’s environmental sustainability initiatives.

To earn tokens in the game, players need to purchase a pair of virtual sneakers. StepN has previously teamed up with ASICS to design NFT sneakers, and it would appear this is a route the developers’ are hoping takes off further. In the StepN app, NFT Sneakers can be levelled up by burning tokens. Users can add attribute points and NFT Gems to the sneaker in order to boost performance.

In its Medium release, StepN encourages brands to engage in designing branded Realms, where they can “have the artistic licence to plan out the realm — design the game and NFTs with their company colours and branding themes, naming and designing the utility token, and so much more.”

Brands can also earn royalty fees from any braded NFTs sold on the marketplace, cureently 4% is split between StepN and its partners.

Branding In The Gaming Sphere

It is arguable that rather than being a game, StepN is a financial product with a gamified twist. Gamefi apps have  been described as mindless and not offering the challeneges inherent in other games. The app is certainly succesful, generating $3 million-$5 million in net profit from trading fees a day and earning up to $100 million every month.

“With Realms, partners are able to have their own fully immersive Move2Earn ecosystem, designed with their own needs. They can do what no brand has ever done before — offer a unique tailored experience to community members with fitness at its core, growing both brand loyalty and onboarding new customers.” – StepN

Move to earn
Image Credit: StepN

As long as players are happy to engage with Realms developed by big brands with a charitabe component, this development looks set to encourage a new era of collaboration for StepN. As this element expands, the platfrom is expection to enter a time of “explosive growth”, offering a unique experience for users and partners alike. The aim does emphasise “brand loyality”, which old school gamers might not be so into.

But, in blockchain games with cryptocurrency at their core, these collaborations are sure to continue growth in the play-to-earn genre.

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