STEPN, a popular move-to-earn, and web3 lifestyle app, is releasing an AI-powered anti-cheating model. Dubbed the STEPN Model for Anti Cheating or SMAC, the update is designed to enhance transparency and fairness in its M2E app.

STEPN is also promising to dedicate more resources to ensure the integrity of its platform is not undermined. The AI-powered system will use deep data analytics and real-time tracking to achieve its goals.

How Will STEPN’s Anti-Cheating Solution Work?

STEPN has recognized the growing threat of cheating in its ecosystem. The app argues that, as its M2E platform becomes more popular, it may attract bad actors who want to take advantage of several weaknesses in the system to get an unfair edge.

As a result, the project has dedicated nearly half of its resources to preventing cheating. STEPN has also invested in AI-powered technologies that can track the activity on the M2E app and detect possible cases of cheating.

In fact, the platform notes that its powerful anti-cheating AI has spent months learning and studying patterns. The AI is based on ‘self-learning algorithms’ that utilize a huge batch of user-related data.

This includes things like motion sensors, GPS tracking, and even personal health data. The goal is to assess all this information and detect any anomalies.

Other Crucial Features of the SMAC System

STEPN claims that the SMAC system will be the best anti-cheating AI in the M2E space. The system leverages deep data sets that are cross-referenced against benchmark standards on a real-time basis. There are even contextual and collective outliers integrated into the analysis to help reduce false flags.

The system tracks running and walking data and cross-references it with additional information to help identify any suspicious pattern. Once a user is flagged, all their STEPN rewards are confiscated and their account removed.

STEPN Anti Cheating for Sneaker Marketplace

The SMAC system will also try to remove cheating from STEPN’s NFT sneaker marketplace. The AI will start by removing any minting bots and disconnecting buy/sell scripts from its app. Additionally, the M2E app will release what it calls a Turing Score.

This is basically a ranking system for integrity. Every user will get a Turing Score of 100/100 at the start of each walking or running session. Based on how they interact with the STEPN app, this score can go up or down. Also, you will only be able to start a new session if the tabulation for your Turing Score is complete.

Now, anyone with a score of less than 100 will not be able to interact with the marketplace or even conduct wallet transactions. Users will however get the chance to start new sessions even if the TS is below 100. They must then earn enough points to reach above 100 for the suspension to end.

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