Move-to-earn platform STEPN has released a detailed action plan to help boost its in-game economy. The plan is far-reaching and will affect several key areas of the game.

This includes the cross-realm energy bridge as well as sneaker minting and recycling. These changes will also roll out gradually as the game closely monitors their overall impact on the ecosystem.

STEPN Changes on the Cross-Realm Energy Bridge

A realm in STEPN is typically a server hosting a single Fork of the M2E game. While everyone in the STEPN metaverse plays the same game, they use different realms or servers. STEPN launches realms based on user demand.

However, the original SOL and BSC realms remain the most popular. As a result, cross-realm energy sharing between these two is very high. STEPN is however making changes on how energies can be shared across realms.

From now on, every new realm introduced will only allow users to get a maximum of 3 energies from other realms. Also, users who own a sneaker in different realms will get 1 additional energy per realm.

Cross-realm energy sharing will also be capped. For the first month, users get a maximum of 3 energies. The number will reduce to 2 and then 1 in the two months that follow.

Sneaker Minting Changes

STEPN is also going to make it easier for users who actually exercise using the app to get minting scrolls from mystery boxes (MBs).

To this effect, the M2E app is reworking its MB system so that even users with Common sneakers and at least 2 energies have the chance to get a mystery box.

The cooldown duration for minting is also going to extend from 48 hours to 72 hours. This will give the marketplace more time to integrate freshly minted sneakers.

Updates on Dynamic Minting Costs

Until now, there seemed to be a very strong correlation between the GST mint cost and possible returns from minting. In essence, the higher the GST price is in the secondary market, the faster users can break even minting new sneakers.

The new dynamic cost update will address this. Minting will require users to incur costs on both GST and GMT. The GST part will be constant while the GMT section will be dynamic.

This will factor in any increases in the price of GST in the market. If the value is high, users will pay a higher markup to mint.

Recycling Sneakers and Gems In STEPN

STEPN will also allow users to synthesize sneakers to achieve higher quality. In fact, you only need to synthesize 5 same quality sneakers to get higher quality. There will however be a synthesis cost which will be paid in both GST and GMT.

Also, it will now be possible to include an engraved message on a synthesized sneaker. STEPN is hoping the move will add a social element to the minting and synthesis process.

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