STEPN, a leading M2E platform, has announced that the much-anticipated MOOAR Launchpad Season 1 is now open on its platform. The popular web3 game shared the update via its official Twitter handle, stating that users can now apply for the launchpad. Now, users can create projects with ease and receive support from MOOAR.

MOOAR is the latest NFT development created by Find Satoshi Lab, STEPN’s parent company. It is an NFT marketplace where members of the STEPN community can acquire their desired NFTs. Similarly, it is open to visitors outside the STEPN community, making it a platform for all.

By creating the MOOAR NFT marketplace, Find Satoshi Labs sticks to its word as a self-sustaining platform. Interestingly, the company has kept to the standard, as evidenced in how developed STEPN is. Additionally, the MOOAR NFT marketplace and launchpad were launched on November 1, 2022l.

MOOAR Launchpad: A Treat?

Essentially, Find Satoshi Labs created the MOOAR Launchpad to help creators with ample resources for success. The launchpad will give them the opportunity to create exceptional projects worthy of receiving support. In simple terms, the MOOAR Launchpad is a solution-oriented development.

“We are proud to introduce our creator-centric and community-driven launchpad! We believe that social identity will be the top driving force for NFTs, with PFPs making up [more than] 90% of NFT projects in the space.” – MOOAR

As the first community-driven launchpad, it accepts submissions from all interested creators who want their voices to be heard. This is as opposed to how other launchpads operate in the NFT space. By doing so, creators can be empowered, as MOOAR believes that “the success of the NFT movement is dependent on artistic development.”

Not only will MOOAR be supporting creators, but it will also promote democracy within the user community. So, rather than handpicking projects to be launched, the community does. This way, creators get more diversified support regarding their projects.

Creator-Driven? How?

There is a widespread challenge among creators where there are bright minds but low resources. In some cases, there is a total lack of resources to fund projects. And that is where the MOOAR Launchpad comes in, providing creators with a community-driven solution.

From idea conceptualization to development, the MOOAR Launchpad makes it easy for creators to produce better products. Interestingly, the process starts with the creators, and it ends with them. But how?

MOOAR launchpad
MOOAR Launchpad will help creators in launching their projects. Image Source: Medium

To start with, creators are free to come up with various projects of their choice. This makes it quite interesting for the community to choose from a wide variety. Then, they can develop the projects’ ideas and adjust them to their tastes.

However, most creators go down with their projects due to a lack of professional support. But the MOOAR Launchpad will help them to bring their projects to life. Notably, the launchpad will offer dedicated support in areas such as logistic planning, marketing, advisory, and post-sales.

“Too many times, we have seen an incredible project go under the radar due to lack of resources. As creators, we understand that development & marketing are mutually exclusive. This is where MOOAR Launchpad comes in, offering a holistic community-driven approach.” – MOOAR

members of MOOAR community
Members of the MOOAR community will enjoy 0% service fees. Image Source: MatometaX

Community-Driven? How?

Rather than handpicking the best projects on its own, the MOOAR Launchpad passes the decision-making baton to the community. This way, it promotes democracy, allowing every member to have a say in what goes or stays. In the same vein, this promotes transparency and fairness in the selection process.

Projects will be listed on MOOAR’s voting platform, and community members will be allowed to vote. By voting, they are sharing their opinions on their most preferred projects. Like every other voting process, the project with the highest number of votes wins.

Also, there are benefits for community members. For instance, users who voted for the winning project will be qualified for a raffle to mint. Similarly, those who did not vote for the winning project will be eligible for a refund of their voting tickets.

MOOAR platform
The platform is helping creators through a community-driven approach. Image Source: Medium

With this, the MOOAR Launchpad will redefine the entire NFT scene. By creating a system that benefits the creators and audience, project launches will be more dramatic. Undoubtedly, a win-win situation such as this is one to look forward to.

MOOAR Launchpad: The Process

As announced by the platform, there are four processes to launching a project with the MOOAR Launchpad – it starts with Application. Here, creators can submit their works in collections or varieties. Also, there are no restrictions to submitting projects, as all creators are welcome to, irrespective of their backgrounds.

Next is Vetting – a form of protection for the community members. MOOAR will scrutinize all submitted projects to check for negative potential. As a result, any project that reflects a tiny bit of negative impact will be disqualified for the launchpad.

MOOAR NFT marketplace and launchpad were launched on November 2, 2022. Image Source: Geek Metaverse

After thorough scrutiny, MOOAR will move on with Onboarding the projects to its voting platform. For clarity sake, the platform will include the creator’s idea. On the voting site, users will be able to Vote for their preferred projects – and all the best.

How Does Voting Work?

As the 4th process to a successful project launch, users will be able to vote for the projects that they find appealing. Notably, voting eligibility will be open to all members of the MOOAR platform. As announced, they will be needing their GMT tokens.

To cast a vote, each user needs to get a ticket which is equivalent to locking his GMT tokens. However, creators will determine the ticket price for voting processes. Furthermore, the price can fall within the 10-100 GMT range.

Additionally, the project with the highest number of locked tokens wins. But should 2 projects have the highest number of votes, both will be launched. However, if no project gets enough tickets to handle at least 50% of their mint supply, none will be launched.

What About the Raffle and Refund?

As mentioned earlier, users who voted for the winning project will be eligible to participate in a raffle. This is because they already have tickets for the pool. A ticket equals 1 entry, which equals 1 mint by extension.

Interestingly, the probability of a project winning depends on increased membership and loyalty levels. As such, active members are sure to get the best of the raffle.

Similarly, users who voted for a non-winning project and did not qualify for the raffle are not at a loss. Instead, they will be able to get a refund at the exact cost of their tickets.

Voting Outcomes

The MOOAR Launchpad will support the winning outcomes in every possible way. This includes project advisory, logistic planning, and marketing. This way, creators will enjoy ample resources and support for successful project launches.

Also, the platform will allow non-winning projects to mint. However, it will not be offering any extra support to the projects.

MOOAR NFT marketplace
The MOOAR NFT marketplace is supported by Ethereum and Solana blockchains. Image Source: Yahoo Finance

Is It the Way Forward?

Since NFTs came into the spotlight, the NFT space has witnessed massive growth. Notably, the new tech industry hit a shocking $40 billion landmark in 2021. As a result, MOOAR seeks to tap into the potential of blockchain tech and empower creators.

Furthermore, the platform believes that the “next major movement will be Web3 social identity.” It sees the trend as a perfect way for creators to express themselves. Now, creators can gain the necessary insights from MOOAR and have their logistics settled. 

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