Developed by blockchain gaming company Apes Group and inspired by classic candy tile-matching games, Sugar Kingdom offers an engaging catching experience. 

The entrepreneur Francisco Linzuain leads the team. The project’s art director is Marcelo Crespo, who’s also the head of design in the Sandbox metaverse and the previous senior marketing manager of MakerDao Mariano Di Pietrantonio is the lead marketing advisor.

Sugar Kingdom runs on BSC. The team made strategic partnerships with many reputable blockchain initiatives and investors, like Babylons, Dutch crypto investors, GameFi Capital, and Bluewheel Capital.

You can join the Sugar Kingdom community on Twitter or Discord

Game Modes

Three modes are at players’ disposal: sweet, duel, and savage. In sweet mode, you must score as many points as possible in a limited amount of time. 

Duel is a 1v1 multiplayer mode in which both players try to match as many pieces as possible within 30 seconds. The player who scores the most points wins. There’s a free-to-play option for this mode that allows you to test and familiarize yourself with the game elements. However, the number of duels you can join is limited if you don’t make any prior investments.

Savage is also a PvP mode with the possibility of betting with the game’s token Candy. One match also takes 30 seconds here; however, the losing player can extend it to 60 seconds. 

NFT Characters

The Sugar Kingdom will launch character cards issued as NFTs. There will be 100,000 characters in total. The rarity distribution will be as follows:

  • Common: 40,000
  • Uncommon: 26,000
  • Rare: 18,000
  • Mystic: 10,000
  • Legendary: 6000

NFTs will provide the players with the opportunity to multiply their p2e rewards in Duel and Sweet modes. While some characters like “Cookie Nurse”, and “Candy Chef” has 6x multiplying power, some cards are extremely rare and can multiply the earned rewards by 60 times. There’s even a character called “Chocolate Viking,” which has a 240x multiplying power. The project will launch an NFT card store where fans can purchase these characters. 

Sugar Kingdom
Sugar Kingdom character NFTs function as reward multipliers.

Another use case of NFTs is that they grant the owner the eligibility to join more matches than the free-to-earn players. They also function as staking multipliers by enabling the holders to sum many of their NFTs to earn more staking rewards. 

Tokenomics: Candy and Cholocate

The primary utility token of Sugar Kingdom is Candy, and the governance token is Chocolate. Both tokens’ total supply is 100,000,000. 100% of Chocolate is reserved for the community. The team allocated the Candy as follows: seed sale (6.5%), strategic sale (11%), public sale (3.5%), liquidity (5%), staking (26%), p2e (14%), game development (14,5%), team (12%), advisors (6%), and airdrop (1.5%). You can swap Candy on Pancakeswap. 

Play-to-Earn and Other Reward Paths

All players who participate in the sweet mode and in duels earn Candy tokens. The winner of the PvP matches additionally gains Chocolate tokens. It’s possible to increase the reward per game by equipping NFT characters. 

A distinctive feature of Sugar Kingdom is its focus on staking mechanisms. To this end, the project designed three earning paths, including VIP staking, sweet staking, and royalty staking. 

In VIP staking annual percentage rate is very high; that’s why the offers are valid for short times. Here, users stake Candy tokens to earn more Candy tokens. Sweet staking is where you lock your Candy tokens to earn Chocolate as a reward. 

In royalty staking, you earn royalty points by locking Candy tokens. These points will have utility in future gameplay. 

Final Words

The team set out to create a sweet metaverse ruled by a king who wants to protect his candies. 

One of the first milestones is to establish 50 strategic partnerships, which have been in the process for some time now. For instance, there’s a recent partnership with the p2e food game and metaverse OneRare

The team distributes Candy and Chocolate tokens via various community events. In a drop on, 1,000 Candy and 500 Chocolate tokens were distributed in mystery boxes.

The team also plans to launch a tower defense p2e game and a clan building feature as future steps. 

For the rest of 2022, we also expect the introduction of Sugar Kingdom land NFTs, new burning mechanisms of the Candy token, and a new adventure mode. 


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