Sweat Hero beta

Sweat Economy has finally announced that its anticipated NFT game Sweat Hero is launching. The game will be available exclusively on the Sweat Wallet.

It is also part of a long-term plan by the M2E app to expand the usage of its web3 platform and increase its sustainability.

Dubbed Sweat Hero, the NFT game will allow users to earn crypto through one more way other than movement. Sweat Economy has also released a detailed launch plan that will ultimately launch the app to the market.

Sweat Hero: The Launch plan

The Sweat Hero Game will be launched through two phases. This includes the first closed beta and a second open beta. The closed beta will be open to a very small number of users.

Here, the Sweat team will test out the game mechanics and how it works and see if there is anything that can be fine-tuned to meet the needs of the ever-changing P2E gaming space.

Sweat Economy plans to hold a draw in the Sweat Wallet where the lucky few participants of this closed beta will be selected.

Sweat Hero
The Sweat Economy team has developed a robust launch plan to bring Sweat hero to life. Image Source: Sweat on Twitter

The Second phase will be the open beta. This one will be much more comprehensive in scope. It will also be the first time Sweat Hero will begin integrating the Sweat Legs NFTs.

The Sweat team plans to distribute these NFTs gradually through the open beta as it also assesses the in-game mechanics. Initially, the NFTs will cost nothing.

Sweat Hero: Gameplay Hints and Future Plans

Since Sweat Hero was announced a few weeks ago, the Sweat team has done quite well to keep everything under wraps. However, we are now starting to get some details of the kind of vision Sweat has with this game.

Sweat economy
Sweat Hero will integrate Sweat Legs NFTs as part of its gaming ecosystem. Image Source: Sweat on twitter

For starters, the biggest aim is to create a game that is simply fun to play. This is presumably coming from the lessons learned from other P2E games in the past. There is, in fact, a big move in web3 gaming to shift the attention from earnings to the fun.

In this concept, developers create state-of-the-art games that everyone can enjoy. The P2E aspect simply comes as a second priority. This is exactly what the Sweat team wants to do with Sweat Hero.

In addition to this, there has been a lot of talk about dynamic NFTs. These NFTs will unlock utility within Sweat Hero and the Sweat Economy ecosystem, according to Sweat. Ultimately, the Sweat team expects the game to be “massively popular and widely used” by a huge community.

Why The NFT Game Matters to Sweat

Sweat Economy launched in September as a pure Move-to-earn app. It must therefore be confusing why such an app is venturing into web3 gaming. Well, this is actually not a surprise.

Since the project was conceived, there was always a plan to integrate casual web3 gaming into the mix. The Sweat team is doing this to make its app more versatile. The project has realized that M2E is not enough to retain users.

There needs to be more exciting and additional ways to interact with the ecosystem. Eventually, Sweat wants to give users more ways to earn crypto and more ways to experience web3.

Besides, the launch of Sweat Legs NFTs was the perfect bridge to jump into casual P2E gaming. Whether this strategy will work remains to be seen.

But it’s clear that the integration Sweat Economy is pursuing right now will make it more than just an M2E app in the near-term future.

How To Play The Game

From what we can gather so far, Sweat Hero will be free to play. This is because a user only needs to play the Common Sweat Legs NFT. Common NFTs will be distributed for free when the closed beta is open.

Sweat Legs
Sweat Legs NFTs will be a key part of the Sweat Economy ecosystem and the Sweat Hero NFTs game. Image Source: Sweat on Twitter

However, the Sweat team maintains that these are not real NFTs but can still be used in the game to level up. But whatever you can win is going to have value. Mostly, we expect that the main reward will be the Sweat token.

Nonetheless, as the Sweat team has done with the Sweat Wallet, it will not be a surprise to see the platform add more rewards as well. There are two other NFT rarity levels. This includes Rare and Epic, but these will not launch in the closed beta.

While the timelines have not been released, we anticipate that these NFTs will be available once the final open beta is live.

Also, the nature of Sweat Hero’s gameplay is still unknown. The only thing the Sweat team has said about this is that the game will be fitness related.

This is a very general assertion, of course. But once the closed beta is open, it will be easier to know for sure what the team has in store for us.

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