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Swords of Blood is a revolutionary RPG game that aims to transform the play-to-earn landscape by introducing new concepts like play-to-own and play-to-win. Unlike other games that use unsustainable P2E earning mechanics to attract users, Swords of Blood seeks to create an engaging game that players will enjoy playing, with earning potential as a bonus. 

The game’s first version garnered over four million downloads, and now the project is preparing to launch a token presale. Early adopters will have the opportunity to acquire the native token, $SWDTKN, which will serve as the main transaction and rewards token in the blockchain ecosystem of Swords of Blood’s expanded version.

The First RPG with P2E Mechanics

Swords of Blood is a high-quality, action-packed hack-and-slash RPG that operates on the Polygon blockchain. With its stunning graphics, dynamic combat mechanics, and diverse gameplay modes, Swords of Blood offers an immersive gaming experience that can keep players engaged. 

The game is set in the World of Ezura, a realm that has been torn apart by violence, betrayal, and wickedness ever since the Dragon Betrayer overpowered the Bladebound Order, the protectors of Ezura. 

After millennia of darkness, the Sentinel, an ancient goddess, took pity on Ezura and resurrected the last of the Bladebound lineage to restore the land to its former glory. The game’s backstory is rich in detail and serves as a compelling backdrop to the gameplay.

In Swords of Blood, players have the option to become brave dungeon explorers, bounty hunters with magical abilities, or formidable warriors. Through looting and crafting, they can obtain powerful equipment, including enchanted weapons made of iron, to help them conquer the game’s many monsters. 

The combat mechanics are exceptional, offering players an intricate system to master a broad range of weapons and elements. As the game progresses, players must hack and slash their way through increasingly challenging waves of monsters, employing devastating attack combinations to succeed. 

The Target is Mainstream Audience

Swords of Blood aims to appeal to a broader audience, including traditional gamers, by providing an immersive gaming experience that introduces them to Web3 gaming. The game is free-to-play and incorporates blockchain features that prioritize player engagement and retention. 

The team is committed to making blockchain-based gaming accessible to everyone by eliminating the entry barriers that exist in current P2E games. When a player logs into the game, they receive a custodial wallet via Stardust, which enables them to store, purchase, and sell tokens and in-game items. 

With Stardust, players don’t need to create an external wallet, and through a partnership with Simplex, players can directly buy tokens using their credit or debit card via the wallet.  

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Presale Coming Soon

Swords of Blood is planning a token presale for its native token, $SWDTKN, which will be used as the primary transaction and reward token in the ecosystem. Early adopters who believe in the game’s future can take advantage of this opportunity. 

All fees, penalties, and rewards in Swords of Blood will be paid in $SWDTKN, and players will need to own the token to access certain hero levels in the game. Additionally, the token can be used to acquire in-game gold and gems, purchase season battle passes for player-vs-player tournaments, and characters, skins, and trade commodities on the Swords of Blood marketplace.

Investors who participate in the presale’s earliest stages can receive exclusive benefits such as full access to the game’s closed beta, phygital giveaways, and automatic whitelisting for Swords of Blood NFT sales.


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